Shopping Wisteria in Dallas

    When I was in Dallas recently for the Blissdom Conference, I FINALLY stopped in the Wisteria store in the big D!


I keep calling it the Wisteria “outlet” but I think its really just their retail store. They have a neat story, I love that they are Texans and based in Dallas!  So it’s not rock bottom outlet prices but it is a great store and they do have a large sale room in the back they call the “flea market” and I did get some great prices there.


I loved  finally seeing in person all of the products from the catalog and website…especially these new painted pieces.  Wisteria has a new collection of furniture that can be purchased in an array of new that!  I am not usually a hot pink girl but I do love this little grouping above!


But by far this little vignette below was my favorite…i have been eyeing these birds on the website and they look even better in person, especially grouped like this over the little sofa…love this look!


I was also loving their use of linen skirts/curtains everywhere on their display and cases pieces, too hide storage, to skirt their fabric cutting table… they must be fans of Holly Mathis Interiors and my skirted linen desks!;;


And here comes the blue and white, they had a great selection and the prices are reasonable in my opinion.


Nice and large and authentic looking!  Not antiques but they have a good source!


My friend Camille was with me and she was totally inspired by this book page wall…


I think she is nuts but she may be trying it at her blog to see if her husband kills her!

More fun eye candy!


They have a great book selection near this seating area and it was fun to see their bone inlay pieces in person!


Excuse the fuzzy phone pic but I love these stripe chairs and their kitchen styling was right up my alley.

Oh and they have some wonderful grainsack and stripe fabrics for purchase by the yard!  love that!


I ran out of phone power before I made it to the flea market section at back of the store but trust me, it’s work stopping and making time to explore this store and the sale room!  It is in Dallas on Mockingbird right across from Love Field!

Cute picture of the Wisteria founders and family!


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  1. So many things I see there that I love! Wish we had a store here locally to me. But that may be dangerous if it was. 🙂

  2. I love this store!! My friend bought a sunburst mirror there for $75 because the mirror was out and she had a glass company make a new mirror. Cost her about $100 total. Such a great place!

  3. Sally Andrus says:

    My bank account would take a serious hit if there was a Wisteria near me. I LOVE their catalog!!

  4. All those stripes!!!! Be still my heart. Those chairs are calling my name…and the fabrics…sigh.

  5. Oh how I just might have to travel to Texas to see all their beautiful things in person! What fun it looks like!

  6. It’s been on my bucket list!! So excited to catch a glimpse through your trip! THANKS!!! NOW I KNOW I HAVE TO GO, but interesting to hear, it’s not so much OUTLET more RETAIL.

  7. Mary Manos says:

    Love Wisteria! I go there about once a month. It’s so refreshing in comparison to so much of the heavy, dark Texas decorating. You’ll have to come back when they have their warehouse sales. GREAT prices on so many things. Check out the darling boozehound online…we bought them for all our friends for $5 (regularly $95)!

  8. Holly, I wish I had known you were there. It is literally a few miles from my house—I would have popped over to say hi. They also just had a HUGE warehouse sale a bit north of Dallas. I didn’t make it but a client did and said the prices were amazing. I feel spoiled to have it so close!

  9. Soooo jealous!!! I love Wisteria and would adore visiting there store in real life. I remember the first time I looked through their catalog I was like “now THIS is my kind of store.” I was in love. 🙂

    As far as the book page wall…I have one in my home! I love it and get all kinds of compliments on it. It’s so unique and a bit unexpected. 🙂

  10. Good news…did the book page wall AND lived to tell the tale! Dr. Kyle even LIKES it! Who knew?

  11. Lisa Frank says:

    Emily at Jones Design Co. did a book page wall and it’s so cute!

  12. They have a great warehouse sale every year and it’s amazing! I found some really great deals at the last one.

  13. That could be very very dangerous.

  14. I love wisteria..they could come to my house for their next photo shoot! Their warehouse sales are amazing…I always end up with a ton of stuff…so glad you got to see their store..

  15. Looks like so much shopping fun! I think I need to come to TX for a shopping trip with you. 🙂

  16. call me next time… i’ll meet ya at wisteria! i’m about 20 mins north.

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