Toile story

I love it when a toile tells a good story.  I was placing an order for this fabric for a client yesterday and I wanted to look closely at the scene first…No one wants anything too weird in their toile right? Well Pierre Frey includes the story of this toile on the spec sheet…



I also love how Pierre Frey shows their fabric “in situation” as duvet here!;


 And here is the same toile in another COLOURway meaning color!;;


Love me some real French toile y’all…it never gets old! Apparently in this story Virginie got tossed overboard on the way to see her Aunt..such a tragic story. But pretty fabric!


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  1. Love that there’s a story behind the toile! Oh, and up north we say colourway too 🙂

  2. That is so tragic! I love a story like that, though! I don’t think I’ll look at toile again without trying to figure out the story it’s telling. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I really love toile! It is so timeless. Interesting and sad story behind this piece.

  4. I am also a toile lover and addict! I can find a place for it anywhere! Including on the walls of my newest nursery!

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