Decorating with Big Mama

If you don’t know about the Big Mama blog then this post will seem strange to you…but if you know of Big Mama and have been reading her since 2006  like me, then you will appreciate my joy over getting to meet her.. Silly sounding? Perhaps but when i was frazzled young mama in 2006 with a rowdy toddler, God used her to minister to me…and make me laugh! Recently i got to meet her in person.  It was fun to say the least.


{i love Big Mama’s arched front door…and i happened into San Antonio on Fiesta weekend!}

We have worked on her house before via email but she is finally ready to make some big changes so I went to see her in person!  Instantly I destroyed her house with my bags of fabrics and notebooks and measuring tape, moving furniture…she cracked a Diet Coke or two!

 And here you can see Big Mama texting Sophie (boomama)..supposedly a question about some word art but probably to tell her I was making a mess!;; 

We even moved a huge church pew to another room to see how it will work as extra dining room sitting! Perfect that is how! Yes that meant hoisting her darling husbands huge tv off its perch and moving it back so he wouldn’t know. Oh and his taxidermy…doesn’t really bother me..SHOCKED? Well I am a Texas girl too so I can’t be shocked with stuffed animals. We just have to deal with it sometimes. I can inject as much fabric and style as possible to balance..its called Eclectic y’all. We will make it work and her man will be happy! Speaking of her hubby and sentimental things…One of the neatest things we did was decide to hang an old ranch sign from her husband’s family (we found it in her know the backhouse right..the one she painted in her uggs…its already peeling) above the…kitchen sink! I hope he loves it…we do! Big Mama’s house just seems like a party house and hopefully the decor will fit that hospitality even this fabric!

Richloom Cornwall Garden

from here…i have used this on several projects this fabric and amazing price…

and the light!

Genovese 8-Light Chandelier

Can’t wait to put this light over her gorgeous dining table!

 Melanie and I aren’t big photographers…and i had bad roots so that was an even better reason to not take many photos of us together but just look at her..she is so cute in her JCrew little toothpick pants or whatever you call them?! She is so darling and the she opens her mouth and PURE Texas (still very chic but much more likable!) know what i mean..her voice and accent just made me love her more.  So i was instantly at ease and think i hugged her more than once. 

And then we had to have a discussion about some dusty ivy on top of her cute cabinet… i said “Big mama, you dress too cute, you are too put together and stylish to have this ivy in your house..WHY???? tell me WHYYYY?” and she was finally ready to let it go…the moment!

Now don’t get all upset or offended with me about the ivy…i have some fake “myrtle” toparies in my house AT PRESENT and i have had my share of fake ivy… so much in fact i feel I can tell her its time to let this stuff go. You may not be there yet..and that is okay. Lord knows I have my issues;

All of this to say, it was a JOY to meet Melanie..we went to Target and talked about mom stuff and crazy families all while we decorated..pure bliss. Thanks Big Mama!

And I promise to keep y’all posted on this project..we are making progress quickly including upholstery, slipcovers, paint  and new lighting and stuff.  Big Mama’s home is older and cozy like mine so we want every inch to sing!

To read more about my visit with Big Mama click here.

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  1. Working with her should be hilariously (is that even a word??) fun! And I so agree about the ivy. I love the fabric – very very happy looking fabric. You’ve got a lot of projects going on! How in the world do you find time to blog??????

  2. I’ve always loved that fabric, I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  3. How fun to work in person together! I adore that huge table in the background.

  4. “It’s called Eclectic, ya’ll!” So cute. That chandelier is beautiful and I love the idea of a church pew as dining room seating! Can’t wait to see the result.

  5. i can NOT wait to see what ya’ll come up with. the fabric & light fixture are gorgeous!!!! so happy & fun & just cool!!

    the dusty ivy? say it isn’t so….
    big mama. let it go. just say goodbye to the dusty ivy. what a great before shot!

    you two are awesome

  6. Oh, Holly! I am so excited about this project! How fun!! I can’t wait to see more…

    I visited San Antonio for the first time ever during “Fiesta” … I did not even know about it. Oh my gracious, what a fun city! I have a hunch that I’d love it even if there wasn’t a celebration going on. We sat on the riverwalk (is that what I call it?), and the boats with their mariachi bands and singers … oh, Jack, Amelia, and I thought we had died and gone to heaven. We visited the Alamo (I totally thought about Drew, of course!), and … in all seriousness here … it was like I was on hallowed ground. I cried at least five times. I cannot imagine how powerful that place is to Texans by birth! What a heritage. Fell in love with San Antonio … going back next month! 😉

  7. I just checked out her blog for the first time – what a hoot! Too funny about the ivy – it is weird sometimes how we leave things hanging around just because it has been there forever you know? Then you do something about it and wonder what in the world took me so long?!
    Love all the great stuff you found! Hope all is great with you!

  8. Now THAT sounds like a good time 🙂

  9. Brickhouse says

    She can’t help it about the fake ivy. I think I remember that her mama decorated with the occasional fake arrangement. And I LOVED going to her house growing up…so warm and cozy. But I will say that I might have to smack her for being so skinny at our age!!!!

  10. Holly, you just crack me up. I loved your telling of your trip to Big Mama’s. But…I think she should be called Skinny Mama. Just sayin’!! Looking forward to the ‘finished’ product. (How care’s about a few roots…oh, yeah…Pinterest!)

    Diane (Longaberger Lifestyle)

  11. Victoria says

    Me and Big Mama have always had some things in common — even though I’m ancient enough to be both ya’ll’s mama! Okay, I know the ivy stuff on top of cabinets is old school. I hate it too. But will somebody please tell my husband??? He doesn’t do taxidermy, thank Jesus! But he likes the fake ivy. Ugh!

  12. Lol it’s funny I found u thru her blog and since u and I r friends. Somehow now I feel like Melanie and I r closer friends. Lol which we are not….yet. 🙂

  13. You’re making me laugh with the fake ivy comments Remember my fake ivy ball topiary? The one you wanted to cover with moss? Let’s just say…it won’t be making the move with me! 😉

    REALLY good price on that chandelier right now!


  14. I started reading her blog in 2006 too– LOVE her humor– then had the fun of traveling to the Dominican Republic with her and Compassion International in 2008, and found her to be every bit as hilarious in person.

    Someday I want to be as funny as Big Mama.

    Nice to meet you!

    Mary, momma to many

  15. Vicki K says

    Can’t wait to see more revelations at Big Mama’s…sounds like you have wonderful ideas going on. And how is her husband liking the changes? In Alaska, women have to incorporate moose antlers into the mix – same kinda deal. Fun, fun fabric!!

  16. Woo hoo!! I can’t wait to see what y’all come up with. Her house already looks pretty.

    I didn’t know about Big Mama until you posted about her awhile back. She is so funny! My favorite posts are the ones about ram by the front door.

  17. Just came back to read this one yet again…I love Big Mama and I LOVE how you wrote this. Big Mama is how i found YOU last year. 🙂 She is so stinking cute too. Pencil jeans…never will you see them on me but man are they ever cute on her. So fun. Now fly to Des Moines next!

  18. I can’t wait to see the finished product! You are right about the ivy. It. Is. Time.

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