Marburger Blogger party + San Antonio report

Are any of you going to the blogger event at Marburger Farm tomorrow…in conjunction with Round Top Antiques Week?  I hope to be there!

{these photo cracks me up} photos from Marburger blog..good luck with your shopping!  Drive carefully.

And as promised, a few photos from  mySan Antonio trip…super fast trip but I love that city and my clients that live much fun. I did not get photos at Bigmama’s house for several reasons.  It was raining and bad light.  Also the Texas Aggies were playing  on the tv and I didn’t want to ask too much of her with that going on.  Three, her handsome husband and sweet daughter were there and they would have thought me nuts.  Caroline was already questioning me about safety issues related to my placement of certain accessories.  Also Bigmama has holes in her walls…looks like someone has been there with a machine gun and then spackled. That is what happens when you have to “shoot insulation” into the solid wood walls of and old house.  She is not thrilled with the look of the holes but the painters are coming soon and it will be warmer this winter (or keep the air conditioning in,  however you look at it).  I will be back there in January to see her new paint and built-ins and slipcovers. I promise to get photos then.

In the meantime I have to share with you this house I visited in Boerne, Texas, near San Antonio.  This home has the true Texas “Hill Country” style and I am thrilled to be working on it.  As you can see its already got so many neat things going on…gorgeous stone work and other features and I am just helping to freshen.  One of my favorite things in the home is their collection of shed horns from their ranch in South pretty grouped all together. I lovehow God created these animals to shed their horns..amazing to me.

Oh and I nearly cried when I saw and the kitchen cabinets and sink…I love the cabinet hardware nearly as much as the sink.

Once we finish with drapes and freshening, I will show you more. One last shot of their “dog house”  check out the tile and cute..this was not styled at all just wanted to share this fab idea of putting a dog area under the stairs! Great idea Natalie!

 Some of you have asked about our dog  that I mentioned earlier in the summer.  That did not work out because little lab puppy turned out to be big Great Pyrenees dog when taken to the Vet…luckily the boys didn’t know about it yet and big dog went to live with someone who could properly train and raise him…a GP is just too big for my home and budget but so


But one day we will get a dog and y’all will be the first to know..In fact, the dog that sleeps under these stairs really has me wanting a lab…She is so sweet.

Y’all have a great week!

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  1. Yay! Holly we loved having you on Saturday!! You have helped us discover a whole new love of our living room again. I can’t wait to see what evolves as you help us spruce things up. So glad you like the dog room too. XOXO!

  2. I LOVE the dog area! That’s an amazing idea… how fun. So much better than the big metal crate. My girls are 13 and 10, so I don’t think they’d appreciate it much but I’m pinning this one for the future.

  3. Oh, to have a little room for our dog. So cute!

  4. So sad to miss Marburger. Can’t wait to see what you find-have a blast. I Love Natalie’s cabinets and sink, can’t wait to see more.

  5. I am broken hearted to miss Marburger. Post lots of pics! I attempted to shop through the monsoon on Saturday, but we were mostly just trying to stay dry.

    Sadly, we had to fly back today. Enjoy!!!

  6. “Maybe” on Marburger…if I can get it together by tomorrow morning!

  7. Holly,
    Hopefully I will see you tomorrow. A quick note, I did a post about the Myrtle Topiary you are selling and sent everyone your way.

    See you in Round Top or drive-thru,
    Green Acres

  8. sounds like fun! unfortunately i will be fulfilling my soccer mom duties tonight 😉 ~becky

  9. Labs are beautiful sweet dogs my daughter has two. But they shed a lot and they have a crazy tail. My poor grand daughter who is 2 yrs old has to sit down to keep them from knocking her down when I come to visit.

  10. that dog room is just asking for a little black dog named harry. and a wizard theme. i know you didn’t read them but you get the idea.

  11. I love that dog area, especially since a Lab sleeps there. Best dogs ever! I think that’d make a great birthday for your sons upcoming bday! ha ha. Love that sink too… makes me weak in the knees.

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