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It’s a cold rainy day here today and my oldest is home sick, poor fella.  So not much time for blogging (although i do have a gift guide in the works) but I will give you a sneak peek of some ornaments I made for the tree.

I am not usually one to do a different tree decor each year..i just add and edit a little each real color theme just Christmas ornaments.  Well our toddler is in major destruction mode this year so i knew, NO GLASS…come to find out i cant even use shatter proof balls because he has discovered they bounce.  So i made the plaid hoops and lots of silhouette ornaments…more on how later..easy and I actually love them and they work with a few of our non glass keepsake ornaments so its not totally a theme tree. The plaid feels really festive and cozy, especially on a day like today. Later this week I will be on the Jenn Rizzo Christmas tour and will have more photos..its not extravagant but i love sharing my home with you.  Check out Jenn’s stop on the tour today by clicking here.

I love these mason jar snow globes, so stinking cute! And Morning T and Funky Junk are on the tour today as well..enjoy!

{edited to say, stroller sold and photo removed}

Have a great Monday!


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  1. Oh, the silhouette ornaments are very cute. Once you post a how-to, I will be making some for our tree. Several years ago (prior to kids) I always did all glass ornaments. Now everything is felt and wood….hahaha! 😉 And I do the same thing as you … add/edit just a little every year. This year, I’m most excited about what will be at the bottom of my tree!! I found at an antique shop an old tree stand that is gorgeous! It’s red and iron (super heavy)….which is nice as there is no way my wild ones can pull the tree over. Beauty and function. 😉 (And that is precisely the line I used on my husband whilst trying to convince him of our *need* for it.)

  2. Ahhhh, my plaid lovin’ sister :))) love the embroidery hoop/plaid ornaments!! Great idea. Must try this for sure!

  3. I hope your kiddo is feeling better! LOVE those ornaments that you made and can’t wait to see your home on the tour. Wish I had more time to fluff around my casa before today’s tour but it is what it is. 😉

  4. Those ornaments are so beautiful!!!!!

  5. Hi ! I am very interested in your stroller. Please contact me and let me know if it is still available. My sister in law and several good friends live in Houston so we could work out the pick up. Thank you!

    Beautiful ornaments too!!

  6. Where are those beautiful gray silhouette frames from? I love them and my husband has made a few silhouettes of our baby after I showed him Emily’s on Jones Design! Thank you!

  7. I LOVE plaid and silhouettes. I have a toddler too. I know the feeling.:)

  8. I hope your little boy feels better. I love your ornaments. I can’t wait to see your tree!!!!!

  9. Sick kids are no fun for either mom or baby! Hope everyone feels better soon! Love the plaid emb hoop ornaments! Slap a monogram on those puppies and I’d have perma grin!! Thanks for the idea! Going to pin it so I don’t forget it!

  10. a white threaded monogram needlepointed (is that a word) on the plaid would be so cute…the thought crossed my mind but who am i kidding.i did good to get the fabric in the hoops!;;

    the frames or unpainted wood $1 frames from Michaels and hobbylobby…and a few ornmanet picture frames.i painted them all wth home depot’s martha paint in flagstone and then distressed a bit with watered down dark brown kraft paint and a tad of sanding.

  11. Great ornaments! Hope your little one is better soon. My boys have been out of preschool with a terrible cold. Christmas is interesting with a toddler in the house, my second is much more destructive than my first. It’s all good though, wouldn’t have it any other way!

  12. It will be beautiful, Holly! Sometimes our best creativity comes because of an external push that we weren’t planning on. And yours rocks!! The silhouette ornaments are so you….and they’re gorgeous. I can’t wait to see the finished tree!!1

  13. Love the ornaments! You are so creative.

  14. How. do. you. MAKE those??????? I am dying. really. 🙂 (oh, the silhouettes…!) HOWHOWHOWHOW????? praying for your son. just did!

  15. Hope your little one is feeling better! Your ornaments are so cute. The hoops are so cleaver! I love a good plaid at Christmastime.

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