Living room updates

Before the holiday decoratorions take over I wanted to share a few updates in our living room.  Some of you asked to see more after the sneak peak from the Texas Live Magazine shoot. This is how it looked back in 2005 for the Better Homes & Garden feature.

I loved it like this but it was time for change, over the years most things have gone other places.  The final big change was the beloved black rug leaving recently.  It was time but I did love that rug.  The sofa is still the same, just new slipcover. And that needs an update as well. I don’t know if  I can let go of the white slipcover look, in a smaller house it just looks so good but with boys it may be inevitable to go darker.  For now its the same, the gobs of pillows hide the stains! But yes they are usually in the floor!

I’ve actually already changed pillows some and that apothecary lamp is from college..finally got a new bronze one when the RL lamps invaded Marshalls!

Doing the gallery wall over the sofa took a long time to actually commit to…i love gallery walls but i have one in my bedroom and up the stairs…its a lot of stuff.  But I love it.

I added this mirror after Round Top in the spring..there is a great dealer with these french mirrors near Excess! It was a splurge for me but its what this area has needed for a long time.

I replaced the rod and toile drapes as well.  This print is a vintage polished cotton (no not linen..ha!) french toile, I found it at a great price, it was probably printed in the 70s.  I replaced the wood painted rod finally too with this metal rod. I like it so much better.  The first toile drapes I made myself in my 20s…I was ready for properly pleated drapes but I wouln’t give up the idea of red toile.

The original blue prints from our house give so much color.  I am glad I finally framed them, they are dated 1941 and are just really interesting.  The piece of vintage fabric (actually a commemorative toile type print of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation!) is something my husband found on ebay for me.  The Union Jack is framed in a inexpensive IKEA frame…..its from a bunting we bought at an antique market on a trip to London years ago..its old and dirty and I love it. There are a couple of reproduction lithographs and an antique one or two also from a trip to England.  And of course a silhouette of my oldest. I have Henry’s silhouette somewhere else.  I know I should probably hang them together but I have various versions so I am okay with just one here… I love the graphic punch it gives.

And a closeup of the table between the wing chairs.  I love these shell boxes and old silver ones too.  This table is usually covered in legos or army men.

More pillow details here..this is an old Christmas photo actually. I love the betwixt pillows mixed with the grainsack, ticking and toile.

 Some of these photos are by me but clear shots are from Natalie Lacy Lange…she is amazing.

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  1. I love your style and new livng room look. I have a question about books on your bookshelf. Do you leave the dust jackets on them, or do you remove them? I’m not wild about the new monochromatic look of putting the books in backwards so the white paper shows. So what’s your preference? Any suggestions are appreciated.

  2. Wow, that first image doesn’t even look like the same home! So fun that those are the actual, original blue prints! :)Rachel

  3. Your changes look so fresh and current. Framing blue prints is a fabulous idea! I love, love, love your collection of pillows : )

  4. I love it! The new slipcover and rug give the room a fresh, new look and the gallery wall is perfect! Would you mind to share the paint color? It’s gorgeous and such a great neutral color. Thanks, Julia

  5. Holly, I’m so in love with your house!

  6. I actually have that picture from BH&G torn out & in my inspiration binder! I see that my style has progressed in a similar fashion as yours. I just love the fresh look, especially the British inspired items on the gallery wall.

  7. wow! the first new pic of your living room – i thought that was an “inspiration” pic from a magazine! i swear to you! your room is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love everything, esp. the curtains. wow. wow. just love it.

  8. Your updates are amazing Holly! I absolutely love the combo on your sofa and the gallery wall! Those blue prints just make the wall, without a doubt. And oh your drapes. Sigh…

  9. carol jane says

    So pretty. Did you change the wall color as well? What is the color?

  10. your rug is in good hands!! LOVE the updated look in your house. tons of treasures everywhere 🙂

  11. I love your living room! You do a great job… and no one would ever be able to tell you have young boys it looks so polished and neat!

  12. I love all of it! You are so talented, my friend!

  13. Gorgeous!

  14. i LOVE the changes that you made. of course, i loved it before too! these are just great ideas to freshen up a room. i love it all! and love you.

  15. I love seeing photos of your home! It’s so cozy and inviting! I was wondering where you purchased your slipcover? Unless you have a PB or Ikea sofa. I have a sofa that needs a slipcover and yours looks really nice, so I was hoping it’s off the shelf? 🙂

  16. I love it Holly! Especially the blue prints! How cool!

  17. LOVE IT!

  18. Your living room is amazing!!! I love every little detail. To all your readers, Holly helped me with my previous home,and she is helping me with my current home. She is awesome!! You will love her style and your home.

  19. Oh wow 2005 looks awesome and 2012 looks AMAZING! Doesn’t even look like its the same place at all. Where did you get the union jack frame art? I’m looking for something like this!

  20. I love both versions so much. One is more cozy and one is more fresh, but both are YOU! Love it! The new mirror looks fabulous layered and flanked with topiaries. xoxo!

  21. whoops, just asked about the rods in your latest post and found my answer here, thanks dear you are a lifesaver.

  22. Your new space is really lovely! I really like all your pillows, but I have to wonder, how do you sit down on your sofa? 🙂

  23. Lori Leopard says

    Are those slip covers on the arm chairs? I just inherited an arm chair (queen anne, perhaps) and I plan to recover it. For now, I just want to be rid of the unsightly gold, velvet type fabric. Where can one find nice slip covers for this type of chair?

  24. I love your style. Was wondering if that is a slipcover on the wingback and if so, where did you find it?

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