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I recently met Becki of the Curious Details blog at the Round Top Bloggers Luncheon…I was so excited to find out she lives near me and after visiting i realized her BFF is Lori Vrba whose worked i have admired forever (more on Lori’s work at the end of the post).

And then I found this on Becki’s blog..her wood paneled study transformation..oh my! I knew i had to share. So many of my clients are contemplating painting over wood…here is your inspiration (click through to see her before and after of this project)

OH WOW…you won’t believe the was wood city and she painted it all and voila! oh the styling, i really like it..really really really.

It all has meaning and to me it doesnt seem too cluttered because its behind glass! Brilliant use of IKEA find more details about the room on Becki’s blog post about the room here. Fyi the doors are painted the pre-packaged black from Ben Moore.

 Curious details indeed!

You can see more of Becki’s home at the new online magazine Souvenir..i know there are many online magazine but this one is good y’all..worth the signup fee…incredibly talented women like Sarah Duckett, Pam Garrison, Brooke Gianetti, Heather Bullard and others contributing to this project..They are so inspiring so check it out!

And here is more from Becki’s friend Lori Vbra and her Southern Comfort exhibit in is a shot of Lori working on installation.

So wish i could have made this event..i love it all..women making art and doing business and what they love..strong and talented women doing amazing and good things!  Good work y’all!


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  1. holy cow! i just looked at the before + after. kind of makes me want to cover every inch of my home in white paint! ha! amazing! we had those cabinets in jimmy’s office and i hated them. clearly i did not recognize their potential b/c they look incredible in this office!! great post!

  2. That really is pretty. I love the glass doored cabinets – been contemplating having some glass doors on our bookcases – but they are over 10 feet tall – not sure if this would work. Happy to see the brass knobs too.

  3. Holly…what a thrill…to be included here with my life long love Becki Griffin. Thank you and Congratulations! Your work is wonderful and your success is well deserved.

  4. OK, THAT is absolutely incredible. I love it all! Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a transformation! Don’t you just LOVE what paint can do!?!? Great inspiration…thanks for sharing!


  6. Thank you, Holly, for sharing my home and my work with your readers. It’s especially sweet that you included my best friend, Lori, in your post. Have a great weekend..hope to see you soon!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this designer. I checked out her blog and was in heaven. I’m a little embarrassed about how giddy a pair of black french doors can make me.

  8. Holly,
    Becki Griffin is the real deal. The spaces she creates on an ongoing basis are truly a reflection of her self: Dynamic, Warm, Gracious, Clever, Inviting, Inspiring, Smart, Tough,Funny,Comforting,Beautiful and Genuine. As a friend and fellow design girl, I stand in awe as she never ceases to amaze me! Thanks for sharing her talent with your audience. I love your blog and am excited to have found you through Becki. I look forward to reading more.

  9. Holly,
    Each and every space Becki Griffin touches is truly a reflection of her self: Dynamic, Warm, Gracious, Funny, Comforting, Charming, Smart, Tough, Inviting, Inspiring, Clever and Oh So Beautiful. As a friend and fellow design girl, I stand in awe as she never ceases to amaze me! Thank you for sharing her talent with your audience. Your blog is wonderful. I’m so glad to have found you through Becki and I look forward to reading more.

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