Colin Gibbins + My London Flat

I had such a fun day shopping with my new client Jennifer.  We hit some favorites…Quatrine for new slipcovers for her sofa and chairs and a stop on Persa in River Oaks at my friend Suzy’s shop, My London Flat.

Exterior of My London Flat, 2600 Persa Street.

Photo By Michael Paulsen/Staff, Houston Chronicle

I love how Suzy always has Pride & Prejudice playing on the flat screen in her she had a new Union Jack rug and books I had not seen before. She also has the best little paintings, her couture handbags and wristlets and look at those shabby flamingos!  If the Union Jack is hanging out the window when you turn down Persa St across from St. Anne’s on Westheimer (2600 Persa to be exact), then you know Suzy is open!

My London Flat is located 2600 Persa in Houston.

Photo By Michael Paulsen/Staff, Houston Chronicle

Then on to Colin Gibbins.  My client has several pieces from him and we may add another so it was pure joy to scout his authentic shop.  In the age of Pottery Barn and RH slickness it’s refreshing to go in a shop with true character.  Colin is certainly a character and his ware ooze history and charm…the real deal stuff.


I have always loved pine and see so much in one place made me very happy!


Sure the vintage red phone booths are always fun to see but I hardly cared about that once I saw the pine on the porch!


This photo below was taking inside his main little shop by the red phone booth but charming Mr Gibbons also has a warehouse just down the street where you can see more…as if this isn’t enough. Hello coffee table meant for a young family with toddlers and preschoolers that like to bang on things old and sturdy that look better and better with a little wear and tear! These pieces are hardworking and have been used and are ready for years more!


Prices you ask…Well they aren’t cheap but they are fair considering these are authentic, good quality pieces from Ireland and England.

Good day of shopping in Houston..,if you live near you must check out these places…Suzy has English and French things and Mr Gibbons has well scrubbed pine from the British Isles!

Definitely favorite things of this Texas girl!

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  1. We are moving to Houston in a few weeks (my husband just accepted a new job) from Wichita, KS. I’ve never even been to Houston before. I’ll have to make sure I check out these great shops once we get settled in! Are there places you would tell someone they must check out in Houston? I’m going from zero shopping options here to complete overload!

  2. Thanks for these great shopping ideas. My favorite place was down on Woodhead…Sherry Kelly’s Antiques. I drove down there at Christmas only to see the place all boarded up. I was soooo disappointed!!! I can’t find her anywhere. Do you happen to know if she closed down shop for good?

  3. My cousins live in Pallaskenry, Ireland. What a surprise to see that sign!!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love pine also and those are some beautiful pieces! Suzy’s shop looks like a great place.

  5. oh my goodness!!! that pine!!!

  6. My heart be still…everything Mr. Gibbins sells just sings to me!

  7. Those stores look amazing! How I wish we could shop together!!

  8. Next time I’m down there we MUST go! Fantastic!!!

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