A perfect love

I don’t know about you but when I was a teenager and even in college, Valentine’s was an emotional day.  Either amazing or awful.  Seems silly now but it was very real then.  Oh the drama.


Now as a parent and adult my feelings and knowledge about perfect love and real love and agape, philo and eros and are so much better and grounded.  Thank you Lord for at least a little growth!;;


I know now that only

Perfect love


Cast out all fear 1 John 4:18


And that

He has  given me a spirit of power and love and sound mind. Not fear. {2 Tim 1:7}

In a time of school shootings, high infidelity and divorce rates and general unpleasantness, I am so thankful for perfect love that only comes from above.

On a lighter note, I am also thankful for my felt heart banner from this etsy shop.  And my tiny boxwoods, from where else but Tiny Boxwoods! It’s the little things right mamas??

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  1. Isn’t it so awesome to be on this side of love rather than the other as a teenager or college student? I was just thinking the other day of how way back when in the sorority dorms all the girls would get flowers and those who didn’t just seemed so sad. I was one of those girls a least one Valentine’s Day. All that seemed so imortant then, but has really changed as a wife and mother who does know more than incidental puppy love. To those though in the mix of puppy love, it’s the real deal and it can wound the fragile spirit of those sweet young ladies and gentlemen.
    Love those boxwoods! They always make me happy. I hope your weekend is full of fun times and lots of love!

  2. wonderful sentiments.
    I so agree about the little things…and speaking of little things, may I ask where you got that gorgeous striped ribbon?

    Heather @ GreenWay Home

  3. Hi Heather..i love that ribbon too.i have it in three colors! I ordered it wholesale but i know a friend got some on etsy in the FROG GOES TO MARKET store…maybe i should carry it in my new store???

  4. Perfect words said so sweetly! Love love the boxwoods!

  5. So true! Where did you find your awesome red chairs? I LOVE them.

  6. I so know what you mean about love. Now, as a wife and mother, I want to celebrate the love I feel for everyone in my life, not just romance, on Valentine’s Day. I want it to be a special day for everyone.

    The fabric in the guest room is beautiful. I love the colors and those vintage circus prints are a perfect compliment. And I too love those old soda crates. My dad worked for Pepsi so we have quite a few of them around the house. 🙂

  7. It is the little things……….

  8. And huge Amen and a thankful Hallelujah for the perfect love that casts out all fear…and the peace that passes all understanding. Thank God for growing up in the wisdom and knowledge of all of His extraordinary benefits! Love these posts, Holly!

    En Agape,

    Victoria in Texas

  9. Such pretty pictures and nice thoughts. You seem so sweet and genuine! Anne

  10. love your heart. love that sweet little banner. love you. xo

  11. Love your red chairs! Where are they from? I LOVE your style…we’re building a new house right now (and we just moved across the country and had to get rid of all our stuff), so I’m starting from scratch. I love looking at your blog for ideas– your house so charming!

  12. Absolutely gorgeous. The banner and plants are so simply adorned but just make the perfect statement. Pinning for the future.


  13. I am so in love with the heart banner and the boxwoods and your heartfelt words.

    I am SO glad that I have a clearer understanding of perfect love….oh to know then what I know now. Thankful he is our redeemer.

  14. When I saw those little plants, I wondered if you got them at Tiny’s/Thompson&Hanson and sure enough, you did!

    I, too, am thankful for perfect love from God! It makes living in this crazy world easier, doesn’t it?

  15. Holly, you write and decorate so beautifully!! What a wonderful gift!! And, you are the sweetest person too! Happy Monday!!

  16. Beautiful images and true words.

  17. I love your blog for all your wonderful decorating ideas. You remain one of my top 5 bloggers of all time! I’ve been following you since your home was featured in BHG sooo many years ago. I really appreciate your words about God’s love. Good to see your heart.

  18. I love everything about this post! <3 Happy Valentine's Day to you and your fam~!

  19. Dear Holly,
    Thank you for your biblical verses. They strengthened a sad heart that I have right now. Help comes in such unbelievable places. Please say a prayer for my son who is in a sorry state right now.

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