The Down the Road Show

Last week during the Round Top Antique show, I had the opportunity to film a little web-TV pilot at Marburger Farm for Texas Live!  Texas Live Magazine is a regional publication that is also developing an online presence with the Texas Live Network.  “Down the Road” is a show produced by Clover Carroll starring he and his darling wife, Rachel.

We met up at Marburger to a explore and discuss a bit about the Round Top Antiques experience, interview Rachel Ashwell at a book-signing and attend the Marburger blogger party.  We had a blast.  Even if the Martha Stewart crew did keep getting in our way..ha!

Was I nervous, YES..not talking about Round Top or why I love it or what items were good buys etc..oh no, I was nervous about appearing on camera.  It’s one thing to blog but to be on camera?!  So I really tried to just trust God with this latest adventure and do what I know in my heart He created me to do, look for and point others to beauty in the decorative arts and help create homes.

Working with my friends Rachel and Clover Carroll (they are expecting their third child soon if you hadn’t notice;;) couldn’t have made my step of faith in front of the camera any more easier or fun …

Thank you guys for your hard work and belief in what I do.

So stay tuned..this may never make it on the Texas Live Network (and don’t even mention HGTV in the comments) BUT it has been fun to stick my toe in the water and we will see what happens DOWN THE ROAD.  I will keep you posted!

(Top image by James Pharaon Creative) iphone snapshots by moi.


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  1. I just want to go on record how awesome I think it is that you have a picture of Clover not just holding… but wearing your purse.

  2. Way to go Holly! I have to tell you…I stopped at Honey + Home last week when I was passing through Waco. I bought lots of the pretty Cavallini paper and did a section in my laundry room. I love it! What a fun store. They gave me a copy of Texas Live Magazine. Your new home updates are amazing! Thank you for your inspiration.

  3. ha! its a MURSE..actually its the latest fall pattern from Vera B and it looks really cute on him!

  4. you look GORGEOUS!!!!!

  5. Well, slap my Granny’s grits!! In the not too distant past I saw Mr. and Mrs. Clover when they were Back At The Ranch and performing in Westcliffe, CO. Awesomely talented and downright nice people.

  6. Wow, superstar!!! You look so pretty, Holly!

  7. Nadine that is them! Arent they an awesome show?? Now they are having kids and leading worship at our church..they still do a great road show too! you can see them on youtube here with my friend Matthew Menke..they are all great musicians and people!

    this one is really good!

  8. Yay!!! God I bet it was hot!! Good for you!

  9. you look fabulous, Holly! How fun!

  10. I love it!! You look great!

  11. So exciting!! You look beautiful!! So happy for you!!!!! Keep us posted.

  12. Mr Rachel's Husband says

    A Murse- A.K.A. Man Purse. Popular in France and in other geographic areas where men wear capris and other women’s clothing.

  13. Mary Catherine says

    Holly, that is so exciting…congratulations! You look fabulous!

  14. I love that you are doing what God made you to do! xoxo!

  15. Very very cool. 😉

  16. Holly,
    Cute bag, I bought the same pattern for my daughter. She loves Vera. How precious is Rachel and so tiny and preganant, could she be more adorable.
    I bet y’all had a great day, can’t wait to watch.

    Green Acres
    instagram: TikaaC

  17. Wahoo! Good for you! You look beautiful in the photos and I can only imagine how wonderful you were. Wish I were able to see it.

  18. Now that you have your first camera experience, the next time it will be easier. Just do you best to think of the camera as a friend.

    Hope your video makes the cut.

  19. You look fabulous. You should not be afraid of the camera.

  20. Doreen Moore says

    So fun! Holly, you and Rachel are both so adorable. I love you both! I love what you said how you want to “do what I know in my heart He created me to do, look for and point others to beauty in the decorative arts and help create homes.”

  21. You must have had so much fun doing this. You and Rachel are both precious and adorable! I love your website/blog!

  22. You must have had so much fun doing this. You and Rachel are both precious and adorable! I love your website/blog!

  23. So stinkin’ proud of you!

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