Privet House

Have you seen this new line at Target????  It’s definetely of interest.

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I love the big galnvanized planters and the lanterns…and the placemats are pretty darn cute..and i am not even a placemat girl! have any of you seen the products in the stores yet??   i have only seen a few..the planters, lanterns, cupcake stands and little scatter rugs…didnt see the kitchen items or totes.

Here are the owners of the shop that the line is based on..out of Connecticut!

Breaking News&#8230;<br /><br /><br /> Privet House collaborates with Target on its latest design program, The Shops at Target, which debuts in May.<br /><br /><br /> Read the press release here.

More about Privet House here on their blog! Gorgeous images from their stores in Warren and Greenwich like below! 

Love the display of household supplies…

Too bad you won’t find this fine collection at Target;; 

Slide 3

Their Greenwich charming!

I so need a trip to New England!

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  1. As you know, I share your love of New England. That Greenwich store is charming…. but guess I will go to Tarjay and check out Privet. Thanks for the heads up on that Holly.

  2. I wandered across the videos of “The Shops” at Target last weekend and loved the little clips from the shops – especially Privet House. Nothing has arrived in the Target here (after seeing the video I went to check it out.) Like you, I want those planters when they do get them in…and that beautiful pitcher. I bet this will be a sell-out line.

  3. I think they merchandise it all tomorrow. It is on my “first stop” for errands! LOVE those place mats!

  4. let’s go! i went online to check it out last night after you mentioned their website. love. such a great name too. i don’t get to target all that often so by the time i do it will be al sold out. those lanterns would be perfect for summer. love the little bowls too!

  5. Apparently, I need to get to Target ASAP! Love it all!

  6. Just checked out Target online. It says the Privet House pop-up shop [a new sales strategy at Target…limited time pop-up shops] will open on May 6th. If it like any of their other pop-up shops, things will sell out quickly!

  7. I have a dear friend who lives in Warren, if you do get that far North. She has an amazing house too! What a cute shop!

  8. Ooooohhhh thanks for the heads up Holly! I am always at Target, but the one that we live by now didn’t get the Jason Wu stuff so I don’t know if it will get this….but I am shopping with my girls today in a bigger area, so I think I will be stopping by the Target. I absolutely love the bowls and totes!!!! xoxox Ashlyn

  9. I was at Tarjay yesterday and didn’t see this. I hate that all the cute stuff sells out before I can ever get to it!!!

  10. I’m with you on the trip to New England – I’m itching to go and hunt around some shops and antique stores. I saw an ad for this line in one of my magazine and had done some investigating, but I haven’t seen it in Target yet. Now I know where I’m going this weekend!

  11. Oh my goodness….so much cuteness. I love the lanterns, totes and the adorable bowls.

  12. Thanks for letting me know! I will check out ASAP! I think Target has great stuff for the home!

  13. I can’t wait to check this out. I have heard Target will be featuring many small boutique type businesses merchandise. So exciting to be able to buy goods from these great businesses at Target.

  14. The “Shops @ Target” theme doesn’t officially open until Sunday, May 6th. They are small samplings of various specialty shops like this, Dylan’s Candy Bar, etc. Should be fun!!

  15. Jennifer in SC says

    Think I read somewhere that this line will be in stores and online starting Sunday.

  16. Hello all,
    It is not until May 6th. It’s 6 weeks (or less if it sells out) only. So run to your local Target store on Sunday!! 🙂
    Follow Privet House on facebook for updates!

  17. I love this line. I will have to check it out next week. My favorite are the planters too!
    Thanks, Holly

  18. I was in my target this week and didn’t see any of these. I will definitely be on the lookout though. I love them all!

  19. LOVE! Dying to get well so I can go!


  20. Jessica says

    How have seen the goods already? I thought they weren’t going to hit stores until may 6th?!?!
    Now I’m going to have to go double check.

  21. WOW! I love those placemats. I may “need” to stop by Target today, just in case…

  22. Oh man, I’m kicking myself for not reading this post earlier! I was just in Target today, but only looked at shoes and clothes, but no housewares. Ugh! It all looks SOOOOO adorable!!!! But maybe it’s better for my wallet that I stayed away…ha, ha.

  23. I have to say that I’m so disappointed!! After reading your post, I checked my Target daily for Privet House sneak peeks to no avail. This morning, I got online and ordered several things (cheese tray, placemats, tote, rug, rattan glasses) and then finally made it to Target this evening. First of all, if you weren’t looking for the Shops, you would totally miss them. Fail on the merchandising Target!! Scattered end caps disappointed. Privet House received so much blogging and good press and I think Target let them down. Also, pricing was lower in store than online (ex, I paid $14.99 for the cheese tray online, but it was $9.99 in my store). I didn’t like anything in person that I had ordered online. I’m taking a Target hiatus. Just wanted to share my two cents. Bummer 🙁

  24. They had it at my Target, but my kid was screaming and I looked like ‘that mom’, so I only got to peek for a second. the galvanized items were really cute! I’m going to try to make it back, sans kid, before they sell out.

  25. I may or may not have purchased a few things online 🙂 I can’t wait to get my order!

  26. I went on Sunday to check it out. I got some placemats and napkins to make into pillows for the living room. The line has so many fun things; I had to exert a lot of self control.

  27. Thanks to you and this post I was there on Sunday, snatching up as much of the Privet House stuff I could get. I’ve been back since and picked up more of the acrylic glasses and dishes. Love the little cheese platter too- that was a must have!

    Bravo with your boys bedroom, it looks amazing!!!

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