Doggie decor

I don’t even have a dog (you may remember we nearly got one but when it turned out to be a great pyrenees we rethought that decision) so I don’t have a dog (yet, yes I know my boys need a dog;)but many of my friends and clients are bona fide dog lovers.  So I was excited when I ran across this darling little dog bed (would a cat use this bed..not sure, cat owners???)


Anyway it could  be used for any animal but I am calling it the Rufus Dog Bed in honor of my friend Rufus (my bff Camille’s cute dog)

Rufus not included.

Rufus is kind of the king around there with his cutie little dog bed prominently placed right smack under the baby grand piano!


If you think your little doggie needs a bed check out the shop here have three left and may not get more! The measurements are on the product page and it comes with the little burlap pillow.

And be sure and follow Camille’s new blog Chez Moi (she is all fancy with her blog title and all since she is a french teacher;;)..seriously she just started but I love it, probably because I love her.  I think you will too!


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  1. Good call on the Great Pyranese. They are beautiful dogs, but huge, hairy and any that I treated when I was practicing, were unfortunately very unpredictable and even quite aggressive. They are guard dogs afterall. I’d vote for a Rufus-such a cutie!! Love the dog beds. My cat is far too fickle to sleep in an ‘assigned’ bed. She prefers the comfort of my bed, or anywhere there is a sunbeam =)

  2. Rufus loves his bed AND his Aunt Holly!

  3. I guarantee you the cat would use that as a bed… they will use anything as a bed, though… including your husbands suit coat when laid on the bed. 🙂

  4. Stephanie says:

    This is so cute! I also saw a really cute dog bed at Wisteria the other day that looked like one of their chairs. My dog, unfortunately, only likes my Baker sofa 🙁

  5. Well, Rufus is just all kinds of cute!!

  6. Cute bed (and dog!). Unfortunately, my dog has “her own” chair in the family room that she sleeps on most of the time. Every now and then she will use her dog bed though. Maybe she just needs something prettier…

  7. Love this dog bed…wonder if I could DIY that in a Great Dane size. Our Gracie loves the couch so much, though, it’d be hard to get her off of it. Love her, but hate that’s her favorite place!

  8. That is the cutest dog bed I’ve ever seen!

  9. beautiful doggie beds.
    we keep ours in his little crate, so he doesn’t get into trouble while we sleep. 🙂
    he’s mischief.

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