Report from Urban Market

I am totally inspired from my trip to the Urban Market in Houston today.  My mom and I took off down there mid afternoon and had a blast! I thought the prices and selection were good and the people and food even better! It’s a good time y’all!


First rattle out of the box i spotted this sign below and HAD to have it for a funky cool client of thrilled when she answered the text and said fun to spend other people’s money on things i love..(sorry Justin;)

It is from one of my favorite booths. The Seed Box from Missouri..they set up at both Round Top and Urban Market..super nice and TALENTED people!

HARVEST TABLE ALERT!  Near the Seed Box booth (same tent) is a great vendor named Mary Sue Key (her booth is named THE MUSTARD SEED) and she has a farm table I have been stalking since the Marburger Show..

its 9 feet…bona fide French piece, cross leg base..has a number stamped on at least one leg..its perfection.  And a little birdie told me she will make a deal..$1450..tell her you saw it on the blog is you are interested!

This is such a deal! It is thin too so if you have a tight but long space in your kitchen, covered porch or dining room this is for YOU! It would look so good with tolix chairs, slipcovered chairs, wicker or benches!

And fun when i spotted Mela & Roam’s rickshaw…love their linens!

This young company is going places…they will be featured in the upcoming Cottage Living beach house. The house is in Rosemary Beach, Florida, and favorite designer Erika Powell of Urban Grace Interiors is using Courtney’s Dohar sheets and Kantha throws! It was so fun to chat with her about this..i can not wait to see the house!

Then I ran into my girl Suzy under the pavilion…

Of course Suzy does the amazing Second Suitcase line of wristlets and bags but I loved this great SIGN in her booth as well.  I think i have issues with signage..who knew?? But seriously, would this not look great in a man’s office, a study, library, bachelor pad??! Snatch it up people!


Also under the pavilion is the wonderful Kay Gilbreath also know as the Book Lady..

she has an amazing collection of books, sea fans, her own art which i love and other wonderful objects many of which work great for boys room


Also under the pavilion is Tamara Moore, another great dealer and artist! That is her chandelier on the right below..only $150!  From a farmhouse in Kansas!

The music cards on the left are just $1…they would look great framed or pinned to the wall inside empty frames…instant art…not sure their booth location but under one of the tents.

Then of course these great people..the Campbells and their amazing print collection.

They have many of their decorator prints at great prices…most or all are half off what they are marked…a big selection of $10 prints. My faves these botanicals..because the roots are showing! I also love the Native American portraits which I did not get a photo of..but I will be buying one next show if i can ever decide on which i love the most!

That is about it for my shopping report.  Bottom line..head out to Urban Market tomorrow if you have time…its only $8 tomorrow, well behaved children and dogs are free and free parking! And tomorrow they will have a farmers market as well! For directions and more info click here!

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  1. What a great roundup, Holly! I love Urban Market! Wish I could’ve been there to hug your neck. It’s been too long! I’m going to send this post to Jackie (Urban Market owner). She’ll love it! Happy Sunday!

  2. Oh I am JEALOUS!! Wish it weren’t sooooo very far from Georgia. Well, at least you gave us a taste in the virtual fieldtrip here. :)The botanicals are beautiful, and the farmhouse table sounds like perfections!
    Thanks for “taking us along.”

  3. Nice to see all my favorite Scavengers doing the Urban Market on your blog this morning. I can’t believe Maura and I started the Market with 8 dealers and a box of wine. Jackie has certainly worked hard and done right by what we originally envisioned for antiquers who love the hunt.

    Great photo of Melisse and her Dad…you covered a few of my favorites that have been with the UM since it began. So glad to see it is thriving and getting better with every show.

  4. How fun for you. What a tease for us! 😀
    I too am flipping over those ferns!
    Thanks for the tour!

  5. What a fun day for you!! I wish I lived closer. It looks like heaven!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh what a feast! And I love your necklace. What did you buy for YOU????

  7. I didn’t even KNOW about this market! (I LOVE Round Top!!I try to go at least to one of the shows each year!) AND I am only 3.5 hrs from Houston! Guess where I’ll be in October!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  8. I went today and got an amazing purple vintage seltzer bottle and, of course, a globe. Suzy’s signs (the Change ones) were so awesome. I want one so bad, but have no place to put it!

  9. Holly,

    Thanks so much and you’re the absolute best! What a fantastic round-up and while I’m envious of your highly successful shopping trip, I was thrilled to see what else was out there. It’s easy to get trapped in your own little vendor tent and I often miss shopping and scouring great finds like everyone else. What a fun recap! Hope to see you again in October and stay in touch.


  10. Loved your pictures and your fun take on Urban Market! I was a helper at The Seed Box. I wondered what you were going to do with the Baptist porcelain sign. It was such a great piece!!!! I’m glad to have found your blog and will enjoy following you.

  11. ardis gomez says

    What a great day! I, of course, love the picture of you and BOB!

  12. UGH !!!!! so bummed I missed it this time. I usually go and I am so in the market for a new table for our breakfast area. I guess we were really busy this weekend cause I totally forgot!

    next time. Is the mustard seed table lady local? I really like that table.


  13. What a wonderful place. I would love to go here.

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