Another client project

Jenny and her family live in Oklahoma, I am in Texas so we did all of this work online..I even bought some drapes for her at IKEA and mailed to her (we may add more Aina drapes), apparently she lives quite a ways from the nearest IKEA… They should ship more can I get an amen on that?!

Jenny did an amazing  job executing our ideas and zillion emails, she is a photographer so she has great style! I love how the layered look on her mantle turned out! Of course she had so much great stuff to work with!

I love seeing my crude mock up of pillow ideas turn into real life pillows on a real life sofa in someone’s!


 Thanks for capturing the transformation Jenny…more to follow!

{Yes that is the $799 Pier One nailhead sofa, we love it, pillow etc you can find on etsy, I will not be giving detailed sourcing on rooms out of respect to paying clients but i love giving peeks!}




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  1. It turned out great!! I love the stenciled or wallpaper wall (can’t tell which) designated for the eating area. The pillows and layered mantle look are so pretty (amazing photos!!) xo

  2. Pretty, pretty! I love that stenciled wall! And the sofas. And the rug. And – um – everything! Great job, Holly, as always.

  3. The room looks very put together and I even like how the pillows are stacked in the middle not the ends of the sofas.

  4. Loving how she styled the mantle! Pinning that for inspiration…

  5. love all their pictures! beautiful!


  6. Looks great! You have great taste {and clearly your client does, too}, but it always helps to have great photographs! I love those linen panels from Ikea. Wish they offered more length for high ceilings. I’d use them everywhere!

  7. Beautiful room! We love how you guys used her photography to make the space so personal.
    Angela and Renee

  8. A beautiful space – I love how the black stands out against the soft neutrals!

  9. Looks fantastic! What material is the couch?

  10. Oh, so this is what it looks like when a client does what you suggest for them?! 🙂 I swear i’m trying and am excited to move forward enough so maybe you can show our space sometime!! 🙂

  11. what a great room! it definitely has your touch.

    curious? did you address the idea with your client about white washing the brick on the fireplace/painting the mantle? seems like everyone does these days. want to hear your thoughts.

  12. LOVE IT! Clean, crisp and welcoming!

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