Amazing nursery + baby

This looks like a fab living room not a nursery..i love the Audubon over the mantle!

though i think the peacock looks dangerous and mirrors over the changer??

safety first yall..but i love the huge art and the fabrics on the windows and notice the gray trim!!!

i think this image below is pretty sweet too…love the grey crib. and the English country looking looking little print on the bumper.

and “hello little baby, love your sweater vest!”

all images via pinterest…including this gorgeous sleeping baby!

so sweet.

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  1. Margaret says

    Beautiful room, but I agree about the peacock and the mirrors. Yikes!I LOVE bird pictures, but that Pelican seems a bit creepy for a nursery. Like he might swoop down and eat the baby when mom’s not looking.

  2. It kind of looks like they just moved the baby into the living room. I agree with you, the gray crib is super cool. And are those just the cutest little babies ever?
    My favorite: the window treatments and the gray crown molding.

  3. That nursery is spectacular! Replace that change table and it’s an adult space– but still so very interesting for a little one.

  4. almost too sophisticated for me! i have a sun burst mirror exactly like that- i got mine at pier one. both of them together look like eye balls!

  5. hi holly! i saw that on pintrest and died. i can’t recall if i pinned it or not. i love how it isn’t babyish but it is – a room that the child will be able to grow with and also a room that brings peace to life. love it! finally have the new blog up and running … i’ll send you an email but check it out if you have time and let me know your thoughts! xoxo

  6. I love the grey crib and bedding. The babies are adorable!!

  7. Jennifer says

    Those babies are so yummy!!

  8. That nursery is gorgeous! The window treatment in it’s entirety is perfect. I agree about how great the art is above the mantle. ANd the ceilings … it looks to me like some kind of cross-hatch something-or-other up there. But I slept in really late today and my eyes are still adjusting… ha!

  9. Sweet baby….I am always a sucker for little pink flowery stuff for baby girls. hmm maybe because I don’t have any? Yes those sharp mirrors above the changer SCARE me. Beautiful otherwise. Who has a nursery THIS big to work with? Certainly NOT the norm.

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