Pinterest y’all {Guest post}

 I am thrilled to have Erin Austen Abbott Kirkpatrick of Amelia in Oxford, Mississippi, here today to explain to us all about Pinterest and “pinning” warned, its amazing and addictive…I {Holly} will be making little comments through the post in { brackets } fyi..because i can’t stay out of the conversation…


{don’t you love her name, it sounds like a character from Southern gothic literature, no?!) and be sure and check her funky house here on Design*sponge and her city guide she wrote for DS about Oxford!}

{this is one of my favorite “pins” on Erin’s baby board}

Hi there, I’m Erin from Amelia, in Oxford, Mississippi.  Holly, thanks so much for having me today to talk about the wonderful world that is Pinterest. Before the Internet, I used to collect page after page of images that inspired me. Stacks of pulled out pictures that just simply got lost because I couldn’t keep up with organizing everything that I saw that I wanted to keep. Then along came the Internet and I learned the beauty of bookmarking. That was nice for awhile, then all these super inspiring bloggers started awesome blog rolls and the cycle began again… Bookmarked images, not sure where it was, nor what that random link in my file would take me to. Enter Pinterest. Finally! Linked images, before me, placed on a board that I named. I can see it. I can link it. I can organize it. I’m now all fixed up… I’ll walk you through how it works and how you can get started pinning right away. Pinterest requires an invite, but it only takes a few days until they accept you. That’s step number one. Once you’re in, it’s time to start pinning.

I started by setting up a few boards that I knew I had images for. Next, I got the “pin it” link for my menu bar. Every time you set up a board, you will see the directions to walk you through how to install the link. Once I had that, I started going back through a lot of my bookmark files, to get many of those images onto my Pinterest boards.

{I love that Erin has a board of storefront inspiration -Holly}

Now when I begin to read the blogs in my google reader everyday, I open up Pinterest, so I’m ready to pin as soon as I find a little inspiration. When you come across an image you like on a blog, a website, a store’s online catalog… Anything really, simply click on “pin it” from your menu bar and a new screen will pop up. All the images on the screen will appear and you will click on what you would like to pin. From there, you can scroll through to which board you’d like to put it in. Next, give it a description. It’s here that you can list where you found the image, for easier recall. Each image will have a link built in, but it’s a nice way to give credit to the blog or site right off the bat.

{One of Holly’s first and favorite pins…from the Doctor’s Daughter blog}

Another fun thing about Pinterest, is you can view everyone else’s boards, see what’s inspiring them and then repin images from them anytime. Simply click on repin on their pin, scroll through to the board you want it in and describe however you’d like. If you find a board you like from someone else, you can follow that board or all of their boards.

When you sign in, you will be directed to the front page of all the boards you follow, but if you click on discussions, you will be taken to the whole world of Pinterest. The most circulated images at the moment will be on that page. I’ve found some pretty cool images there, but generally I’m on to pin from folks I follow and pin from blogs I read. Pinterest has been great for other things too. My husband I want to remodel our bathroom. Now, rather than bookmark files of sinks I like or fixtures, ect… I just started a board titled bathrooms and now, anytime I see an image of a bathroom I really like, I pin it, then in the description I list what I like about it, “that sink” or “I like the way the mirrors hang”. We are finally ready to start remodeling and decisions are already made for us.

{Holly’s collage board that she is pinning collage wall inspiration too so she can share with clients}

It’s also been helpful for design jobs. I can make a board for a client and make it private. Anytime I see things for them, I can “pin it” and have it all there in front of me to see how it all looks together. Once the job is done, I can save it or delete the board. {I am so going to do this..great idea…and my clients are already showing ME their pins so i can get an idea of their style before we start a project..another tool for e-consults and online design!…Holly}

You must credit the proper site though. It’s only right. {this can be tricky..i *think* it automatically links but if i see an image where i know the original source i type it in the comment area as well..does that make sense?}

{for instance the above image is on my collage would you say “image from via Holly Mathis’s collage board on pinterest”?  That seems silly..i think just cite back to the original source if possible???}

That’s Pinterest. It’s really fun once you get started. Don’t forget to follow Holly and me. We look forward to see what you’re pinning.

For more information be sure and read RULES TO PIN BY and the Pinterest blog~

{Thanks Erin, GREAT JOB EXPLAINING…let’s keep the discussion going in comments.. I am sure we forgot to mention some things  or perhaps it all sounds confusing especially with me piping in but we can continue the away..have yall used pinterest? heard of it?  what do you think?}


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  1. I’ll admit it – I’m an addict. I have been a little bit of a magazine page hoarder, but I never seem to get back to those pages until I do a major cleaning spree. Now I have it all in my computer, in an organized fashion, so I can actually use the ideas I pin!

    I love it!

  2. I’m a Pintrest addict as well. I’ve used it to collect ideas for certain projects, act as a visual bookmarking service, among other things.

    Pinterest is GREAT for tracking your likes and being able to quickly analyze them. For example: I keep a board on clothes I like -not just clothes that look cute b/c there are tons of those, but clothes I think would actually look good ON me- and these are not just clothes I can actually afford. When I scroll through this board I notice a few things like, gosh, there are a ton of white prairie style tunics on here, maybe I should consider getting one next time I buy clothes. That’s just one example, but you get my idea. I now make smarter purchases that are more targeted b/c of my Pinterest board. Woot!

  3. I LOVE looking at other peoples Pins. I ‘applied’ for an account 3 weeks ago and haven’t heard anything back (nothing in my junk folder)…I feel so left out. 🙁

    I can’t wait to start pinning.

  4. I loved reading this post. 🙂 Great info! I’m anxious to get started! I requested an account weeks ago and am still waiting, too. Sigh…

  5. i believe my laundry day is about to be usurped as a result of this post. i need to hunker down and get with it. a few readers have suggested i use pinterest, but I didn’t totally get it. always a late adopter on the technology front. so, thanks for posting this. I’m going to re-read and then see if i can figure it out!!

  6. ok, what’s with the waitlist??!! can’t figure that one out. as a former marketer, I don’t quite get that. so do you have houzz account too? and a tumblr site? or just pinterest? i can TOTALLY see how I’ll become a addicted to this! not so sure I should have thanked you! 🙂

  7. Lori Pfeffer says

    Hey, Holly!

    Love this post! Just what I needed because I am adding too many bookmarks! I just signed up for Pinerest and am awaiting my invite. Thanks again Erin and Holly!

  8. Usually i’m pretty swift when it comes to technology but I can’t get the pin it link on my menu bar. Frustrating that i’m such a lameo at this. Oh well, it’s a blast to look at other people’s pins. I feel like i’m making friends all over the place. 🙂 Great topic today Holly!

  9. LOVE Pinterest. I resisted it for a while because I knew it would be addictive (and it is). I haven’t been able to get the Pin It link on my bookmarks bar to work for about a week, though.

    Tessa, Pinterest and Ravelry (and Gmail, back in the early days) are the only sites I’ve ever come across that have waitlists. I’ve never understood it, either, and I actually couldn’t get Pinterest’s sign up link to work (tried four different browsers) so I went to their Facebook page and asked for an invite. Got one later that day–definitely much faster to go that route!

  10. OK – so I contacted Pinterest on Twitter about the lack of response to my application. They contacted me right away and got me all hooked up. I’m pinning away and I love being able to organize all the stuff I find.

    We just moved into a new house and it will be so useful to separate ideas for all the different rooms onto their own board. Plus I love seeing what other people find that I may not have thought of. I used Tumblr before, which I really liked, but always had to do a lot of searching if I wanted to ‘re-find’ something.

    If my husband wonders where I am I have disappeared into The Pinterest (think The Matix but prettier and without bugs that burrow into your stomach…at least I think)!


  11. I’m new to Pinterest and a bit nervous to pin anything… Because… Don’t most bloggers have copyright statements on their blogs? Is it okay to pin a picture from a copyrighted blog without asking the bloggers permission? I’m really confused on that issue, and I don’t want to step on someone’s toes by pinning a photo incorrectly! Help?

  12. Hi holly!
    So glad you did this post! I want to get on the pinterest wagon! How do you get invited? Please help this girl out! Thanks!

  13. Seen it, love it, but afraid to start. I’m over here trying to find a away to free up time for my precious family and other things the Lord calls me to, so as awesome as pinterest is, it’s feeling like it has potential to be another time drain for me. Something’s gotta give.

    But pin away and I’ll enjoy seeing what you post here, my friend!


  14. I’ve been pinning and I love it! It can be overwhelming for sure but it’s fun. So many wonderful images.

  15. Requested an invite weeks ago too and still waiting…
    Does anyone have any insight on the delay or how to speed it up? I don’t have a twitter account to contact them…
    Would love to join in the fun!

  16. Jenna brings up a great point..many bloggers have copyright statements on their blogs and want you to ask permission so be careful and give credit…i have seen some of my personal images on pinterest that have no link or mention back to me…we all just need to do the best we can i guess.

    if you havent gotten your “invite” dont feel unpopular..i think the creators of this fantastic service are just overwhelmed by its popularity..keep trying..i think they are working on it as fast as they actually freezes up a lot on me..but not enough to run me off.

    and for those that might think its a time waster..i guess it could be a time sucker like any technology but it is helping me search and keep track of ideas and be more organized thus do my work in a more effecient its it!

  17. after reading a few of the comments, i posted on their FB page and got an invite immediately! ive spent a little while trying to figure it all out and i have three questions if anyone can answer:

    1. is there a way to pin an image ive saved to a file on my computer? that’s been my method up until now (saving images to my inspiration file) but can figure out how to pin them to a specific board

    2. its probably just a site problem they are having, but i cant seem to scroll down on the page to create a new board. just wondering if anyone else is having that problem.

    3. how do you find a specific person to follow? when i typed in “Holly Mathis” to follow her, there are thousands of results…mostly images other people have pinned from her blog. i can filter it by clicking on person, but i still had to scroll thru until i recognized her pretty face in her profile pic. is there any easier way?

  18. I LOVE it! I am such a visual person, and it really helps me keep all those great ideas organized!

  19. What a wonderful tool. Both my daughter and I have requested invites and hopefully will hear something soon. She’s an organizational freak and this will really come in handy while we plan her upcoming wedding. Thanks so much Holly!!!

  20. Hi Holly,
    We have never met I’ve never commented on your blog before and I just atarted blogging about decor and such a few months ago with that being said I COULD KISS YOU! Pinterest what a super, super idea. I can’t keep my bookmarks straight anymore its just an organized mess. Looking forward to using Pinterest….if it’s anything like Ravelry(knitting community) I’ll be in hog heaven.

  21. Holly,

    That is such a great point about giving credit were credit is (very much) due. As a blogger, how would you like to be credited?

    I always try to find the original source to link to before I pin and put the web address in the description…it is a little more work but I want bloggers/designers to get the web hits and recognition they deserve.

    What are your thoughts?

  22. I’ve applied twice in two weeks, and nothing. I don’t get it.

  23. Hello! Great article. Came across it while looking for help on making folders private on Pinterest. Is this possible? I’d love to set aside certain folders without them being public. Thanks! ;D

  24. Totally love your blog and this post. What a great idea, making a board for your clients and making it private.

    I, too, am a Pinaholic! It really is addicting.

    But when we can turn an addiction into more views for our blog, or more sales for our Etsy shop, then we’ve hit the jackpot! I pinned an item from my Etsy shop one day and one week later it has over 300 views and I’ve sold 2 with a question about making custom pieces too.

    Pinterest is not only fun, it’s a fabulous marketing tool!

    thank you for your post!

  25. I am a fellow pinterest- Except that there are some ideas I am collecting and not ready to share. You mentioned that you can make a board private. How do you do this, I am have been looking everywhere??? Thanks.

  26. Hi would you mind stating which blog platform you’re working with? I’m planning to start my own blog in the near future but I’m having a difficult time selecting between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your design and style seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something completely unique.

    P.S My apologies for getting off-topic but I had to ask!

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