Nana’s table


A couple of weeks ago I shared about my Thanksgiving ideas as part of the  GATHER AROUND THE TABLE campaign sponsored by West Elm.  Thanks for all of your kind really was fun to pull together.


But all of this talk about Thanksgiving tables with my own and a zillion others on Pinterest and blogs had me thinking about how realistic they may or may not be?  Gorgeous yes? But is there any place to put the actual food dishes on the table..or perhaps you serve buffet or maybe your family just does it really casual.  Either way is fine.

**more drink bar styling i played with** I love that feather bottle opener from World Market.


To try something a bit simpler, I used these Hester and Cook CAKE papers below at our son’s thanksgiving feast last week and the kids liked them (ok the girls did not sure the boys noticed) and after school I played with them on Nana’s table.


I love my mom’s table.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 8.09.50 PM

It is so rustic, it is made from old wood and salvaged legs and it goes really well with her authentic antler resin;

Here are the cute Hester & Cook paper exclusively for West Elm Market...I am going to be playing with more Hester & Cook papers for another table so I watch for more..they have so much cute stuff!


 Wooden spoons from Garnish and napkins from Jenny Steffens Hobick Home


 What do you prefer, fine china and all of the serving dishes or more casual buffet? Thanks to West Elm for sponsoring these posts.

I hope each of you have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving no matter how you celebrate, big or small.

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  1. I like a more informal table – I want everyone to feel they can just relax and enjoy dinner. And West Elm – please find me!!! I send SO many clients to your stores for business!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you lovely friend,

  2. I tend to fall somewhere in the middle… mixing everyday, informal elements with ones that we pull out for special occasions. Setting the table for Thanksgiving is on my agenda today! Love that table… it is stunning!

  3. I’m on the fence. Sometimes it’s fun to get all fancied up. But my natural inclination is toward a casual setting.

  4. I enjoy china like my grandma used. That said, we usually do casual with my family. Pretty is nice and even better when it works out and is functional, but at the end of the day we just want everyone free of dishes as quickly as possible. On the other hand using china and enduring lots of dishes is a labor of love to me, so really we mix it up. It’s not magazine worthy but it’s us and using what we’ve got. Thankful for the food and holiday is sometimes what I remind myself with all the eye candy floating around. Not always money to go by fancy things or even upscale disposable ones. Grateful for what I do have and what has been passed down to me!

  5. very well said Molly!

  6. I love it either way… it is fun to use your imagination and make it work . What I really LOVE
    is your Mom’s antler chandelier…wow! Happy Thanksgiving. xo

  7. Holly, I absolutely love the simple living you do! What a beautiful table and home-it doesn’t have to be big and glamorous to be beautiful!! Thanks for sharing this!! Happy Thanksgiving. Blessings to you and your family!

  8. Casual all the way…but not the paper plate kind of casual…the plain white dishes kind of casual. I bought service for 24 in my white plates. Your simple centerpiece is beautiful. I always wonder where people put the food on the tables with the elaborate centerpieces…

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