Curious Details + strep throat

WOW…we have been sick.  So sick we had to cancel a superhero party.  That is a sad kind of sick.  But my little superhero was a good man about it and we are going to pick up with celebrating another time.  His teacher and friends were so kind about it and he is finally well (knock on wood) so that is all that matters.  Then mama got it, bad. Really bad.  Like I had to call a friend to drive me to Urgent Care one morning.  Let me tell you it DOES take a village when mama gets sick.  Especially when Daddy doesn’t feel great either.  Thank you to friends and parents and Aunt Kim for helping us out.  I am finally on the mend and Henry seems to be avoiding it all! Keep us in your prayers.

SO, blogging has not been a big priority.  Thank you to my patient clients for waiting for replies and designs. I am on the mend and will be back in the saddle ASAP! In the meantime I want to share some beauty with you from Curious Details, one of my favorite blogs and designers!  Becki Griffin is a kindred spirit and I am so proud to call her friend! I know I have blogged about her gorgeous office before but her photography just stuns me so go back and catch up on her blog if you aren’t a regular.

{I love this recent post she did on styling one shelf area in three different ways!}

She is a class act and so talented.  She got some great shots at Round Top and a funky cool video at the Magnolia Pearl booth! Check it out! And Becki makes a guest appearance in the Down the Road show video from Round Top that my friends and I made…hope to share that very soon! And thanks Becki for letting me share your are proof beauty can and does bloom in the suburbs!

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  1. Oh strep throat is AWFUL! I feel for all of you! When I get it, it hits me like a truck…fine one minute and running fever and miserable the next. Do they still give you guys shots (the horrible one that hurts like heck!) Beautiful styling above,and I love all the things on each of the shelves. I will go check out her blog. Hope you can hold your party soon.

  2. Keep on the mend. Strep is terrible and challenging to get out of a house. Off to check out Becki’s blog.

    (Have some chicken soup.

  3. I’m slowing my life down and plan to make reading a priority again. I loved your style when the old me wanted to work with you. The new me loves your style and still wants to work with you. I need a project now! I’m glad you’re feeling better. You’re seriously the cat’s meow, Holly Mathis!

  4. So glad everyone is feeling better! Love to the superhero and his little brother (and mom and dad, too)!!!

  5. Thank you sweet Holly for sharing my work with your fabulous readers. You inspire us all with your beautiful talent and generous spirit!

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