Yellow door

I have always been all about the red front door (still am) but I do love this yellow door look too..but could i live with it?? could you?

It sure is sunny + happy! Of course that great shingle siding and lantern don’t hurt….

I like the softer color above more i think..or a more “funky” acidy yellow but the bright yellow below is very dramatic and really works with the drab rock..what shade have you seen or do you favor??

And i love these images below from the fric and frac blog!

This is a great interior shot below! its smart to think about how the exterior looks from the inside when swung’s the little things like this i love about a home.  And hello to that eagle..spirit of ’76..woohoo! and the collection of walking sticks!

I am also loving the dark charcoal color with yellow color combo right now dont you? Or is that more navy?

Did you know there is even a blog out there called THE YELLOW FRONT DOOR..yep, check out the cuteness below and read about it here.


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  1. Rachel Spin says

    I love love love the dark charcoal with the yellow. I like them all, but that one *speaks* to me. Alas I have an Army housing door that I cannot paint. But I will file this away in my wish files for post-Army life.

  2. I’m into yellow right now and love those pictures, but then I have to think about the holiday season and will it still look good with Christmas decor? I think I’m so attracted to it right now because of spring. But it is a thought worth entertaining.


  3. hannahkristine says

    ahhh love yellow, so cheerful.
    Currently my front door is red and I too love it. As happy a yellow door is, I think I’ll stick with the red…for now 🙂

    Check out this pretty diy ruffle wreath:

  4. I LOVE my yellow door! It is my absolute favorite thing about my house. Our house is a gray colonial with white trim and black shutters. Our door looks similar to the first one you are showing. About 6 years ago we decided to try it. We figured it was easy enough to change if we didn’t like it, and here we are 6 years later and we still love it! I absolutely love your blog by the way!!!

  5. I am totally into mustard yellow right now and IF our front door weren’t red I would paint it mustard. I LOVE it…but I also love my red door. But my top 2 favorites would be red and yellow. I think your house is white with black shutters like ours…and I think yellow, mustard or goldish yellow would look awesome with that. 🙂

  6. I LOVE the yellow! But I agree that it could be difficult to decorate around Christmas time. I good dilemma perhaps? 🙂

  7. I love the yellow doors, although I think I could live more with the soft yellow (like the first image) than the bold ones. It is interesting that at least three of the photos are gray houses with yellow doors – they really are a classic combo.

  8. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says

    I have always dreamed of living in a yellow house. Maybe I could settle for a yellow door. These are gorgeous! Yellow is just such a happy color!

  9. I am really starting to grow very fond of yellow, especially with a medium-dark gray. Trying to figure out where I could use it in my mostly red/blue decor??? Love the pics of the front doors!

  10. I really like the more muted yellow in the first photo. I can’t do it myself, but I think it is very pretty and unexpected. Love the idea of it!

  11. I have yellow doors and blue shutters with a white house. Loved the cottage look but now can’t wait to get rid of the yellow. I didn’t think of the front door being open into my living room – the yellow does not work.

  12. Hi Holly!

    I don’t often comment on your blog but I read it faithfully. We are in the process of relocating back ‘home’ to the pacific northwest and am doing lots of remodeling in our new home – mostly with paint. The outside of the new house is grey – currently with navy shutters and a red door {the former owners had a whole red/white/blue theme going on….don’t even get me started!}. I definitely like the grey exterior but have been leaning painting the shutters white with a mustard yellow front door! It was so fun to open your blog tonight and get the affirmation I need to GO FOR IT! Heck, it’s just a front door – easy to paint black if I am not digging the yellow.

    Please visit me and watch the transformation! My kitchen cabinets are being painted as I type – what a major change a bit of paint can make!


  13. When we remodeled our home 5 years ago we paintd our door yellow and replaced our white siding with grey. We LOVE it. We get more compliments on the door color than we do anything else on the exterior of the house. I love pulling into the driveway and seeing our yellow door! You can’t help but smile.

  14. I like the darker yellow better than the pale one, but all of them are gorgeous (and quite unusual I think?). The second picture is stunning!

  15. Perhaps we are on the same wave link because I am thinking the same about a yellow door. So happy and inviting. Check out my VERY similar post from last friday.

    After I posted it, my sister asked what I thought of a corral door. And I think I might be hooked on that instead…

  16. I love these! The soft yellow ones are my favorite. I wonder though, what color would you paint your shutters??

  17. Holly…I love the yellow door…the NEW red 🙂

  18. I do love these yellow doors. I love the first two doors.

  19. Maybe it is the rainy week we have been having but I really like these yellow doors especially the first softer one. Sadly, it would not go with our brick color. I just can’t find the perfect color for our front door …yet!

  20. I am SO over red doors. Love the yellow with the stone exterior!
    I really like certain colors of blue for a door, too. Unfortunately right now I have this dark cream colored siding so I went with black shutters and door. Yellow just wouldn’t do.

  21. We just had a new full-view storm door installed. I am considering yellow for our front door, but it is so tricky to find a good shade of yellow.

  22. I’m getting ready to repaint our front door. It’s rusty red now, but I was thinking black. So boring, I know, but classic? Unfortunatly I don’t think I could pull off yellow. 🙂

  23. Hmmmm…. I’ve been debating changing the front door color…the current color is called antique jade, it’s kind of a pale bluey green. I feel like it’s just washed out looking. Out house is grey with black and white trim, I think it could handle a PUNCH of yellow!

  24. Our front door is in fact yellow, Ben Moore “Raincoat Yellow” to be exact. We live in an 1840’s brick home in Boston. The door is original to the home, we just had it refurbished and painted yellow, and I LOVE it. It makes me smile whenever I see it. I have gotten lots of comments, not all positive, but I don’t care it is so cheery and happy!!!!

  25. YES to a yellow door for you! Based on what I know of you and your house. YES!


  26. I can’t wait to paint my door yellow…first I have to paint my house!

  27. yellow front doors always make me smile and wish i had one.

  28. I kinda like the yellow doors … but my house is currently painted Prairie Gold (cousin to harvest gold !yuck!), so I’m not really into adding more yellow to it! Maybe the yellow will appeal to me after we can paint and I have something else for a few years … 🙂

  29. Thanks for the link! I love yellow front doors… obviously 🙂

  30. I like it, but I don’t know if I could make that commitment. Maybe if I had a fun, funky, little house in San Francisco or Notting Hill…not really happening in rural northeast Texas! I recently bought some cute yellow shoes at Target so I can make the commitment to yellow on a much smaller scale.

  31. Hi,
    Wondered if you had a link to the charcoal house pic? Love that color and wanted to know what it is!

  32. ahh…too funny miss holly!! i dream of the day when my hubby will let me paint our red brick house white. and with that i had always dreamed of dark greeny-black shutters and a bright green front door. HOWEVER, just recenty i shifted that dream to white brick with gray shutters and a yellow front door!!! so glad to see these pics so i can see how it would look in real life. sadly, i dont see that dream coming to fruition any time soon.

    but in the mean time, ill live that dream thru my logo (DUH!!!)

  33. I quite like the yellow doors. I think I lean towards the softer yellows, but the bright yellow really does brighten that dark stone or rock entry. Yellow and grey are a great combo.

  34. I once read that yellow is a color that people gravitate to if they have respiratory trouble. Makes sense. Just looking at yellow these days , after a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry long winter that just.won’t.quit….makes me feel like I’m taking a deep breath of spring.

    The soft yellow in the first pic (I was gonna say “number one” but…uh..hello?) is very inviting. The second one reminds me of baby poo no matter how I adjust my screen. Sorry. The best one is that cottage against navy/charcoal. Don’t think I could live with a yellow door considering our siding is a warm tan–might wash it out, and I love red doors.

  35. The first picture keeps popping up everywhere as I search for ideas for painting my house. I’m thinking we will go this route, but we are stuck when it comes to shtter color….any suggestions?? Love your blog and have been following for a while now!:)

  36. I love the picture of the gray house and soft yellow door with the lantern. I am getting ready to paint the exterior of my home, can you tell me what color the gray is on that house?

  37. I have a sage green house and the front door was a just sooo boring white- I painted it canary yellow- actually matches my pansies! It takes a bit to grow on you but I think it is because one does not see many yellow doors..always see the red door but yellow shows bold character!!

  38. Could you suggest a shudder color for the third pic? I am IN LOVE!

  39. I love the top picture’s yellow door. Can you tell me what color yellow it is?

  40. How interesting to find all these comments about yellow front doors. We are repainting our door and I was going to redo the gray that it already is (house trim is all gray, including shutters with putty colored siding, very dark gray roofing color) but couldn’t match the color.
    To get some fresh ideas, I did some feng shui research for the best color for the NW direction our home faces and realized yellow was one of the colors for that direction. And that opened up a whole new attitude for me about our home’s presentation. So yellow it is for us! I’m just working out the shade so appreciate your photos here. I feel pulled toward a feeling of joy and happiness and cheeriness when I try to imagine the entry to our home now. Yellow feels a bit risky but I feel it might just have a huge, positive impact on our family. Will find out!

  41. My daughter and I love the yellow doors but cannot find the colors. The SW Lemon Twist that you show in a palette is an interior color and not for recommended for exterior paint. Do you know what the colors are that are displayed on your Blog? I notice several oither people have asked as welll…Thanks!

  42. Veronica Wilson says

    Hello! I was so happy to find your website! I too am considering a yellow door. Like you, I love color. My husband and I just painted the exterior of our home a milky medium shade of green – more green than grey when it was all said and done and we love it (sww, thank goodness). I copied the link to the picture of one of my favorite yellow doors. Would you mind sharing your opinion on if a butter yellow door would look ok with green? Will it look coastal or just simply like too much color. I’m always afraid of having “too” much of a good thing. Thank you in advance 🙂


  43. I want to paint my door yellow, but can’t decide on the yellow, I have cream trim and a cream coloured garage door, a very monochromatic house with beige/grey brick. Any suggestions?

  44. Spectacular issues once and for all, you only need to earned a brand new reader. What would people advocate when it comes to this post that you designed a day or two before? Any kind of certain?

  45. John Battle says

    Would you mind sending me names of the yellow colors and which paint company they came from? Thank you.


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