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Wow is Christmas really just a week away?? Time is flying?  We keep falling behind on our Advent calendar and Jesse ornaments. The days are just passing so fast. This Saturday I did take our oldest to see the Nutcracker at Festival Hill in Round Top!

He and his buddies thought it was a bit girly but they did admit they liked the rats! Festival Hill is such a neat place. I love how they incorporated the Texas star in various places.

Back at home.

I am still wrapping, who am I kidding, I am still shopping too.  It’s just all snuck up too fast this year like I said. But it’s okay it’s okay!  I did finally get the Nutcrackers out.

 They stayed on this shelf maybe 30 minutes now they are toys in the floor.  Again its okay. Usually the bottlebrush trees become toys too but this year they have stayed in place so far.

{Ho Ho Ho}

Have a great week and enjoy the little things!

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  1. You are far ahead of me girl! Everything look festive and fun at your beautiful home. Love the bottlebrush trees with your white pieces. School finally gets out here today so I can maybe get a handle on the shopping and wrapping (and blogging!) tomorrow.

  2. Oh how much fun going to see the Nutcracker! I love that your son and his friends” found it a bit girly but they did admit they liked the rats!” Too cute! I always loved going ot Round Top when I liven in Austin. It is such a magical place to be especially at Christmas. I hope you and your family have a wonderful last week before Christmas!

  3. your hutch looks soooo pretty! love the bottle brush trees + advent bags + nutcrackers!! our bottle brush trees are a popular play item here too. usually I have them in another spot, out of reach, but this year i moved some things around. thankfully C is leaving the manger scene alone, which is also within reach for the first time. hope the boys are feeling better!! xoxo

  4. I agree that this season is whizzing by way too fast! We missed out on the Nutcracker this year, but I adore it-we play the music over and over. Our Nutcrakers are also used as toys, and in true Nutcracker style, most are broken in one way or another. My girls can’t get enough of Nutcrackers =)

  5. Glad you’re all feeling better and getting in the spirit of Christmas!
    What a cute pic of you and your son! Maybe it’s a good thing he thought it was girlie…my friend’s football player built son wanted to become a dancer after that. 😀 Yes…he did take lessons for a while…football won out in the end.
    And…I love the “HO” – I must do that next year!
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Ek, I am glad I am not the only one still shopping! I actually got a great head start this year … but then fell off the wagon. Every year I say it will be different! Every. Year!

  7. merry christmas my friend!!

  8. Where are your nutcrackers from? Love those!

    Also, so glad to hear you took your son to see the Nutcracker. I’ve got boys and have thought it would be nice to take them sometime when they’re a little bit older. Glad I’m not the only “boy mom” that thinks it’s a good idea!

  9. And, my girls hate the rats when we see the Houston Nutcracker (but they do like meeting them at intermission). I let them each pick a nutcracker when we go to the Nutcracker ballet; its a great tradition.

  10. I just picked up the January issue of Good Housekeeping…because you are in it! I will probably save it to read after Christmas. Because I still have presents to wrap and some catching up on our Jesse ornaments, too! It’s ok, it will all happen, we’re having fun! I love your photo’s on this post, as always. Merry Christmas!

  11. Everything looks so beautiful!!! So sweet that you took Drew to the Nutcracker. We are going to Nola this Saturday to see the Nutcracker. Oh, love the Ho in your kitchen. So creative!!

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