Allen + Roth Lighting

At the Lowe’s…have y’all seen the new  Allen + Roth lighting? i was shocked today…frankly much better than Home Depot in my opinion..several cute things i saw (and maybe i bought one) along with the more expensive counterpart.

Like this one..hello cuteness!

Zoomed: allen + roth One light edison pendant

Of course the bulb kind of makes it and i think they are half the price of the fixture! Anyone know where to get those edison bulbs for a better price..the PB ones give off an orange light and the ones from specialty lighting stores can be $$$$!

This is the Pottery Barn version (it is $99 on sale and the Lowe’s version is $59), i have it in one of my hallways, it gets very dusty.

Rustic Glass Pendant

The big daddy version for over an island or farm table!

Zoomed: allen + roth 3-Light Mission Bronze Aztec Island Light with Clear Shade

This one below is amazing in person..the size!

Zoomed: allen + roth 12"W Bronze Edison Pendant Light with Clear Shade

I actually like it better than the west elm version! And the Pottery Barn Calhoun ($159) below, the Allen + Roth is a tad less round (it is $119)..

Calhoun Glass Pendant

One more example, this drum shade light! YES from lowe’s..shown below in Susie Harris’ pretty home

See more here on how Susie painted the beige shade this pretty crisp white color…I could not find it on the Lowe’s website but saw it in the store today…and its a better price than the more modern Crate and Barrel version..


Bravo Allen + Roth, I like their drapery rods too!

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  1. this is wonderful!
    we just had a farm table made for us, delivered friday! whoop!
    and next on the list is a fixture, but needs to be in the budget.
    this allen & roth at lowes is perfect!!
    i’m showing hubby when he pulls in the driveway.
    maybe you deserve a commission 😉

  2. ps…do you think that allen+roth 12′ pendant would look nice over a table? or is is more of a hall light? ….

  3. Good to know. I have just a few more fixtures to choose for our house!

  4. I almost texted you the picture of the trio Allen & Roth the other day! I was thinking, maybe Holly will tell me if this will work in my kitchen. Then I thought, nah, I shouldn’t bother her with every lighting question that pops into my head-which is a lot!

  5. I have been stalking your blog since I discovered it a few weeks ago! I bought four of the Allen + Roth schoolhouse pendants for my house (entryway, landing at the top of the stairs, two in laundry room). I also bought three of the rustic glass pendants from Pottery Barn (two over my basement bar and one in the closet under the stairs that is now a wine cellar). I am using Edison bulbs in the PB glass pendants, and I found them in the light bulb section at Lowe’s! I believe they were around $7.99 each!

  6. Cari Skuse says

    I found those bulbs on Amazon for $9.99

    or for a little more from House of Antique Hardware

  7. I recently saw it and almost fell over! Finally some affordable/beautiful fixtures that are a step above the typical vanilla boring ones you find at HD and Lowe’s.

  8. I love their lighting. I have the drum shade pendant over my kitchen table – can’t beat the 79 dollar price tag!

  9. Hi 🙂 yes and I love it!! I was just telling another blogger I recently saw a beautiful pendant fixture that looked an awful lot like a much much pricier RH one for I think $63(?) I love Lowe’s lighting. Even the chandeliers are great.
    Hope ur good!

  10. We have that fixture!

    As for your bulb question, if you purchase the bulbs at Lowe’s they are about $8 each. You can find them a bit cheaper online, but every place I looked had shipping charges.

  11. WOW those prices are great. Must get over there to take a look. Thanks for doing the legwork for us 🙂

  12. I found some of the edison light bulbs on line at Bulb brite from $8 to $14 which is considerably better than the $18 to $25 I have seen them selling for at Anthropologie and REstoration Hardware.

  13. about a month ago i ran into these beauties! nice, huh? if you like the light bulbs, the do sell them at lowes as well. hope that helps anyone out!


  14. Thanks so much for this post, I was looking for a light fixture to replace the fan (blech) in my kitchen eat in area and this one is perfect and matches a Ballard pendant I bought a few weeks ago. I can’t believe this was at Lowe’s! I will say this I’m from Indianapolis and they had to go back into the stock room and search for about 30 minutes to find it because they just received this shipment of new lighting so I’m sure they weren’t happy with me! Unfortunately they did not have the light bulbs so it looks like I’m ordering them from Schoolhouse Electric. Thanks again for the great post!

  15. Wow, from Lowe’s!! Thanks for the tip.

  16. I love, love this post. Let me tell you, I have a Lowe’s and a Home Depot about equal distance from our house and I would usually go to both to see their selections. After a while I realized why do I even go to Home Depot? I never end up making my purchase there and it is dirty, unorganized, and the employees seem to never be around, or if they are unwilling to help. Every time I go to Lowe’s I am greeted at the door, and if I ask an employee for help, they go above and beyond to bring me to the exact location of what I need and explain any questions I have. Not to mention Lowe’s has very stylish products. Huge Lowe’s fan! Great Post, thanks for sharing!

  17. i just got all those lights the pendant the big fish bowl one and also the 3 lights on one bar. love the style but the only thing is they dont put out that mich light, am i the only one that feels that way. Dennis

  18. Pam Peterson says

    We just installed the large 3-globe fixture over our dining table but while changing the bulb broke the globe. I emailed Allen & Roth and they never responded. Can you help? THANK YOU!!!

  19. It looks very beautiful.
    You have to put the location of the light perfectly. I like Allen Roth Lighting.
    Excellent work.


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  3. […] is so incredible, you guys!  She has been so helpful & guided us toward these lights with this post of hers.  She also suggested this light for above the table.  It is perfection in my book.  If […]

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