I love this watercolor of my oldest…he has such a heart for his country and this sums it up, God just put it in him and we have watched it grow and grow.

Thank you Susan Woodard for taking a snapshot and turning it into something priceless for our family.

With his rebel hat on and his American flags…he staged this scene in his wellies…now he is reading WWII books…time flies! I love how this snapshot shows his little pigeon toes turning in slightly and my paint sample on the house!


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  1. I love this Holly!
    Remembering along with you.
    May this day be one of memory-making for you and your family.

  2. Oh Holly…I just love this…and I know it is priceless…thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Loved this WC- thanks for putting it back up!

  4. Holly, I love this so much. Drew is so adorable!!! And, the artist is so talented!!! Happy Memorial Day!!

  5. Elizabeth says

    I’ve bookmarked that artist before. She’s awesome! Love yours!

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