Sic Em’ Bears and Merry Christmas

Ahhhhh, Christmas AND football…my bears WON the Big 12…Yay Bears! Sic em’! Texans love few things more than football and Christmas fun, combine the two and it truly is the most wonderful time of the year! In fact, I had to style up a little table to celebrate;


This a sneak peek of a project I did for Restyle Source with Hester and Cook Kitchen papers. Actually I did this a while back but it sure is timely now …this project hasn’t been published  yet but will be soon on REstyle.  I recently started contributed to Restyle Source and love what they do and their mission to support local brick and mortar businesses and trade. The Restyle website features amazing rooms and homes and projects and helps connect people with the things they see and want to possibly purchase with businesses and sources in  their own hometowns or nearby.  I know it’s easy  to buy online (amazon prime i know i know) but we don’t have to buy everything online y’all…let’s support local this Christmas!



Ok so back to football. Some of our local High School teams are still in the playoffs too..that is always fun! Have I ever told y’all I was a mascot in High School?  That’s right ERNIE THE EAGLE here…and let me tell you that is a hot job for most of the “fall months” in Texas…Playoffs are really fun everyone but especially for the mascot because that costume isn’t near as hot! So fun to play football when the temps are actually cool! And with the marching band playing a Christmas carol or two.


Watch the Restyle website for more soon on this project and explore all they do…

oh and SIC EM’ BEARS 

{Football cookies by Blue Sugar Cookie Co, chalk goblet glasses from World Market}



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  1. I knew I liked you for a reason, fellow Baylor Bear right here in Katy! Never thought this day would come, I suffered through 02-06 football during my lovely time spent on Waco. Hooray!!!

  2. Absolutely adorable, Holly! My fave are the red shortening bins at the front door! Love!

  3. My daughter is a senior at Baylor! Even though it was freezing during the game, she had a blast. She reports the ceremony afterwards was very moving. Coach Briles turned off the last light in the stadium. Sic ‘em!

  4. Love the table!!! I had never ever visited RESTYLE before…just did. How exciting that you are a contributor…I saw some of your kitchen (before redo), in the home inspiration. How fun you were your mascot in High School!!!

  5. yes Bethany I remember those season and all the ribbing from others and Baylor football stinks jokes…who is laughing now; Seriously, its been a long time coming and they have worked so hard and its nice to see this success!

  6. Kimberly Roulet says:

    Love that table Holly! Congrats on a great football season for the Bears!

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