More photos from Ohio

My oldest had his tonsils out yesterday so I am laying low for a few days and taking care of him but wanted to share a few more photos from my recent trip.  These first ones are just iphone pictures but you have to see this wallpaper and this mudroom!

The big buffalo check wallpaper is from Scalamadre! Of course i love the beadboard, schoolhouse lights and monogrammed plaques too!

That is Tessa on the left and Christine in the white blouse and her cute kids and dog..sorry for the blur but just wanted you to see her mudroom..i gasped when i walked in AND notice the powder room off to the left..YES that is the Tea Chest wallpaper from Thibaut.

Christine’s home was built in the 1930s and is so gorgeous..i am excited to work on it.  She and her family lived in a smaller home across the street but when this one came available they moved (to accommodate their three growing boys)..I was able to also work with her neighbor that bought her OLD HOUSE..yep the smaller one across the street..i didnt take many photos there but did snap one of this room..what a wonderful sunroom, not furnished yet but we will rectify that soon! They are both such great homes! WHAT AN AMAZING BLANK SLATE huh?!

Notice the tree tops and house tops from this room..such a charming neighorhood. This is the Mt Lookout area of Cincinnati. 

Out in Terrace Park..another charming area, i visited this bona fide Sears and Roebuck house..this is the fun to see!

Thanks again for hosting me Cincinnati…i enjoyed so much!

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  1. Awww…poor Drew! Henry had to have his removed last year & did great! It was hard keeping him still. Chocolate milkshakes were the only thing he would eat…breakfast lunch & dinner. Then on day 7, he wanted cheetohs?!?!? But he is so much better now! No more strep & overall very few days of him even being sick. He’s like a whole different kid now so I’m so thankful we did it. It was definitely a hard choice to make & I constantly wondered if we were doing the right thing! I hope Drew starts feeling better soon!!!

  2. Wow! That is one awesome mudroom! What a bold, playful, yet classic and superfunctional looking mudroom. Just gorgeous and a great example of taking risks and thinking outside the box! (The powder room is stunning too.) I also love the sunroom; it looks like being inside a tree house!

    Hope your son is on the mend soon.

  3. I’m totally gonna swipe the monogram plaque ideas – so awesome.

    And if I could commit to a pattern for more than 6 months (and actually had a budget)(and someone to install it)(that wasn’t me)?? Those walls would be mine and I would stroke them everyday. LOVE.

  4. Kim Garrett says

    Hi, love the photos. Do you know where she got the darling monogrammed plaques in the mud room? Thanks!

  5. she made those cute plaques with wood plaques from michaels and her friends cricut machine!

  6. Totally loving the wallpaper! Had a big green check in my kitchen back in the dark ages. That treetop sunroom looks amazing. What a wonderful space! Tonsils out cured my daughter of bad cases of strep throat, but we found out she is allergic to lydocain (sp.?) during the ordeal. Hope your son recovers quickly. I’d send him a frozen drink if I could.

  7. Hope sweet Drew feels better soon! Holly, do you know a good resource for the buffalo check wallcovering? I’m ready to buy it now! 🙂 And I dont need much for my small area. Do you have a name for the pattern?

  8. Hope sweet Drew feels better soon! Holly, do you know a good resource for the buffalo check wallcovering and a name for the pattern? I’m ready to buy it now! 🙂 And I dont need much for my small area.

  9. More photos, PLEASE!!! Love seeing these beautiful homes! Çan’t wait to see the finished results!

  10. Julie Schock says

    OMG!!! Love that checked wallpaper and giant mudroom — so jealous! Love the character of all the houses you saw and that area of Cincinnati is to die for! What a great trip you had!!
    Hope your son is feeling better soon. Wishing him a speedy recovery and lots of ice cream!

  11. What a mudroom…I love it and the Sears and Roebuck house!!

    Hope your little guy is feeling better. xo

  12. Love all the pics!! Sending get well wishes for Drew!! Xo, Rachel

  13. So much charm!
    Hope your boy is feeling better 🙂

  14. Laura Jenkins says

    Is “Tea Chest” the correct name of that wallpaper in the bath? I have used “Providence” before and it is soooo similar…can’t wait to see the rest of the photos from your trip!

  15. Oh Holly! I love that mudroom and have always loved the dining room you did for her. Start making mental notes 🙂 We start construction in 9-10 short months!!!!

  16. Best wishes for your son. So glad you were able to visit our beautiful city. Oh my, that wallpaper is fantastic. The mudroom is just perfect. I have been considering wallpaper in a few spots but was afraid of tiring of it. I am placing an order for a few samples today thanks to your inspiring photos. Have a lovely Sunday, Pam

  17. That is a great sunroom and both homes I’m sure have great character and will be fun to work in. Hope your son is feeling better soon.

  18. Hope the tonsil recovery is complete! 🙂 I love all the rooms! I have been searching for 2 small chests/dressers to go next to the bed in my master. Any ideas where I can find something similar? Not looking to be too matchy but the bed is tall and would dwarf any nightstands.

  19. The wall paper is actually Providence from Thibaut.

    Only needed to correct it since I searched high and low , it is lovely with the honey oak cabinet that I generally dislike. Makes it look wonderful.

  20. Do you have anymore pics of this house and or mud room? I’m in love!

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