Natural rugs…sisal, jute, seagrass

Well I was about to sit down and begin a long posts on the ins and outs of these rugs and do a bit of reseach and recommendation for yall and then i saw that the uber fab LAUREN LIESS of PURE STYLE HOME has already done an amazing post on this topic i am not going to try to reinvent the blog natural rug wheel…just click over and read what Lauren has to say and her comments as well..lots of good info if you are interested in this topic.  i love the way Lauren layered cowhide over her bedroom’s natural rug in the photo below

Pinned Image

please click back over here and tell us your take on natural rugs..particularly if you have dogs or small children and your experience with caring for them, cleaning up messes and softness..i think that is really an issue for people with small children that have kids playing on the floor a lot!

I will say that i often recommend the flat braided jute rug from PB..i like the look and softness but it is THICK which can make furniture sit uneven.

Pinned Image

but its a accessible and soft like i said and comes in large sizes!

I will also say i have heard the natural rugs from Ballard ravel really that true or is it a certain rug they sell?  I also know that overstock sells some for great prices…as does IKEA..anyone have experience with the ikea or overstock rugs????

The rug below i recently boough for my boys..from PB…its the Chunky Wood and natural jute blend and very soft and warm but thick!

Chunky Wool & Natural Jute Rug, 2.5 x 9'

It looks very natural but is really more wool…like i said, i am happy with it but its light!  hasnt been an issue YET!

OK your turn…what is your experience with natural rugs in your home..faves??? and thanks Lauren!

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  1. I have two sisal rugs with canvas borders from Ikea and they are fantastic! They have held up well against scratching cats and dining room chairs moving back and forth across them. And they were very reasonably priced. I would highly recommend them.

  2. I love natural rugs and have several in my house. One is from Ikea – love the rug, it is fairly soft and seems to get softer the longer I have it. The big drawback.. . . It was FILTHY. I got it home, unrolled it and then took a peek underneath – ugh!!!
    It took a long time of vacuuming/flipping and beating to get rid of all the dirt.

  3. I love my big 8×10 seagrass rug from Pottery Barn. Twin boys, a dog, kids in out from the pool…it still looks great and cleans up so easy with water. I’m a nature girl so I love the feel of it on my barefeet.
    I’m going to watch this post because I’m curious how easy the other materials clean up. Messes are a part of life and I don’t mind it if there’s an easy clean solution.

  4. Jute seems to be the best as far as softness… and that’s what i have in my house.

    Love all of the ones that I have from West Elm. They are great. Have a small one in Collins’ room from Ikea and it has held up great.

    Have one currently in my master bedroom from Overstock and it is unraveling around the edges. Not worth it!

    Haven’t had any messes to clean up… except a little spit up here and there on my West Elm one and just got it up with some water and a damp cloth.

  5. Hi Holly!

    I have been trying to find a bed frame like the one on the picture above. Not sure where you found that photo- but they don’t happen to list where the brass iron frame came from, did they?

    Thanks! Morgan

  6. I have the natural jute rug from IKEA and I love it! It is a great way to get the look for less. It’s on our front porch in a high traffic area and its holding up pretty well. It’s been there for a year and I am starting to notice a little wear path through the middle. I did not have the issue with it being dirty like April.

  7. i have two seagrass rugs (custom, bound remnants from local carpet store). have had both for 7 years and they look good as new with wear and tear from twins, a baby, and a small dog. actually, one has a place that could use being re-bound, but I put it under the sofa. 😉 clean up is super easy….no stains…..but they are rough on feet & little crawling babies, etc. Wouldn’t do it in the bedroom or playroom, but love for family rooms. Love layering other rugs on top, too. And, you can’t beat the look for the price.

  8. I have two rugs from IKEA- the egeby that has the canvas border and the tarnby? that is thicker and slightly darker in color. Both have held up very well with pets and moving furniture around. I had the same problem with the tarnby being filthy and leaving dirt on the ground but for the price you can’t beat it. World Market has jute rugs for great prices too but I haven’t tried any of them yet.

  9. I have several seagrass rugs from pottery barn that have held up great. They hide dirt and everyday wear. I’ve purchased a jute rug from Ballards and the dirt gets trapped under the jute and anytime the rug would shift, the dirt would spread everywhere. I ended up only keeping it for a year. I was happy to see it go! I am looking at putting Seagrass in my daughter’s room and then layering a soft rug on top. I’ve been going round and round about this! I had the thick flat weave rug that you mentioned from PB in my foyer but had to return it….I couldn’t open my front door, it was too thick.

    • Where did you get your seagrass rugs? If they have held up under heavy traffic for 7 years and clean up easily I am interested in that brand. I am redecorating my whole house and plan to use several of these throughout.

  10. We have an 8×10 Jute from West Elm. The price was amazing at 199, BUT it sheds a lot. It’s a silvery grey and we have very dark walnut floors. It will also shed and stick in your clothes if you get down on it…not ideal for our 2 year old boy.

  11. Beautiful, I have one from Ikea. It’s soft enough for kids to play on (maybe not newborn babies!) and it cleans well. No problems so far!

  12. I have a big 8 foot round braided hemp rug from wayfair. I LOVE it! I have had no
    problems yet. It is very soft and I love the color variations. We also have a “big
    girl” Lab that hasn’t hurt it either! I think this rug is sold on but I
    got ours on Amazon. Very good rug for the price. No shedding or other problems.

  13. I have 2 sisal rugs from ikea and they’re great. I have 2 boys and a cat and it never looks dirty, unless you look really close (ha ha). I do think it’s rough though and don’t enjoy sitting on it to play cars and trains with my boys. I always need a pillow.

  14. We have two seagrass rugs from Natural Area Rugs. Their prices were awesome, and they have free shipping both ways, which sold me on them. I do have two small children, so I feel kind of torn on the one I have in our living room. Of course I love the look of it (and the fact that it hides dirt so well) , but I often wish we had something a bit softer. We have wool in our bedrooms, and I really haven’t been happy with those because I feel like they just soak up stains! I love having a seagrass rug in our dining space because it hides all the food my kids drop on the floor (it was a very sad day recently when our olive oil spilled on it though….we have a big ol mark to show for it). I’d love to do a softer natural rug in our living space, but I worry about staining–jute sounds great to me, but I wonder if it will be difficult to clean? On a related note, I’d love to know if anyone has experience with this crazy scenario: I had a cowhide layered over my seagrass in the living room (for added softness), and the pattern of my seagrass (herringbone) has been gradually wearing through onto the cowhide! It’s bizarre–it’s as if the cowhide is wearing thin from rubbing against the seagrass!! I’d love to know if anyone else has had this experience!

  15. I have a large 9×13 seagrass from overstock and I love it. $200ish, so I couldnt beat the price. We have a 2 years old and he has grown up with the seagrass so he doesnt know that a rug should be soft! That being said I definitely didnt want to do seagrass in his playroom (even though it would look SOOO good in there) My mom has a 9×12 seagrass rug from Crate and Barrel outlet from a few years back that is clearly a much higher quality than the Overstock one. She then bought an 8×10 seagrass at the Pottery Barn outlet and the quality of that rug was comparable to my overstock one. WE have lots of dogs and kids and messy family members and I have been so happy with the clean up of the seagrass. I bought a smaller seagrass from Ikea for the kitchen and that one actually did hurt my feet so it is out in the garage now.

  16. I bought a round jute rug from a few months ago for my kitchen and it is holding up great. It cleans up nicely and has held up even with 3 kids, a dog, and a cat trying their best to destroy it:) It was about $50 cheaper than the same one on pottery barn plus you can’t beat $3 for shipping and it came in 3 days. You can see it in my kitchen here…

    And here’s the link for overstock…

  17. We purchased a chenille jute rug from Pottery Barn last year to put down over a painted wood floor in our lake house sunroom. Since we are always barefoot there, I wanted it to be very soft, but durable. This is a room we spend a lot of time in, so i was constantly sweeping it, mostly dog hair (no one ever told me rat terriers shed like the dickens), but this rug is so soft underfoot, and it looks great, so far I haven’t had to clean up any messes or spills. It does shed a little, but not as much as the dog!

  18. I had wall to wall seagrass installed in my children’s bedrooms and upstairs TV room of my last home. I loved the way it looked but my children and their friends hated the way it felt. I will say that shortly after we installed the seagrass my youngest got a bloody nose and a few drops got on the seagrass. I was freaking out – but it wiped right off. I like it much better than carpet and will use it again in another home but I will plan on layering another rug over the top for comfort. Custom cut seagrass rugs are another great option and I have had the edges surged instead of bound to avoid issues with wear and tear on the binding. Although, if you have a rug that the binding is worn out on, you can simply have it re-bound. I have seagrass rugs in my living, dining and a runner in my kitchen and I have had them for over 5 years and they still look look great. I love them! Holly, if you want my seagrass installer contact, please email me. He is in Houston and has gone as far as Austin to install for a friend of mine. Good luck!

  19. I have some braided seagrass from Pottery Barn that I really like. Love the texture and color, but they are hard. In the living room – where we spend a lot of time – I have soft wool rug layered over it for my little one to play on. I read that Martha used Host Dry Carpet cleaner on her’s and it is a lifesaver for wet spills. We buy it from Ace Hardware online.

  20. I’m glad to know that you like the quality from PB. I have the small and 5×8 of the braided jute from Ballard. The 5×8 is holding up fine, but the small one by the kitchen sink is unraveling a lot after a year of high-traffic use. For the price…maybe still worth it?

  21. Love this post! Thank you, Holly! I love the look of natural rugs. I wanted to get seagrass for my daughter, she’s 4, but I was afraid it wasn’t soft enough. I thought about her playing on the floor and it wouldn’t be too comfy, so I went another route. I got one at PB. I think it may be jute. It’s pretty soft, it’s a very light tan and shows dirt quite easily. I’m still considering a seagrass. I didn’t even know Ikea had them. I’m going to have to check it out now.

  22. Have the natural rug from Ikea and the same darn problem as April! It’s filthy. How long did yours take to finally “come clean” April? It has been very durable and for the price, I think, worth it.

  23. I love sisal and jute rugs because they can go anywhere and they are PERFECT for layering. Just like in the 1st photo, they used and animal skin rug on top of the sisal one, love it. I also like how the dog is barely peeking over the pillow in that picture!

  24. I wanted rugs but had to have carpet on our re-do six years ago. I found a Shaw carpet called Natural Boucle’ in the color Sisal. I am extremely pleased and it looks exactly like your first picture on this post. I have white walls and wanted the clean look of rugs but couldn’t; I was able to do wood in the adjoining halls and foyer so the carpet is bordered by wood which makes it even look more like a rug. I thought I would pass this along incase any one interested:)

  25. I have a wool jute blend from Home Decorators Collection and it is soft and has held up great. It’s also reversible so when it gets too stained to clean (I have 3 small children and 2 cats) I can just flip it over. I have also gotten the Ikea sisal rugs for a client and she has been really happy with them. Great post!

  26. Check out on line
    The Perfect Rug
    Natural Rugs
    I often check a local carpet shop in the back for remnants.
    We used to have Pier One, and I found some there too. It closed now.
    I am looking for one for our master bedroom…
    I do love Ikea.

  27. I have owned the Chunky Wool Jute rug from PB for about a year and a half- we have it as a runner in our main downstairs hallway. It has held up fantastically! I have a young yellow lab and 2 active boys, and this area gets more traffic than anywhere else. It is super soft underfoot and will hold up better and longer than any of the 100% jute rugs from PB. And it is also reversible! I use it with a lot of clients- particularly in bedrooms and family rooms.

    • This is one of the rugs I am considering buying for our dining room and living room. I had concerns about shedding and clean up. Was shedding a problem and if so for how long? Also since this post have you had any experience with spills and clean up?

  28. Good stuff. A new rug is not in my budget right now, but I’ve had lots of questions and found some answers. Thanks!
    BTW….came across this site and your Christmas mantel is on the Dec 24 post….I love the company you’re keeping on that page. Too bad you weren’t given credit or linked.

  29. I had a sisal rug from IKEA that showed any damp stains, it was impossible to live with it and with pets and a little one. I also had a jute rug from Pier One, but it shed the fibers terribly. I finally purchased a natural fiber look-alike from Pottery Barn (woven outdoor rug). It is very convincing (hard to tell it’s not jute), but cleans like a dream (under the dining table where my 3 yr. old sits is still clean!).

  30. Hello Holly! Great topic. Wow. I must have a really messy kiddo, dog, and husband. While I love the clean lines, affordability, and neutrals of these type of natural rugs, I just haven’t had any luck from a longevity standpoint. I have had them all. Sisal, jute, seagrass. Both light and dark ones. High and low price points. I’ve had them in the living room, dining room, tile room, bedroom and office. The only one that fared well was the bedroom one. They have all showed stains immediately or worn. I have tried all methods of cleaning including professional for a marginal improvement. I found a great deal on the jute at Home Depot that I couldn’t pass up and purchased it b/c it seemed like it would weather our big dog. Showed every paw mark, slobber stain etc. The best thing for the dog was to layer my brown hide over the jute. It hid every stain and is the easiest to clean. You just wait for something to dry and brush it off. But I put it in storage when my baby was born in favor of something softer. It turns out for us, flat weave wool is our best option. Stains come right up, the fire sparks bounce right off. I literally raced another woman at Ikea for the very last black and white striped Stockholm Rand. Best $350 I have spent in a while! Plus the graphic lines made the space seem twice as big as the neutral. I still find myself gravitating towards images with the natural rugs but alas for Chez V those seem to be all show and no go!

  31. I have a jute rug from overstock and have been very pleased. Can’t beat that free shipping 😉

    Also, I’m about to do a little boy room for my boys and I am on pins and needles waiting for the follow-up post to Go Green!! I am dying over those monogrammed shams!

  32. I have 3 dogs and an 8 year-old. I have a huge (12×15) seagrass rug and a 9×12 seagrass rug in my dining room–both from Home Decorators. One of my dogs is 17 years old and occassionally has an accident. I bought Nature’s Miracle for spots and “accidents” and it has worked like a charm. With seagrass, if it gets wet, you need to put a small towel underneath because it does not absorb well. Also, mine has a rubber backing on it too which adds to the problem. After a few hours, all the wetness is gone & so is any odor. I highly recommend seagrass for homes with pets and children.

  33. I have 2 dogs, one very large and messy and one small dog.
    After years with 2 dogs I can tell you my favorite rugs are wool. They clean up the best and are softest on my feet.
    My big dogs toenails are tough on my sisal and jute rugs I bought. Plus I found they stained easily.

  34. I have a seagrass rug from Home Goods. Over the last 3 years it has held up to 3 pets and 3 moves. I wish I had a darker border binding.

  35. I just purchased the chunky wool and jute from PB for my office and LOVE it! My 10 month old went crawling around with no scratches 🙂

  36. We went with the seagrass from PB. LOVE THEM! One in our bedroom and one in the living room. Only recommendation is to buy a thick rug pad because one of our rugs has already worn through – we have hardwoods. In the baby’s room we had a soft wool rug from PB. I like the seagrass – it wears well and hides a multitude of sins. We vacumn ours and also lightly sweep it. With food, drink, hubby, wife, baby and dog, the seagrass is holding up great. We didn’t pick any of the other natural rugs after reading Lauren’s AWESOME BLOG POST about natural rugs. We have had our rugs for almost a year and like em. When we have another baby and he/she is crawling about, I’ll probably layer a thin soft rug over the seagrass because it is tuff. But if your monkeys are in the walking stage, you are good to go! (We also went with the neutral trim, so it wouldn’t cut inches off the rugs.)

  37. It is not necessary that the rug should be made up up of soft material as shown rugs are made up of jute are also very beautiful and comfortable,also other materials like seagrass,sisal etc. can also be used to get the rug looks beautiful and also strong.Thanks for sharing this blog.

  38. Kathy Neblett says


    I have jute with 4 sons, a golden and a yorkie that won’t potty train. I think jute is beautiful, sophisticated, etc but any little teetee bleaches the jute. One of my friends thought my rug was leopard print!!! (because of all the teetee stains)

    I am switching to flat weaves or seagrass.

    I’d love to have Julie’s seagrass installer in Houston if anyone knows it. Thanks!

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  44. Hi Holly,
    I love sisal rugs though the last one i had years ago i had to throw away . There were no cleaners in my state to clean pet stains. Now i’m ready for the next one, because of the natural look and neutral colors. Do you have any ideas where can i find a ROUND sisal carpet? Thank you!

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  47. Hi Holly – I love your blog! Can you tell me how the Pottery Barn rug is holding up since it’s been several months? I just bought it today and want to make sure it’s durable. Thanks!

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  50. Love this post and all the great comments! I’m looking at having a custom seagrass rug made for our living room, and the rug company said that they’ve seen such a downgrade in the quality of the seagrass they’re getting that they can’t guarantee anything and I’d have to sign a waiver saying I understand the risks etc. Has anyone else heard about this? They said the quality now is nothing like the good quality they got a few years ago.

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