Happy Mother’s Day

Well its Mother’s day..so much i could say…I love my boys and being a mom and my own mama is the best..So grateful to have her nearby this past year and a part of our daily lives and us hers. Many of you have emailed and asked about her and I want to tell you she is doing great!  Her hair has all grown back from the chemo and so far all is well.  So to my mama and you my special readers who are mamas..here is to you!

For those of you who long to be a mother and hold a little one in your arms, I remember this pain and I am praying for you today as well.  I vividly remember how difficult Mother’s Day could be before my Drew was born.  I am sure I even stayed home from church a year or two.  Please know you are loved and your Perfect Father above has not forgotten you…I hope you all have babies soon and if not i pray a special peace and unique love for your life…ok getting off track..i need to stick to decorating and leave the “teaching” to others probably but wanted to share.  Also, there are so many forgotten mothers in our culture..friends and aunts that are single and have no children that help us busy and often tired mothers raise our children!  They are such unsung heroes, giving us breaks and help and awesome love and mentoring to our children. A special thank you to our Aunt Kim for helping out with my boys..you are such an amazing influence on them and me and i am thankful for you and the professional work you do to help hurting mothers and children in our community! God is good and the body of Christ is an awesome thing.

Speaking of which..the above “family tree” and  sweaty faced photo of yours truly  (which i actually like because i am happy and doing something i love..decorating for a party!) are from Saturday!  I helped put on a really fun anniversary party this weekend for sweet sweet special people! I loved working with my friends to put on this event and share in the joy! Ironically, the “mom” of this group went with me to nearly every infertility appointment i had when i was going through treatment before Drew was born! She was so faithful to pray for us and encourage me during my longing to become a mother. Mothers are born out of marriage and love and  it was honor to celebrate 25 years or marriage and God’s faithfulness with this amazing family. I love you Juneks!

The lovely couple!

I will have more photos to share later i promise ..we had two photographers documenting everything and despite some wind and mud it was a gorgeous day!

“The Bottom Line”…Mothers and families can mean different things and bear out fruit in different ways over the years but it can be such a beautiful thing!!

Everyone have a great week!

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  1. oh my, i love all the details!!! looks like something right out of a magazine!
    so glad you had a wonderful mothers day sweet holly

  2. What a sweet post and such a sweet party that you planned! Love the “family tree”!

  3. What a sweet and meaningful post. I think it’s great you share openly about your struggles with infertility on here. I’m sure many including myself, can relate. Thanks for thinking and praying for us on Mother’s Day. I soo wanted to skip church yesterday, but mustered up the strength… and glad I did. Can’t wait to see more pics of this party!

  4. Girl, I love every detail! Once again, you did an AWESOME job. I also could remember those church days. Before I had Claire, I use to stand up b/c I was a Godmother. I wanted to become a mother so bad too!! Thanks for sharing.
    And, I am so happy for your Mom!!

  5. Your post today is precious, and how thoughtful you are to include those who struggle with Mothers’ Day.
    The party looks beautiful….love the photos of the “family tree” and the feeling evoked in that last photograph.
    Beautiful post.

  6. You are a woman of many talents and much wisdom. Beautiful celebration, beautiful words. Thanks, as always, for sharing.

  7. happy mother’s day to you! Did you know your boys room was featured on Gramercy’s blog today?

  8. LOVE the family tree!

  9. Hello Holly

    I’ve been reading through your posts today and taking notes of fun things, such as Urban Market, should I ever get to visit the US (hopefully will be next year for me!). I’ve really enjoyed reading thru your site and wasn’t going to leave a comment until I saw this post.

    This is one of the hardest things for me when I read through posts of all these ‘happy’ families, with their lovely relationships, kids and homes. I know what we see in the cyberworld is often only the painted-up face of what the authors would like us to see, but it still hurts a little when I realise I’ll never have an opportunity to have my own family.

    So thank you for acknowledging that in this post. Thank you for acknowledging the struggle.

    I’m now 45 years old, have always had low infertility and am no longer in a stable relationship. In Australia, there’s almost no chance of me ever having children (and adoption from here or outside the country is barely ever possible either).

    Generally I go on merrily, satisfied to be living, to be free, to be happy and to have enough of what I need. Of course I get a bit jealous when I see people who have room to have chooks or vegies in their garden, but I also know how lucky I am and I soon stop comparing myself to peoples around the globe and start being thankful for what I do have.

    But every now and then when reading a blog, my heart-strings are pulled. There’s one thing I’ll never have- a family of my own. I could be living in the poorest country in the world or the richest, and this one blessing would still torment me.

    So once again, thank you for acknowledging those of us who have not, and will never, have our own families. I’m so glad you are able to celebrate being a mother and wish you only goodness, love and kindness for your family.

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