Welcome Christmas Tour

Thanks for visiting from the Jennifer Rizzo blog Christmas tour.  This is the sixth stop on the Holiday House Walk. And welcome to my regular readers as well!

The last stop on the tour was Jeanne Oliver Designs…click here to see her home.  I want to say a big thank you to Jen Rizzo for asking me to be on this tour…

So WELCOME and let’s get started but first off i want to tell you, IT IS NOT PERFECT LOOKING around here EVER..we really live in our home..i hear Henry bouncing Christmas balls from the tree right now…

I don’t know if you can see in the dark photo but Henry is jamming a toy gun into the tree and running it along the edge…awesome!  The point is, its kind of nuts around here a lot of the time but I still want a festive and pretty home.  So i try to focus on little things in our decor and home that i love and not the big picture of perfection or i would go crazy!  So i will share some details that i focus on and get accomplished and enjoy… that is sort of how i cope with the chaos living with two small boys..just being honest, i love them dearly but they can tear up some stuff!..i hope this crazy way of thinking helps you focus on little things that bring you joy in your home and not stress about perfection and every inch being decorated!

With that being said, here is my miracle shot of the living room. All of the legos are stashed in the storage ottoman!

Because of the above mentioned precious but destructive toddler, I knew i was not going to use any glass or even somewhat meaningful ornaments in our collection.  NOTHING IS SAFE.  So i was going to use shatterproof balls..just a ton of balls in various colors..well come to find out they don’t come in the pretty array of colors that glass balls are available in and they look like balls and bounce so that clearly was not going to work… Enter my idea for the silhouette and plaid tree. For years I have admired Juliet Romano’s silhouette tree but never thought of trying to recreate it until now.  I will do another post later (if y’all are interested) about how i did the silhouettes (basically copied ones i had on my printer and painted $1 frames, took out the glass for safety;;)…


I did use  my favorite nativity, its corn husk and was made in Israel, i just made sure it was hung securely and high enough (knock on wood)…The plaid hoops were inspired by this recent article in Country Living. I found two great and very cheap pieces of plaid fabric at Hobby Lobby, along with the 79cent hoops and it was so fast and easy!  More on that later too if anyone is interested..and strangely Henry doesn’t seem to bother those (again knock on wood)  I found some great plaid ribbon at the last minute but really just the hoop fabric added enough..a little plaid goes a long way.;

And a shot of pillows, not particularly Christmas but I love that Celerie Kimble Betwixt print..love it.

And the mantle…just fresh greens, the natural wood nutcrackers i talked about in this post, an old box my father-in-law gave me recently and my special canvas, calligraphy by the talented Lindsay Letters! Lindsay, who just had a baby so she isn’t taking orders on this but maybe next year, simply took my idea of using the first parts of this beautiful Christmas hymn and put into her gorgeous writing, scanned it and then i had it printed on canvas just like you would a photo!  At first i thought it was too dark.it was to be a lighter gray but turned out more charcoal but it works with the silhouettes and my dark rug i think….i must admit I struggled with that plaid ribbon…big bows looked so silly..just i just knotted it..same thing under our star on the tree…like i said a little of the plaid goes a long way.

 And wrap….i found this plaid paper at Michaels…the script paper is from Ballard and of course there is kraft mixed in..noticed i have only wrapped about four gifts and the sames one are in each photo…ha!  I do love these tags from Martha! You can download them here.

Other side of the living room…i love how the blue and white looks with all of the traditional plaid!

I honestly have not done a thing to decorate our kitchen or bedroom and i am okay with that! The dining room…exactly the same the same as last year! And its okay!;;

heading outside…

I love my new kaboo chairs on our screened porch!

And the tiny tabletop tree..just $12 at Lowe’s…so cute..haven’t even put lights on it…don’t think i will.

And the little trees are for teacher gifts..i am loving the leftover garland that we put on the tobacco basket..that basket was my fave Round Top purchase this year..love how the yellow looks with Christmas green.

Its hard to see against the screen but i also have burlap banners down the length of the porch..made by this great etsy seller..they say “jingle, joy and peace” so cute!

You can see the “jingle” banner behind my little Charlie  Brown tree’s star!

More little snippets…

Henry’s favorite song right now is Go Tell It On the Mountain! Hearing that sweet voice makes all of the little messes worthwhile~

So that is the backporch..now back to the front porch to say goodbye!

Thanks again for visiting!

Be sure and visit the other homes on the tour by clicking here.

The next stop is Susie Harris!

Merry Christmas Y’all! 


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  1. Holly,

    Your home looks fabulous decked out for Christmas! I have a house full of boys, so I totally share your decorating philosophy. Glass balls are not our friends 🙂 Your tree is fantastic… I love the plaid and silhouettes!

    You have a beautiful home!

    Merry Christmas,

  2. what a treat!!
    henry playing in the tree is hysterical. gosh, so sweet. & we’ve all been there…regardless, you’ve created a beautiful home for christmas.
    i love the silhouettes, the o holy night, the red cross bucket and the porch…wow!!
    merry christmas

  3. Oh, how I enjoyed touring your home. Love all of it. So homey and filled with the holiday spirit. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. Your house is decorated with such attention to detail and full of personality. I really love it!! I love how you wrapped your gifts using beautiful ribbons and tags. They match your decor perfectly. I’m in love with your burlap stockings! Those teachers are lucky to receive such special gifts from you. Those trees wrapped in burlap and bakers twine are adorable! The sign that you made for above your mantel is the icing on the cake too. It sets the tone for the rest of the room. I believe yours is one of my favorites on the tour so far. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I am coming over from Jennifer Rizzo’s site! It is so lovely over here! I love the details of your rooms! Your home exudes comfort and makes one feel welcome! Children certainly add that touch of a ‘lived-in’ feel, but who would want anything less! Your classy and cozy style equals perfection! I made the Country Living embroidery hoops, as well, but used a Swedish embroidered cloth that I found for $8 and some red and white IKEA fabric. I think I will change these out each year as they give my tree some continuity…otherwise, it is a bit all over the place! http://threepixielane.blogspot.com/2011/12/country-living-copycat-ornaments.html
    Thanks for some wonderful inspiration! Christie at three pixie lane

  6. I am in awe!!! – and I want to move in. I love all of the details!! Your screen porch is so cute…what a perfect place to hang out.
    Your home is simply beautiful…sigh!

  7. Holly – I LOVE the tree, the ornaments really “pop”…I am doing “less” is more this year too and it feels great! Loving all the lightness, simplicity and just fresh greens that (you helped me create) in the Family Room QUESTION; where is the plaid ribbon from? I am having a hard time finding any…thanks! Merry Christmas! oh, and what about the door monogram??


  8. found you via LaunchHer’s Top 40 list (Congrats!!). Hello fellow entrepreneur. I’m going to be newly obsessed with your site and I have Kara & Tracy to thank 🙂

  9. Holly – I love every bit of it! You are so creative – I am going to copy the teacher gifts. And possibly the ornaments for next year (surely I will get a second tree by next year!) And now I am headed off to Martha to download those tags. Thank you!!!

  10. Holly, your house looks gorgeous and inviting! Thanks for the tour! I have a couple of the hoop ornaments that my mom made for me back in the 80s–it’s such a simple idea, but it looks great. Those are the best kind of crafts!

  11. Holly- could you please please please figure out a way with Lindsay to sell the file of the “O Holy Night” calligraphy?!? It is breathtaking! I neeeeeeeeed it

  12. i might of gone a little pin-crazy! it’s perfection, my friend. I haven’t even read a word yet just looked at the pictures. and I will again and again. it’s just one big ‘ol love fest for your home happening right now in cincinnati! xo

  13. Holly, your house is just beautiful. I love the silhouettes. Could you please tell me where you found that ottoman? I have been looking for something similar and love the storage bonus it provides. My two boys share a small bedroom so most toys end up in the living room. Thank you!

  14. It is all gorgeous Holly!!! So warm and inviting for your sweet family. I love your tree and yes, please do show us how you made all of those ornaments. Your mantle is perfect and your patio area looks like something out of a magazine. Would love to see your dining room too.
    Happy Holidays my talented friend!

  15. Love every single inch of it! Just beautiful!


  16. Holly, your home is just LOVELY…so cozy and homey!! I have three boys, and gave up glass ornaments a long time ago:). I am just smitten with your tree ideas and your porch is so inviting! Thank you for sharing! You are one talented person:).

    Happiest Holidays,


  17. I’m totally in love with your blog, and adore your use of plaids! Plaid has always been a staple for me at Christmas. I’m adding you to my blog roll to keep up with you, have a wonderful Christmas Season!

  18. Thanks for the tour, your home is beautiful! I could live here….it’s perfect!

  19. Holly, how you do what you do with your busy boys is truly amazing. But, what’s even better is your attitude and how you manage to keep your priorities. It’s a blessing just to read about it.
    I noticed that you changed out the ribbon on the front door to the plaid. It’s perfect!!! Actually, everything else is too. But, I’m really taken with the relaxed and whimsical back porch. What a fun place for your family.

    Merry Christmas!!!

  20. Thank you for having some beautiful colors to go along with Christmas! I’ve enjoyed the home tours but was feeling like all we were seeing is greenery added to white homes but I love that your home finally feels so cozy and warm. Love the back porch and all the natural elements, it all looks great 😉

  21. Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage says

    Holly….I absolutely love peeking into your beautiful home. It is simply warm and inviting….I could stare at pictures all day. I am curious what fabric you used to slip your wing chair…..I have one and need to have the slip cover made…but am going back and forth about fabrics….I too have children and two dogs…..so am trying to be careful what i pick.
    Thanks for sharing your beatiful home.

  22. Heidi Biggs says

    What a Christmas treat. I just had to cancel my plans for Monday night’s Christmas tour of historic homes in Virginia. Your house tour made up for it. Your house is beautiful but cozy, elegant but not fragile. The textures and colors are delicious. Thanks so much for sharing. Your blog is always my favorite eye candy, but boy did you out do yourself. Merry, merry Christmas!

  23. holly everything is so lovely! love the plaid ornaments & your backporch, so sweet and i LOVE all your pillows! merry christmas! susan

  24. Holly, Your home is amazing!!!! You really did a wonderful job. I love all the details. I love your patio. It looks so cozy and blends so well w/ the rest of your home. You are one talented lady!!! And, you know I love your style!! Oh, Henry is adorable!!

  25. Sweet one, what a treat! Seeing your home in just snippets gives all of us the precious hope that we can get ours together. You truly have a gift for bringing something special to a room that captures your eye and makes everything better. And your love for our Lord’s birth shines!

  26. Flawless!! Please come do mine!

  27. Sara Duckett says

    Gorgeous Holly! You have an amazing home. I can’t say I’m looking forward to that “toddler” stage! LOL 🙂 merry Christmas to you.

  28. Love it! Where did you get your black print with white wording above your mantle?

  29. Where did you get the lovely monogram for your door? I love the silhouettes too! Warm and cozy, thanks for sharing!

  30. Your home is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for all of the helpful links too!

  31. can i spend christmas with y’all? ill even wear green hunter boots;)

    so in love with your chirstmas decor! xoxo

  32. It is truly beautiful, Holly! Thanks for always inspiring me. You do an amazing job of staying true to yourself and your love of decorating while allowing your boys to be themselves as well. I must say the plaid mixed with the blue and white jars sends me over the top! Love.

  33. Love love everything! your tree is so cute. thanks for the inspiration today. And I love those nutcrackers unfinished like that 🙂

  34. kelly in georgia says

    I love it ALL! (and your toddler tales are soooo funny!) I had been checking Lindsay’s site for MONTHS..knew she must have had her baby, but was so hoping she would be able to get back to her blog….guess not. Where do you get the image printed onto canvas? Is there a site or do you have it done locally?
    Thanks for the info!

  35. Holly, I absolutely love your blog. I really enjoyed looking at your Christmas decor all so pretty. I have a board on Pinterest titled, “Holly Mathis Come to My House”….I just love your style!!! Merry Christmas.

  36. Holly, I love it. So fun to see a room in your house I’ve never seen before. Everything looks so cozy. And those boys…oh i know the feeling, nothing is safe.
    Happy Holidays!
    d e n i s e

  37. I knew that tobacco basket looked familiar! It was great meeting you!

  38. Your home is just beautiful! The canvas your friend did is very striking- her handwriting is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  39. Oh my goodness can I move in!!!!? Gorgeous & the hunter boots rock! 🙂 I love love love cottage design & you really make the design proud! Visiting from inspired room

  40. Just stunning…who says your decorations can’t be beautiful with a toddler?! LOVE the plaids and the touches of black.

    Cathy @ Room Rx

  41. Wow! Your house looks incredible. The Christmas canvas is really neat and so sharp looking.

  42. Darling, warm and inviting. What lovely memories your child will have. 🙂

  43. Holly your home looks absolutely fabulous!!! I am completely in love with your country farmhouse chic style! I saw your inspiration post on the plaid hoops, I’m so glad you did them for your tree. I actually wanted to, but ran out of time. There are so many wonderful elements that make me want to grab some hot cocoa and stay a while. Happy Holidays! Your porch is beautiful and love the tree in the galvanized bucket…I could go on & on. I would love for you to link up to our {Home for the Holidays} link party on Fridays at The Corson Cottage:)

  44. Sarah Castaneda says

    Beautiful!!! Where can I find the burlap stockings?!?! LUV THEM!!

  45. It is all beautiful!! I really love the decor on the screened in porch and the small trees! Thanks for sharing your home with us!!

    Have a wonderful evening and Merry Christmas!!

  46. Janice Ratliff says

    Holly, it is wonderful!!!! I am so impressed that you can do ALL of that with little boys!!! I am inspired to be more creative when I see your God given talent to such beautiful use!!! Thanks for sharing your home on the “tour”!!!! What a great idea too!!! I’m sharing with everyone I know!!! xoxoxo

  47. I would love to purchase the file of the “O Holy Night Calligraphy” as well!!!!

    • Lindsay just had a baby so she wont be offering that calligraphy piece this year..its custom work…maybe she will sell the file next year but like i said she just had a baby three weeks ago so i dont want to keep asking her;;; respecting her special time with her baby with no work interfering.

      the stockings are from last year and i the person who made them is not making them this year as far as i know…you might find something similar on etsy…

      the monogram on the door is from http://www.southernpropermonograms.com they are great….

      thank yall so much for all of your kind comments!

  48. Hey there! Seems we have a lot in common! We love Jesus, burlap, chandeliers and our name ends with olly…anyhow I stumbled upon your blog and love it!!! Your style is amazing! Where did you get that monogram for your door made? Love your style and thank you so much for sharing! Your inspirational!
    Have a blessed day!

  49. Lovely design and I adore your front door piece. So unique! Would love to know where you got it, perfect for our Southern door! Love your screened porch–We have a gigantic one and don’t know what to do with it! I am so glad to have found your wonderful blog. Merry Christmas, Kris

  50. “Go Tell It On the Mountain” is always one of my favorites! Everything looks beautiful and cozy. Always does.

    Hang on …. the best part … the gun getting rammed into the tree. Oh, Holly. It just tickles me to no end. I was laughing till I almost cried when I first read that …. Oh my ….

    Merry Christmas!!!

  51. Hi Holly~ your home looks so gorgeous, I love all the little trees and the tiny bunting! I love all the snippets of Christmas here and there, especially your green Hunters! 🙂 But I think my favorite part is your son ramming a gun into the tree…oh boy do I remember those days! I now have a little one who likes to pull on things, so I know how you feel! Merry Christmas! Tara

  52. I loved this post Holly! I have two boys as well, 7 & 9 years old. If I had a dollar for every time my husband said, “Those boys are so destructive” I would not have a “want” list for home decor. Anyway, your home is decorated so festive for the holidays, very beautiful.
    P.S. I am now in love with Betwixt fabric!

  53. Where do I start? Well first things first, your home is beyond gorgeous!! I got so many ideas just from your post (and a great free printable on Martha – thank you!). I really love the burlap banners, the O Holy Night calligraphy over the mantle, and the tobacco basket. I may need to bookmark this to gaze out throughout the season. Enjoy your beautiful home!

  54. LOVE LOVE LOVE! You are a gurl after my own heart, the colors, the plaid, everything. You’ve actually inspired me to get off Pinterest (which is where I found you) and offa my butt and decorate. What a treat, thanks for the tour! 🙂


  55. Really really nice! The silhouette tree is lovely,and your porch is so beautiful!

  56. Beautiful tree & I agree with not trying to be perfect due to having small children … as hard as that is for me! I however have never put away the glass balls or breakable ornaments. My son is 4 now & he has only broken two glass balls and that was when he was 2 … he threw them like “balls”. His babysitter has taken the same approach & he broke a couple at her house. I believe if you don’t put away the breakables children learn to respect things.

  57. Holly, your home is A.Dorable!!!! I love all of your Christmas decorations…what a great job. I saw your fireplace mantle on pinterest earlier, didn’t know it was yours. You have done such a great job with your house…thanks for sharing it with us. I need to go back and take a 2nd look 🙂

  58. holly, I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this! You are one talented, classy lady {and I don’t throw that around}. Merry Christmas, and Go tell it, girl!!!!!!!!!

  59. Your home, and Christmas decor, is beautiful, Holly! Your back porch is gorgeous.

  60. Your home, and Christmas decor, is beautiful, Holly! Your back porch is gorgeous.

  61. Everything is so pretty – love how the silhouettes turned out and your canvas is perfect. Cozy and darling as always.

  62. So lovely – my favorite was the canvas over the fireplace – love, love, love that! When she is back to work I would love to have her calligraphy an image for me.

  63. Holly, Your home is so lovely and makes me want to sit down and stay for a long visit….just wonderful!!! But your silhouette tree is To Die For adorable!!! Just precious! Enjoy your sweet boys…they grow up fast. Merry Christmas to a very talented you! Lisa

  64. Oh my goodness! Everything is gorgeous! Sorry I am just now commenting. When I was viewing it all earlier I had a baby in my lap so it was too hard to type. I am in love with the plaid on the mantel. I had been wanting to add some plaid in my decor but was undecided, but now after seeing yours I definitely want to go ahead and do it! And your silhouette tree is amazing!

  65. Love everything, including this Christmas home tour idea! It is so much fun going from home to home! Your home is fabulous. I will be back for more inspiration!

  66. Oh Holly, I have the same destructive toddler! I decorated the tree today and when that toddler came down from his nap, he grabbed a glass ornament and threw it across the kitchen floor. It shattered. LOVE him but age 2 is HARD!

  67. Wow, Holly, your home is so beautiful and festive for Christmas. I love your back porch and all of the natural elements there!

    I absolutely LOVE the art over your mantle. It is so beautiful and classic – I always love black and white. But most importantly, I love how it is such a statement in your living room and tells the true meaning why we celebrate Christmas.

  68. Thanks for sharing Holly! Your house is lovely – including and especially because – you decorated with your family in mind. Enjoy the holidays with them.

  69. Emily Carr says

    I pinned your mantle on Pinterest and thought this looks like something Holly would love. Didn’t know it was actually your house! It looks beautiful, and decorating with boys in mind does create some challenges! Merry Chrismtas.

  70. Oh, Holly, it’s absolutely gorgeous, as always! I’ll say it again – I love your traditional, but not stuffy, style!

  71. So Lovely! I love the silhouettes on the tree 🙂

  72. Holly I love the silhouettes on the tree and how you out everything together! Your home is gorgeous and your living room looks amazing!Thank you so much for being a part of the tour!

  73. Holly–this is the perfect Christmas house! I absolutely love it.

  74. The porch ~ oh how I love it! Your home is a fresh classic ~ many wonderful traditional elements remixed, so clever and inviting.

  75. Can I move in please! LOVE your home! Wonderful job…

  76. your home looks absolutely beautiful! I saw the o holy night sign via pinterest and had to come check out your post…just lovely!

  77. Holly,
    Your home is just beautiful…I love that your home is lived in…ours is, too. :}

    love what you’ve done…simple=awesome.

    I love old english pine…we have an english pine cupboard and two huge english pine chests in our kids’ rooms.

    I’m presently looking for a huge english pine armoir like the one in your family room above….can’t wait to find one at the right price!

  78. Thank you so much for welcoming me into your festive and gorgeous Holiday Home! It is always amazing visiting your blog and today’s post is no exception! Thanks for the Christmas inspiration!

    Best Christmas wishes,

  79. Your house looks great – love the way you decorated for the holiday.

  80. love your monogram! it’s gorgeous against that color! and also love your natural nutcrackers!
    merry christmas!

  81. Love love love. My favorite Christmas decor post! Love it all.

  82. I always ABSOLUTELY ADORE TO BITS your decor…but most importantly…your HEART….your love for your family….all of that comes SHINING through your posts.

    Everything there in your home makes me want to beam myself through the computer and into your home….elegant, fun, classic, REAL….the plaid touches are divine!!

    AND THAT TOBACCO BASKET IS TO DIE FOR!~!!! I’m not kidding. I grew up/born & raised in the South where tobacco was king…I remember my friends coming to school late in the fall when the tobacco/crops were coming in…..and it curing in the barns hung upside down….I gotta get me one of those baskets!!!

    Thanks for welcoming us to your beautiful, joyful, loving home.

    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Hugs,

  83. GORGEOUS! Thank you so much for sharing, you have truly inspired me for next year! I just love getting fresh ideas. Merry Christmas, Marcia

  84. Holly, what size is your O Holy Night canvas? I love your house! It makes me feel all happy! Makes me so miss the days of Legos! 🙂

  85. Where did you get the Christmas stockings?? I love them!!

  86. Marissa Rocher says

    Hello… Thank you for posting, your home is absolutely lovely!! I have 3yo twins so I appreciate the “no glass” strategy too. I have a question, if I may ask, where did you find your beautiful rug? I love the colors, it’s gorgeous!

  87. Just Beautiful!!


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