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Oh here we go again…this happens often…i almost hate to say anything..its a good thing, making style affordable and all but frustrating maybe to some if they just spent $$$ on custom drapes or bedding of upholstery from Calico Corners for this fabric only to turn around and find it popping up everywhere, like target.com everywhere.

Here it is above in a pretty Calico Corners styled photo with trims and coordinating fabrics. I really like the blue accent fabric they show with it.  But honestly I have seen the Silsila pattern cheaper at House Fabric..like $12 cheaper and on other sites, so shop around.  BUT Calico does offer services not just fabric and that is attractive to many. So if you need full service, Calico Corners is good to consider.

above again from Calico Corners…very pretty indeed..i love the blue chair and trim on drapes, not a fan of the ottoman fabric but nice overall.

BUT  now this is available at Target.com..cute and really inexpensive and a bit younger feeling maybe (some may say cheap..you really don’t know until you see this in person??) but the SAME FABRIC?

Tub Club Chair-Curry Floral Silsila.Opens in a new window

I also like this from target.com

Bailey Accent Wing Chair with Brushed Nailhead - Basil Green.Opens in a new window

But honestly i think if i was going for this look or wanting to use the fabric i would order it here and do panels out of it…maybe pair with a solid chair..you could easily do a high low thing with a nicer more expensive white or gray or blue sofa and yellow or green chairs,  get the target chairs for placeholders..just a thought. Something like the design board below…so the idea is splurge on a nice sofa from Lee  (Lee Industries..my fave sofa), do that pretty accent fabric on pillows from Calico Corners. Gourd lamp from Ballard..maybe paint an old dresser in Reef Red from Benj Moore to hang flat screen over???? Pretty tray and coffee table books..voila!

For art you could frame prints from Campbell’s Melange now available on Ruby Lane… in nice gold simple frames and mats!

Lowe Beautiful Leaved Plants Botanical Print- Farfugium GrandeLowe Beautiful Leaved Plants Botanical Print- Tussilago FarfaraLowe Beautiful Leaved Plants Botanical Print- Dioscorea DiscolorLowe Fern Botanical Print- Polypodium Affine

I love Melisse’s prints..she has such a selection and quality and varying price points. She is going to be selling more on Ruby Lane and maybe even here on my blog so stay tuned on that..exciting!

Silsila Curry

But back to fabric,  what do you think..would you use the Silsila Curry fabric on drapes or go for the fun chair in the print??? 

 {FYI, they also make a pink colorway of this cute fabric!}

Bottom line, regardless of where things are sold or the price,  i love to mix styles and price points to get a pulled together but collected and not too styled or stuffy look, don’t you agree? Whether you use a little or a lot of a popular print or any print you love, enjoy…fabric is fun!

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  1. I’m mostly a low buyer, the most expensive furniture I have is from Pottery Barn. I switch things up so often and buy/sell on Craigslist that spending a lot on furniture doesn’t make sense for me right now.

    I bought that console table from World Market a few weeks ago. I’m using it as a desk in my bedroom. Love it and such a great price!

  2. I love that pink colorway! Headboard in my daughter’s room? Pinboard for me? Hmmm.

  3. Very interesting post, Holly. You really made a great point that I hadn’t thought about too much. I think it’s true that the big box stores are becoming more and more consumer savvy when it comes to home decor. I’m always surprised, in a good way, when I see so many inspiration boards and actual rooms where gorgeous pieces from a big box store are used.

  4. Thank you for featuring red! I love red and I feel like design has gone to much cooler colours. Not me though! I love my reds, wheats, camel etc! I agree with you that Lee Industries makes a beautiful sofa. I love their “Coveralls” collection that is slipcovered. So important with three kids! Personally, I wouldn’t do the fabric on the chairs. I prefer neutral furniture and let the fabric come through in drapes and pillows. It’s easier to switch things up that way. I love your blog, by the way!

  5. Loved this post! Where is that coffee table from? I have been looking for one everywhere and have not been able to find one I like. This one is great!,

  6. My question, as the owner of a small, local home furnishings and gift store, is this…..how good can furniture from Target be? And it most definitely is not made in the United States. It’s all made in China or Indonesia.
    When we sold american made furniture, it was hands down 100% better than cheap imports. But no one wants to/can spend the money, and we ended up discontinuing furniture as a category. The nicer more expensive stuff didn’t sell, and the cheaper imported stuff sold, but didn’t hold up at all.
    I have had terrible luck with all the furniture I have bought from Ballards. The styling is there, but it is all made overseas and not very well.
    Sorry – I guess you struck a cord. While I love TArget, I am also seeing that local businesses simply cannot compete.

  7. Gray..i totally agree..that is why I put the Lee sofa as the main centerpoint of my design board..good American made upholstery piece! and then i suggested somethign fun and inexpensive (that obviously) wont last as placeholders until my imaginary clients could afford to buy better (aka American made) upholstery pieces to replace chair..many cant afford the good really well made upholstery all at once.

    I have blogged before about my disspaointment (sent it back) of a potterybarn case piece..felt like plastic…you make a good point..excellent styling but lacking in quality..same with art..i try to push people to antiques when possible.

  8. LaDonna Orange says

    Love the upholstered ottomans. Please share the name of the manufacturer.

  9. Tiffanie says

    I like the Lee sofas! checking out their website now…

  10. I really like this. I got so tired of red after EVERYONE and their momma painted red dining rooms 10-15 years ago. I’m doing a den where this may come in handy. Thanks.

    Have you checking out Lee Industries’ outdoor upholstrered line? A friend has it and it is great! Slip covered and she says she just pressure washes it twice a year!!!

  11. I would love a source on that coffee table, too!! That would be perfect for my space, and $99?!?

  12. Definitely agree with you Holly…I like a room that is stylish and well put together, but not too “decorator-y” looking. And I know the feeling to fall in love with a fabric and then have it show up on Target.com…so annoying.

    And you are so right…fabrics are fun. I think I’ve turned into a fabric hoarder! Can’t stop buying it! (but it’s so fun!!!)

  13. Love your blog, you have amazing taste and style, thank you for sharing. I was wondering as well were the coffee table was from.

  14. Holly! thanks for your nice reply to my comment! And Lee is so much better than lots of it! I love your blog and am sorry that my comment read so negative!! Trying to figure out where I can put that great xmas print now……

  15. Love the mix of it all, and in today’s economy I HAVE to look for lower cost items – especially when I like to update and change accessories out frequently. I can’t believe that chair is at Target! I am surprised that their Privet House line did not do so well. I wonder if they just did not make good choices in the items they carried, because the store is gorgeous.

  16. Holly, I love your blog and your style! I am delurking to say that I JUST bought that fabric a few days ago in the pink colorway at Hobby Lobby. I absolutely love it. I made shades for my office. With the 40% coupon that you can typically print each week, the cost of the fabric is about $20/yd., so the same as the link you provided. So, if anyone is looking for it, they can find it there!

  17. Love this post! It is so important to buy quality pieces that you love and mix in fun accents to keep things updated! Thanks

  18. Thanks Holly! One of your readers bought the prints from Ruby Lane and they should arrive to her home today. Thanks for showing that Antiques can be affordable and are still a great value!

  19. I have this fabric and curtains and not too happy with it. I had them made at Calico corners and now I’m upset that it’s everywhere.

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