heirloom pumpkins

This is not a comprehensive blog post on heirloom pumpkins and how to garden them..i simply support the economy and buy them from fruit stands

but i do just adore how unique and special they are…especially featured atop vintage silver!

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I didn’t buy anything (hardly;) at Round Top this year but did stock up on pumpkins on my way back home the other night..there are great places for these pumpkins both in Brenham and Hempstead.

{my recent “harvest”}

I don’t even know if white ghost pumpkins are considered heirloom but i love them too..this is from Meg Duerkson.

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I don’t really do spooky decor but this dog is too cute and i love how there are just a few heirloom pumpkins mixed in with regular ol grocery store value pumpkins…heirloom pumpkins can be PRICEY so you can get the look but just adding a few..

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Ohhh pretty fall mantle with silver, bookpages and white heirlooms..i know they have wonderful unusual names, each variety but i don’t know them all;

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hmmmm i wonder why i like these?

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go out and splurge and buy an heirloom pumpkin..a grey green one or ghost one or fairytale to mix in to your bunch!

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God bless the pumpkin…lovely paired with books on a table.

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all images from my pinterest boards!

Oh and last but not least, have yall seen these lovely VELVET pumpkins?

{at Leftovers Antiques in Brenham, a great place to stop after Round Top!}

They make heirloom pumpkins look inexpensive (meaning they are pricey) but arent they darling!

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  1. pretty! makes me want to hunt some down this afternoon!

    ashley over @

  2. I’m totally lovin’ the book/pumpkin tablescape. I’ll use that inspiration next week when my book club meets! Thanks!

  3. Love the fairytale pumpkins! They have a lot of them at Whole Foods. Once it cools off, I hope to go get some.
    Great post! As always!

  4. As the owner of an independent garden center, I would like to say Thank You for promoting us and our wares!!! Come get your heirloom pumpkins and gourds and remember to SHOP LOCAL!

  5. Holly,
    FYI they have those velvet pumpkins at Laurie’s antiques on FM 2920 in Tomball and they are very reasonably priced. The small ones are like which are about four-6 inches are only $6.00. The larger ones are less than $20.00. I know that is probably much cheaper than Leftovers which is a great place to look but so pricey. Laurie’s is an awesome store, if you have never been, check it out. I think you would like it.

  6. Fabulous Pictures Holly and looks like you got quite a hull of simply gorgeous pumpkins!!! Hope you don’t mind if I share this post with my readers on Thyme Square Garden’s FB page You know how much I adore pumpkins 😉

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