Cozy holiday room

Many of my clients are scurrying to finish their decorating projects and be ready for kids coming home for college to visit and/or relatives as well. Some rooms need to still feel like “the old room” for the college kid but used for guests too.  I think this room is a perfect example of that.  The house is actually new and this young man never really lived in it and collected his childhood things so it was easy to just give a nod to his stage in life and interests (he is studying abroad in England next year thus the tube sign and maybe a union jack!) without being too college like for guests.

1. Boxwood wreath, available from various sources 2. Subway art available from Restoration Hardware kids or various shops on etsy 3.  Linen shams from Restoration Hardware 4. Plaid blanket (not just a throw but comes in Full, Queen etc) from Lands End and on sale!  5.  Accent pillows from Egg Press at Schoolhouse Electric 6. Duvet and shams from West Elm 7. Another accent pillow option from Schoolhouse Electric

I am encouraging her to collect some loving cups and vintage team photos for the room as well but that will take time.  And that is okay. Collections take time and money, don’t feel rushed.  All guests really need is a cozy bed, mirror, chair and your hospitality!

We don’t have art for over the bed yet so we are ordering a big square boxwood wreath.  I love these wreaths. Can’t wait for mine to be deliver and may even have a few to offer for sale.  In fact, it seems I have talked to a lot of clients and others that are moving into new homes or across country right now before the holidays.  That can be so stressful. I suggest not scrambling to make everything finished if you don’t have time.  Leave the artwork and other things you have  boxes or in closets until you know they will work in the new house.   I suggest you simply go buy big fresh wreaths (from local sources or you can find online that deliver quickly) to hang on a blank wall or over mantle. Or do a big advent calendar on a blank wall! I am doing this one and can’t wait to get it up.

Advent Calendar Bags - 12 Days of Christmas- Red Stitching - 12 Numbered Bags - 3" x 4" - Free US Shipping

  I can’t stress enough my love of big, simple, fresh and non stressful decorations.

Above from my Christmas tour last year. And below from Martha.

Have a great week!


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  1. Holly, we are in the stage of life you just described. Moved this past summer into a new house. Our oldest son will probably never live here – he’s a senior in college. I’m trying to make the room that I call his be friendly to all but with reminders of him. I don’t think I ever want to have a room that isn’t Spencer’s…he’s my baby after all. 🙂 You’ve included great ideas as always!

  2. Forget the guest room I want this in MY room!! Really lovely and masculine enough for Ryan. West Elm is having a sale today, I want a king sized bed, it’s all coming together!! 🙂

  3. I love your style. I really do. Have a wonderful day!

  4. lee ashley says:

    What a great post – we are slowly getting our master bedroom together and the wreath idea sounds like a good way to make it feel homey but without having to “finish” the room right away. And I LOVE me some vintage trophies…

  5. Janice Ratliff says:

    Love the look of greenery! Tree is up but not decorated…… and I bought
    wreaths at Sam’s and took off the tacky fake holly. Love the plain!!
    Are you doing the holiday home tour again?? I am looking forward to it!! xoxo

  6. I love the soothing colors and cozy textures. Now I want to change my own bedroom for winter! Great inspiration as always!

  7. Great bits of advice on not rushing things or putting pressure on yourself to have the whole look ready at once. I’m not a big crafter over the holidays because I’m too buys with cards (who am I kidding? I’m not a big crafter anytime of year!), but that last idea with the embroidery hoops and greenery looks do-able! It’s on my short list. xoxo!

  8. Found you through following a Pin on Pinterest. I’ve been reading some of your recent posts. They’re great! I’m a new follower.

    Looking forward to reading more.

  9. This is so beautiful! I love your ideas for a holiday guest room and I’m with you on the fresh, natural decorating. It is the best!

  10. What a wonderful post!! You know my decorations will be simple this year. Girl, I think I need a vintage trophy for the study. ha!!

  11. not sure how i missed this post. maybe i was dancing with mickey mouse. 🙂 anyway, love everything. so, so much. l-o-v-e. the plans for the rooms, your advent bags, all of it. xo

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