annie sloan

Have yall heard the buzz about the Annie Sloan chalk paint…

Chest of drawers

I am a little slow to the show but apparently it is awesome… This client i posted about earlier in the week has transformed several pieces for her home.  She says it is “no fail.”  Those are words i like.  I also like phrases like “no sanding!  no priming!” Apparently the waxes and brush are really cool. AND there website says you can mix with their recipes and create even more colors (or colours as they say) or layer colors..pretty cool.

Then i visited this blog and was amazed at this kitchen table transformation…

and after

she even did her island!

See more on the Estes Family Blog (I met this blogger at the Rachel Ashwell nice!)

The possibilities are endless..i think my fave is the idea of red with duck egg that combo!

French bedside table

FYI here are some more great tips for this blog on using this paint. And you can find tutorials on youtube this one looks especially helpful!


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  1. love the duck egg color! i also love the term “no fail”…and “no prime” “no sand” doesn’t hurt one bit either! 😉

    ashley over @

  2. This is fascinating. I really like the finished look. I have the old sewing table that I’ve been thinking about doing something with. I have the vision of it in a teal kind of color and I think this process would work well. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I just blogged about this yesterday, seems to be all the rage right now with paint. I went out and got a can of Old White and can’t wait to start painting a cabinet I just got. Best part, as you said, no sanding, stripping or any prep, sounds perfect!

  4. I love the look of this paint, but seriously, $37 a quart???

  5. Where do you find the Annie Sloan paint? I ordered the wax but can’t find the paint!

  6. Please check for the annie sloan chalk paint retailer nearest you. We are all over the states! Im interested how you found the annie sloan wax but not the paint bobbie.

  7. i love the stuff! i bought a $20 dresser off craig’s list and painted it with chalk paint, it turned out great! i was able to paint a lot of pieces with one quart. i’m due to order some more. susan

  8. Thanks for the shout out Holly!!! 😉 You are the best. Bobbie, you can find a retailer close to you by going to and then click on retailers. It will pull up all the places where it is sold in the US and you can find something close! Good luck! It is worth every penny! I promise!

  9. Thank you so much for the shout out to my blog! You are so sweet and so very talented!!!!!

  10. Holly, you must have been reading my mind. I have a chest that is now sitting in the living room of my new home. It’s an old mahogany piece with the finish worn. I know some gals would die for it, be seriously I’ve wanted to paint it every since I took it from my parents’ home. For months I’ve been reading about Annie Sloan paints….but I wasn’t sure of the colors. I was sure that I liked the idea of no sanding and priming – ugh! Thanks for the wonderful tips/links. You’re the best!!!
    Now for the hard part…choosing the color. I so wish I could afford to hire you for a consult. But, my husband just went to work after 2 years…yikes! All I have to offer are some baskets….teehee!

  11. Loved those painted pieces. Heard some many incredible things about this paint. Can’t wait to try it.

  12. Thanks Vicki and Jesse! I found the wax on the website, but I wanted to see the colors in person. I guess I’m a little gun shy on buying paint w/o seeing it first. We live in central Texas so I’ll go to the website now and check for retailers. Holly lives very close to me and thats why i was asking her. I can’t wait to try it…looking for some projects. I don’t think I’ve done this in this order, but this paint has been so highly recommended now I HAVE to try it!! Thanks tho, I really appreciate your info!

  13. Great to know! I might have to look around to see what needs to be painted!

  14. I have been wanting to try this. It sounds easy! A little pricey, but cheaper than buying something new.

  15. Holly – you have inspired/convinced me again! Can’t wait to try this paint for myself. I think I can do this on my oak kitchen table (as you already told me once!). Thanks for all the info.

  16. Oh, do I ever have to get myself some cans of this stuff!! Janell

  17. Hi Everyone. Choosing a color can be difficult, especially on a computer monitor. Try to find a local retailer to see all the colors in person or you can order a hand-painted color card if you don’t have anyone very near you. Visit for a nice map of the US to find a shop or someone to ship to you here in the US. It’s nice to have the real paint rather than a simulation like the big paint stores have. Here’s a warning to those of you that haven’t tried this yet: It’s addicting! You’ll want to start painting everything you see. I love instant gratification 🙂

  18. Hey Holly – Thanks for the Review of ASCP – I am a stockist in Tallahassee, Florida. Not only does Annie Sloan Chalk Paint paint furniture beautifully, it also sticks to almost any other surface as well. Here is a blog I did over the weekend about a sad, little, rusty urn I painted with Chalk Paint.

  19. Hi Holly,

    Thank you so much for the link in your post. It took me ages to realise where abouts in your blog the traffic to Modern Country Style was coming from!! But I had a lovely search through your blog in the meantime!!!

    It’s gorgeous – and I’m now following you!


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