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While I love this butler. . .

It’s Chris the Blog Butler that truly keeps my world running (online at least;;;).  Yep i heard about Chris from Darby and Erika and i have been depending on him ever since! We’ve been through a lot together..the switch to WordPress, the blog design which is like giving birth basically (and he doesn’t do design installs anymore, probably because of me..ha) then there was the Pioneer Woman scare (will my blog blow up if she mentions my name) and last but not least the everyday little things that occur like comments that won’t post and ads that won’t  flash.  He is always timely, professional and such a gentleman! Yep, Chris the Blog Butler is always there for me, we’re just like Mr Carson and Mary. Except my Butler is a modern man…

He likes cupcakes and the Mavericks and he knows “all about wordpress”… this is what he can do for you:  If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog and you need help with all the code updates, plugin updates, backups and all those tricky technical things that make you worry because you’re not sure what it all means – Chris over at the Blog Butler can do it all for you!  He will move your site to their servers and provide personal WordPress help – from a WordPress expert.

Thanks Chris for putting up with me! If I could just get him to call me the Dowager Countess! ha!

 “What’s a weekend?” ha..and what is your favorite line, character or part of this great series?!

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  1. Renae Reis says:

    Oh my, Downton Abbey! So lovely. So awesome!! 🙂 My favorite part is definitely the last scene of Season 2…so dreamy! I can’t wait for the twists and turns that will surely come in Season 3. Oh and my favorite character is the Dowager Countess. Such sass. Fantastic!

  2. Anything that she says is my favorite. I laugh out loud when she comes out with a zinger. Loved her comment, in response to Mary’s sleazy fiance leaving. He said he wouldn’t see her again. Her response: “Do you promise?” Loved it!

  3. been thinking much about this….
    thanks for the scoop 🙂

  4. oh & your profile pic is fab!

  5. rosemary g says:

    Oh how I love the abbey…such a lovely family story with twist and turns! What about the accents? Mary and Matthew finally together with a proposal! I just loved the last scene…it’s about time…wouldn’t you say? Didn’t you love the Christmas tree? So grand! Just can’t wait until next season!

  6. LOVE downton AND your blog:)
    my fave character is anna.

  7. kelly in georgia says:

    Oh I looooove DA (although the little fling they wrote for Robert this season was way out of character for him I thought), and the Dowager Countess is by far my favorite. ANYTHING that comes out of her mouth has me laughing out loud! Can’t wait for the next season. I agree with Steph above with the “Do you promise?” comment. I wanted to shout “You go girl!” at the tv when she said that.
    Glad you have a blog butler to help you out!

  8. jennifer says:

    Love, love, love some DA!!!! Even got husband to watch with me. Not sure that I have a favorite line, but since watching I often tell my husband, “oh, just have your valet do that” to things like a missing dress shirt button…….and we now often call each other “Your Lordship” and “Your Ladyship” when on the edge of an almost tiff/fight or when one of us is being ridiculous and it makes us laugh/lightens the mood. So I guess DA has been good for our marriage. HA!!!!

    Cannot.Wait.For.Season.Three. And, Happy Belated Birthday. Just catching up on your blog!

  9. I like Bates better than Carson but they are both fantastic!

  10. Shellaine says:

    I LOVE Downton Abbey! My husband is the one who got my into it, of all people. I can’t stand waiting for season 3. Do you think they’ll really keep Mr. Bates in prison???

  11. LOVE Downtown Abbey too! My favorite character is Mary but the Dowager Countess is a kick in the pants. So funny!

    Glad you found Chris, the Blog Butler! 🙂 🙂

  12. Can’t believe we have to wait until 2013 for more Downton Abbey!

    Favorite lines:

    Mrs. Crawley: “I take that as a compliment.”
    Lady Violet: “I must’ve said it wrong.”

    Doctor: “Mrs. Crawley tells me she has recommended nitrate of silver and tincture of steel.”
    Lady Violet: “Why, is she making a suit of armor?”

  13. There are so many great lines, I can’t name a favorite! But this is a line I have said to my husband a few times, “Why must you always pretend to be nicer than the rest of us?” My husband always answers as Lord Grantham, “Perhaps I am.”

  14. “Don’t be defeatist — it’s so middle class.” Ha!

  15. Oh, I had loved your blog for so long; but now that your a DA fan I just have to enjoy it more. I just finished Season 1. I love that I didn’t know about it and have been able to watch the whole season (I confess in one week).

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