You know you love something. . .

When you “PIN IT” three times!

I obviously really like this laundry room..and why not?  the wallpaper, the lantern, the painted ceiling, the chic wire screen in the doors…its so pretty.  Total swoon.

Other pins i am obsessed with…

beautiful kitty

and of course a collage wall…i love that i can catalog all of my gallery/collage inspiration on Pinterest…it’s such a great resource.

See more of my pins here..God bless you Pinterest creator people!

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  1. Your Sundance comments on Pinterest are hilarious!! My computer goes so slooooooooooow when I am looking at pins – then I get the dreaded “It seems we are all busy now” message. Is that “normal”?
    As a “future blogger”, do you put all of your inspirational photos there? It would seem that your readers would already see all the inspiration that you are going to write posts about there. Or are these things that you are not planning on using in posts?
    kelly in georgia

  2. Damn Pinterest! I can’t get anything done. Love your pins and your blog.

  3. Oh my gosh… I saw that image with the kitty a couple of days ago and wanted to make up a post just to use it, ha ha. I will go check out your other pins now.

  4. You are so right about that. I wish pinterest would let us know that we are bout to pin something again. I enjoy following your pins Holly 🙂

  5. Just repinned some of your photos. I love what you share and it’s so nice to have a place to keep them all. I used to do it in a book (cut our pictures from magazines, no I do it this way.)

  6. Amen for Pinterest. It’s actually quite sad. I can’t blog anymore because I am OBSESSED with pinterest! Heading over to your pins now. I wonder if it’s possible to just repin all of yours bc I am sure they are amazing! 🙂

  7. I was just laughing at myself for repining things twice…and was thinking the SAME thing…that it’s a sign I really love it! I’ve actually bought something twice. How sad is that?!?!


  8. Love it all!! That cat is so precious on the gorgeous floor!!


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