Urban Market fun


What an experience! Setting up a booth is a lot of work but a lot of fun too… especially when you get to hang out with friends!


Holly Mathis Interiors & Friends

{Kelly on left and Christi on right} We were a good combo, Kelly had small things, Christi had large pieces of furniture and I had the fluff!

Thanks goodness my sweet mom help me mark things and set up!


There wasn’t much time for styling!


Between the three of us we had SO. MUCH. STUFF.  from big tables to teeny tiny vintage trinkets!


 The big pine table went to one of my clients in Sugarland!  So glad she got it…its a great piece~


 And our booth was right next to Campbell’s Melange so we had lots of advice from Melisse’s dad on proper salesmanship and negotiating. Below you can spot the back of his head;


He is wearing his Kentucky Derby cap!


{Melisse and I after a day in the wind!}


Yes it was windy I had these cards blowing everywhere but the sunshine and nice weather were really amazing and worth the “breeze”! I still have that numbered can available, would make a great lamp, and a few black plates, some sold.

That little bamboo shelf sold right off! I had these burlap cloths made for the event but I don’t think my seamstress will work with that much burlap again for a long time…but they did turn out cute and hid our plastic totes!


I am so glad my sweet friend Kelly joined us, she is an estate sale sleuth and she had a lot of unique small things to share with everyone…you can find her shop Southern Gilt on etsy.


Watch out for her if you see her at a Houston area estate sale, she might knock you down!

I thought we were going to have some knock downs over the Union Jack banners..people love those things! God save the Queen!



Those green chairs went to the young daughter of a sweet client.  I was so glad she snapped them up! The chairs and many of the larger pieces belonged to Christi, she has an etsy shop as well as a shop in Brenham at Hermanns Furniture.


The fab Becki from Curious Details also stopped by as well as several of my clients and blog readers! Thank you to everyone that said hello and introduced yourself…it means a lot to me!

urban market

It was a fun weekend.  I don’t know if I will do it again anytime soon but I am glad I did it this show!

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  1. Thank you, Holly! And you absolutely have to do it again! You were such a ray of sunshine at the Urban Market!
    Jackie Sharbrough

  2. I’m so sorry I missed your debut. I tried to come out on Sunday, but there was Church, and meetings, and, well…I’ll definitely be there in the Fall!

  3. OMG I love that large numbered can! It would be perfect as a lamp! I have wanted something like that for a long time! Please let me know if it is still available and for how much! Thanks so much! Wish I lived closer…I’d definitely be there!

  4. I loved your card idea with pictures of your stuff…I can totally relate to your comment about “a lot of work, but so much fun”. I just did my first vintage market and even though, it was a lot of work, I think I am hooked. Your booth looked amazing by the way.

  5. It was a lovely day and I am so glad I finally got to meet you! Jack & Violet LOVE their Rufus bed 😉

  6. Oh my how FUN! Love those pictures!! We are getting ready to go to our first Home and Design Show at the end of June…so much work to do! But this post has me excited! 🙂 Lots of work I know!

  7. Oh, I wanted to come! Oh well, I’ll try again in the fall.

    Ps – You looked so cute! LOVE your necklace!

  8. Hi Holly, I was so happy to meet you on Saturday! It was like a little celebrity siting in my world 🙂 This was my first year to Urban Market and I discovered it through your blog, so thank you so much for promoting it! I wish Houston had more events like this. I will definitely be going each year now in the Spring and Fall…..already looking forward to October (next time I will bring our SUV so I can load it up with more goodies!). I loved your booth and thought that you had done a fabulous job styling. There was a little bit of everything there. Weather was perfect, the company was good, and the shops were inspirational. Looking forward to meeting you again in the fall! When I get my blog up and running, I will be sure to send you the info!

  9. how fun! wish i coud have made it…it was a great weekend to shop! congrats girly! xo nancy elizabeth

  10. What a fun day, beautiful friend!

  11. SO glad you shared photos! I can totally picture it! You are SO good at styling a booth. So good. I remember being blown away by your ideas for something simple like our Mini Design Flea. Wish I had you here to help me style a barn sale that I don’t have the motivation or energy to style! xoxo!

  12. Oh I sure hope you do it again. I hate that I did not get to go this time and see your booth!

  13. It was so nice to meet you, Holly! What a fun event, I’ll definitely be hitting this up again. Your booth was fan-stinking-tastic. Loved it. I’m still digging my purchases (the black and white plate and Delft piece), and will be sure to link them to you when I post pictures! Oh, and that necklace you had on was killer!

  14. Cate DeFiore says

    Hi Holly! What a fun way to spend a weekend. I am in love with your necklace. I actually have the same LE tunic and now I feel like I NEED the necklace too. Do you mind sharing where you found it? Thanks so much! All the best!

  15. thanks Cate…the necklace is from Jcrew!

    Shelley, It was so fun meeting you! Glad you got your delft!!!!

    LLH i thought of you!

    It was so awesome meeting everyone and making some connections!

  16. I want one of everything! Looks like you guys had some great things

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