Lisa Luby Ryan

Well we loved this amazing combo when i posted a while back about it and then someone that knows the home spotted it on the blog!

The super nice sister-in-law of this homeowner emailed me about this image and told me the designer is Lisa Luby Ryan of Dallas! I should have known!  AND a few of you mentioned the Veranda connection (it was the Dec ’11 issue )..apparently this a small but darling home in Dallas’ Highland Park neighborhood and is well known!

YEP slowly it all clicked for me.  I HAVE SEEN THIS HOUSE..well duh it was in Veranda and Cote de Texas did a great post on the house here!!

One of the readers mentioned “wish we could see the entire room not just the table” well we can! Doesn’t the lightning make a difference..the top photo is from Veranda, clearly shot for the magazine..everything is brighter and bluer ..its just like a supermodels thighs..remember this when you feel blah about the imperfections in your house..i felt the same way when BHG photographed my house..i was like WOW is that my house..the lighting was SO good..anyway, the photos are all gorgeous but you can just tell a difference between the top and others don’t you agree?? Am i making any sense?!  ha!

One of my favorite transformation of this home..the exterior!  Amazing what paint can do!

You can see more of this home and Lisa’s other work on her website Vintage Living!


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  1. The difference in the images is rather startling…wow. Makes me want to figure out how to make the “real-life” more like the picture.

  2. Wow, yes, the lighting difference is amazing. How to duplicate??

  3. It IS amazing what the photography lighting can do, but I still think the human eye sees it more like the “beautiful” photography lighting than like that picture of the entire room. So that means that reality IS pretty…we just have a hard time capturing that prettiness with our cameras – even using a tripod. Does this make any sense?
    Kelly (used to be “Kelly in Georgia”)

  4. It’s amazing how much everything just pops! Colors, edges, the smallest of details.

  5. Kelly i love what you are saying about the human eye..imagine how God sees cool to think about..i think its true about how we see people too…its like photoshop but better

  6. Julie in Dallas says

    The human eye sees it even more beautiful than the magazine. I was lucky enough to tour this home a couple of years ago when it was on a charity home tour. It is gorgeous!! Every detail in this home is perfection!

  7. I Love Lisa Luby Ryan’s work- I’m from Dallas and have seen tons of houses she’s done and they are all amazing. Also- the Veranda image looks so beautiful not only because of the lighting but because it looks super saturated. The lighting will always look nicer coming from the side of the image (like the top picture) versus having a large light source behind the image which makes everything else seem dark in comparison. And the saturation is amazing, but something you can really only do by editing a picture on the computer. The saturated image is probably more true to life what colors we would see in the house too, sometimes it is hard to capture the intensity of colors on a camera, especially a digital camera!

  8. It really IS amazing the difference lighting makes! All of it still beautiful tho. Holly, love your comment about how God sees beauty and how we see people.

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