More living room

I found a few more living room pictures from the day of the shoot so I thought I would share.

Finally a wide shot that shows the TV armoire, a great old pine piece. Small rooms like this are so much easier to fill than big ones.  But they can feel crowded with toys and company too so there is an up and down side.  But this is my fave room in the house I think.

I like this picture because it reflects my blue and white on top of the pine armoire.

I love this little painting, by a talented woman in Louisiana named Sheryl Campbell, her daughter Melisse is my friend from the Round Top show I have mentioned before.  They are the nicest family and have wonderful things too!

My blue and white is a print of old and new.  An upclose of the drapery fabric!

Toile, blue and white, little paintings and boxes and big baskets…my favorite things for sure!

 Even though yes little hands do move them.

And stools..I love little stools, big ottomans…any size! The kids love them too.

BTW my husband said I got the history wrong on the framed fabric…IT IS King George IV’s coronation not Elizabeth. He was crowned in 1936.

I love the little bamboo table you can see in this shot… a gift from my friend Christi at the Brown Shed.  She has the best stuff! You can also see the slip gets lots of washings. Someone asked last time if it was PB and its not, custom from Michelle Fritz of MAKE, a local and talented talented lady!

Thanks for letting me share a bit more.  What is your favorite room in your house?

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  1. The drapes are gorgeous! Our living room is about the same size. I love the cozy factor, but as you said, it can seem croweded when company is over and kids are running around. However, I can say that our friends never complain and we always have a good time. Love the way you have put your home together!

  2. A M A Z I N G!!

  3. beautiful!

  4. Oh Holly,
    I love Michelle (I just had lunch with her at Shannon’s), she’s THE BEST! All my slipcovers were made by Michelle, she has even made all my lamp shades and OMG they are FABULOUS. I get the most compliments over her lampshades, she is incredibly talents beyond words. I’ll have to do a blog post strictly on all of Michelle’s creations – slipcovers, lampshades, bedding, pillows…I could go on and on. We are so lucky to have her living in our area.

    * Your fam room is beautiful.

    Have a Fab Weekend,
    Green Acres
    Instagram: TikaaC

  5. Beautiful, Holly! You have such an inviting home. If I came there, I might stay 🙂

  6. Holly I love your living room. It is absolutely stunning. I am not normally a fan of patterned draperies but I think those drapes make the room. They are just lovely! Well done!

  7. Rachel Spin says:

    Oh how I love that little red stool.

  8. I’m so glad you love mom’s painting Holly! It looks beautiful in your home! xoxo Melisse

  9. It all looks so fantastic, Holly! Cozy, classy and comfortable…just like all of your design work.

    My favorite room in my home is my living room you helped me decorate! Of course, I still have a few details to finish but it is so much cozier than it used to be. Thanks for your help!

  10. The mirror above the fireplace is so beautiful.

  11. It’s gorgeous Holly! I love the blue prints, your blue & whites on top of the armoire … whole thing but man do those draperies really make the room sing. I am ….. almost ready to install my panels. Any good tips on where to find think black rods like the ones you have here? Thanks Holly.

  12. It’s so great! I love how it’s both warm and cool if that makes any sense. And I love that it’s so collected. Love the drapes and the slipcovered chair with the knife pleats and the collection of blue and white porcelain. This is my kind of room!

  13. The living room, like every room in your house is beautiful Holly! That is so cool that you have the blue prints for your home. What a great idea to frame them! Thanks for providing such great inspiration!

  14. Holly, what a cozy home you have! I really like your little three-legged stool. About how tall is it? My dad is a furniture maker, and I tend to ask for a new stool each winter. I’d love for him to make a copy of yours. Thank you!

  15. This room is gorgeous! For me it’s your punch of red and blue and patterns…color seems so absent in many of the rooms we see these days. Love it all! I laughed at your comment about your husband correcting you. Too funny! I so wish we had a person around here who makes slipcovers. They would be in constant demand if they were here in middle Georgia. My favorite room in our house is not “in” the house. It is our screened porch, and we are loving it this time of year. Here is a recent post showing it:

  16. All of the fabrics in the living room are gorgeous! Love the ginger jars.

  17. i LOVE so much about this room!!

  18. Beautiful room! What is the paint color that you have on your walls?

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