FOUR years old

I can’t believe my little one, my youngest, my baby is now FOUR YEARS OLD.  He is a big strapping boy and certainly seems four or even older in many ways but he is still my baby!


 Happy Birthday Mr. Henry!


I don’t know if I have ever shared much about this on the blog, but we didn’t have our oldest child until we were nearly thirty.  We married young but dealt with infertility issues for many years.  Though many couples go through a more difficult journey to parenthood, the experience definetely shaped us and our faith. When Drew our oldest was born we felt so blessed and grateful.  To have ONE  wonderful boy after years of not getting pregnant was such a gift.  We really thought he would probably be it and we were okay with that. But nearly five years later when Henry arrived, I can truly say we felt our cup was running over…and boy did it!  Henry burst on the scene with so much personality and energy!

I can’t imagine our family without him and his Henry hugs! So I can’t help but get reflective at these milestones and be amazed at God’s blessings.


So we celebrated on Saturday with just a small family party (we were going to do a bigger party but got the dates mixed up and I never sent out the invites, oh well;;)…he helped sprinkles the cupcakes!


I have been hoarding these Target party supplies for a while! Poor boy will always have a red white and blue party being born in July!


Those cheeks!  I love how my mom is looking at him in this picture below my SIL snapped and I love that he has his own camera in his hand!


And finally, Mr. Handsome in his “dune buggy” Daddy bought him. I am thinking we need a helmet!


I can’t believe he will be in Pre-K in just month or so…time truly does fly!

Henry Brooks we love you and you are our precious boy! We pray you grow into a big strong man that loves God and other people. You are your own person with a big personality and lots of charm.  Lord help us shape him and train him for your glory!

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  1. so sweet! they grow up so fast, don’t they? i just threw a first birthday party for my daughter, i actually finally starting blogging because of it, and while the party had plenty of pink, i’m thinking her late june birthday will definitely have to be red white and blue next year.

    what a blessing…happy birthday, henry!

  2. Happy Birthday Henry! I can remember when you’d just had him…seems like just yesterday!

  3. How sweet…I love how Henry is holding up his 4! Looks like Henry had fun and what a great present he got!!!

  4. Just found your blog and I LOVE this nautical party! I found the cupcake toppers and lobster napkins at my local Target but they definitely didn’t have the anchor plates.

    Your little guy is adorable. Happy birthday to him!

    I do a weekly feature on nautical parties, decor, rooms, etc and would love to feature this party and your blog. If it’s ok for me to use the photos please send me an email:

  5. Adrienne says

    Henry is so precious, just like your prayer for him is :). Congratulations to all of you! Love your blog too 🙂

  6. Oh, I need a Henry hug!!! Happy birthday, sweet boy!

  7. What a cute party!! Henry is so adorable! Love his new toy. Happy Birthday cutie!!!

  8. So sweet. Times really does fly!

  9. jennifer says

    Happy Birthday precious Henry!!! I can’t believe you’re 4! Adorable and sweet – the perfect combination!

  10. Happy Birthday to your sweet Henry!! This party was beautiful! I have a little guy turning 6 this week – summer birthdays are the best (and I stocked up on the blue, red and white as well 🙂 ).

  11. Maria Rosa says

    Precious “Baby” Boy and adorable party!! I cannot believe he is FOUR!!! He was a newborn the summer you whipped up my baby’s nursery in record time…so….that means my baby will be FOUR in November!! Ahhhh…time slow down! 🙂 Hope all is well with you Holly!!

  12. So sweet and What a blessing! thanks for sharing your about your struggle. my husband and I had unexplained infertility for 8 years, but by the grace of God we’re now expecting! still feels surreal…such a gift.
    ps. those target supplies are to die!

  13. Janice Ratliff says

    Love the red, white and blue with a little twist!!! How can Henry be 4?? I see your sweet Mom in that pic!! Tell her I send my love!! xoxo

  14. Awwww…happy birthday sweet Henry! Time seriously does fly…it seems like just yesterday we were emailing and he just a baby! (Alright…so he was like 2, but still!) My Henry is sitting next to me playing and saw the dune buggy and said “woah, MOM!! Go back!!!”. It was pretty sweet. 😉

  15. Happy Birthday sweet Henry! It does go by SO fast 😉

  16. He is so adorable. time does go by so fast. I know that you are taking in every minute!

  17. Holly & Henry,

    Happy birthday sweeetie!

    You definitely look older than four. That’s great because it means you’re healthy and strong.

    Holly, you are totally spoiling him with such great designs to your party, you make every kid jealous. What really struck me was the card you got printed out with his name on it that is exactly to the theme of the party.

    Those details will last a lifetime in our memories.


  18. He is such a cutie! And what a darling party you threw. Absolutely love it!

  19. I love those cheeks! My boys had those cheeks too and when I look back at their photos I just melt. So ADORABLE, Happy belated Birthday to Henry. I just stopped by to let you know I shared your website in my post recently. If you like to see it, here’s the link.

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