Christmas is coming!

I am getting the bug to decorate and listen to Christmas music and order Christmas jammies for my boys!  I was going to post some Thanksgiving snapshots but I think it’s full steam ahead.

You know you live in a warm climate when Christmas decorations include plans for outdoor dining!

 I even ordered some plaid melamine plates for use outdoors!! Plates from (very fast and easy)

Mini buckets from IKEA.

I love these three little trees.  Reminds me of this wonderful book (thanks Lynn M for giving this to use years ago!) Mini bucketts from IKEA.

The table was sourced through my friend Christi at The Brown Shed, she finds the best pieces!

Hope y’all have a great week as your prepare your homes and HEARTS for this wonderful time of the year!

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  1. This looks wonderful and so festive! Love the red chairs, the table, soon-to-be plaid plates, mini trees, white lights and natural decs. Simple and great!

    Wish you could come help me with my house! 🙂

  2. Those red tolix chairs are fabulous!!! So pretty for Christmas!

  3. Love the look of that little tree in the last photo…for inside, right? can you tell us what kind tree to use and where you found it?
    LOVE a simple Christmas!!

    thanks so much! stephanie

  4. I love your porch. Such a great space. The trees, the lights, the buckets, the chairs, the table… love it all. You have a gift to make everything so inviting. xo

  5. you know I LOVE to see your christmas decor
    your porch is perfectly charming!!!
    off to pin 😉

  6. You know I like those chairs…So excited about my new red tolix chairs, can’t wait to put them to good use. Wink, wink.

    instagram: TikaaC

  7. super nice!

  8. “prepare your homes and HEARTS” I love the reminder to prepare my heart, too!
    Everything is looking amazing! Your porch is absolutely inviting…and plaid plates…wow!

  9. So beautiful! I LOVE outdoor dining and living spaces, but I never think to decorate those for Christmas. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. Saw the image of your porch on Pinterest and LOVE it. Clicked on it not even knowing it was you! xoxo!

  11. LOVE the trees in buckets. OH, and the table and red chairs… all of it!!

  12. Your porch is gorgeous!! You just always know what awesome things to mix together. Your talent is amazing!!! Love simple decorations.xoxo

  13. I absolutely love your porch! I live in a warm climate also and recently bought a vacation fixer-upper we are working on to rent out next summer in the wine country. Although, not as cute as your porch, there is a covered area that would look lovely staged the way you did.
    I am in love with your red Tolix chairs. Where did you find them? I have plans for stringing lights and hanging a commercial pendent too. You have inspired me! ~Delores

  14. I LOVE those chairs. OMG how did you find that many?!?!

  15. where did you get the baby trees?

    i do like your chairs.

  16. LOVE your style! Could you tell me where you ordered your plaid plates from? Look foward to your blog everyday…so inspiring. Thanks so much!

  17. LOVE your style! Could you tell me where you ordered your plaid plates from? Look foward to your blog everyday…so inspiring. Thanks so much!

  18. Holly

    Those tolius chairs with the tartan plates are to die for! Love it!

  19. Oh my goodness! This is the most awesome Christmas porch decor I have seen! I am in love with those chairs and I love your little trees too. I love that you use color. I am one of those people that never got rid of my color palette in opt for white. I love all things white and the beauty of that decor, but my heart is in the color. I hope you have a wonderful time decorating for the holidays!

  20. LOVE the trees…. LOVE the red chairs, LOVE the Monogrammed Plaid plates……….. LOVELY!!!

  21. I love your outdoor holiday decor especially those red chairs and the trees and those plates! It’s all very charming! Have a blessed holiday!

  22. Your table is so cute! I love the plates, I just ordered some plaid wrapping paper for my gifts this year!

  23. Love! Love! Love! The rustic table with the red chairs and plaid plates is just perfection! You do all things so well, Holly! I’d feel right at home!

  24. Are those plates really $24.95 each ???

  25. Lovely! Great style. Do you happen to know the name of the style of those chairs? I’ve looked for those everywhere but I don’t know how to look them up.

  26. I LOVE the chair… they’re just perfect. where did you get them?

  27. I absolutely love this entire space! Great job.

    Where did you find those red chairs?

    Thank you for your time!!!


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