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A blog reader named Kate left a comment on my blog back in February..i backtracked to see her kitchen lights that she mentioned and fell in love with her home and the work she has done…I have to share with you! This is Kate’s blog!

and this is Kate below and her little nephew!  Isn’t she darling (and the baby too!)?!

And her cute kitchen…you can see befores on her blog! Her bottom cabinets are Valspar Safari Beige paint!

I love her living room..its comfy but chic..very well edited.not too much stuff..

 love how she used the big Gunnerra prints in her living room..many of you probably remember these from an article in one of the magazines and may have seen on pinterest? I think urban grace has used them as well. ..well the prints are hard to locate..right now i think only this one is available! So glad Kate was able to score both because they are perfect for her room! Read all about her lighting and renovations on her blog.

Love the closet..who does this?! Kate does and it looks good!

And her kitchen panels and!

WITH CURVED RODS FROM AMAZON OF ALL PLACES. And I love the story of how long and how much she paid for her perfect kitchen lights and how long she had them…from Ballard outlet!

Thanks for letting us look around Kate..i love your house and all of the hard work you have put into making it a home for your family!

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  1. Such a pretty home! I’ll have to check out her drapery tips for those drapes in the kitchen. Thanks for the intro to Kate’s blog!

  2. Beautiful home! Love that brick fireplace and the painted closet. The whole place feels so cohesive – love that!

  3. Love Kate’s style and her blog! Thanks for the introduction.

  4. I love those prints!!!!

  5. I love those curtains in teh living room and the color of the bottom cabinets! I love when people paint the lower and upper cabinets a different color(as long as the colors go well together). It just make a kitchen so interesting and fun!

  6. those prints are at Sofa Mart in Cedar Rapids, IA. Furniture Row is the parent company, you could look up locations near you and call the store. Those prints are memorable. I used to be a store manager and I had them 50% off FOREVER. I’m sure there are stores that still have them around
    ps. LOVE YOUR BLOG and your Style =)


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