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Wow, your response to this home was amazing.  Thank you for your comments and thank you to Samantha and James for being so generous with sharing sources and info on the project. I will try to recap some of the source questions and answers in this post as well as share a little behind the scenes of our photo shoot day. These are all iphone pics not beautifully finished shots from Becki but they give a bit more look into the home that some of you might enjoy…


This is James and Samantha Stinson, thank you Stinsons for letting us inside your home!

Samantha’s antique clock is so at home in this entry spot!


More random dining room shots from the iphone (meaning poor quality and non styled) I thought you might enjoy seeing . . .


 And the master bedroom, complete with Wisteria nightstands, and Martha Stewart for Home Depot mirror! The pillow is by Mary John at Tootledoo Designs.


The Tootledoo shop is closed right now but be sure and favorite her on etsy so you know when she reopens and follow her on Facebook...I love Mary John’s work!


I do plan to do another post on bedroom, bath and closet. One day with more pictures of how this door transformed this space.  I can’t get enough of it!


Paint on built ins BM Fieldstone and walls are BM Edgecomb Gray,  love that typewriter and shoe mold! Stools from Wisteria store.


Mantle love


and back to kitchen..

Many of you asked about the chalkboard art in the kitchen, I did not do the chalkboard art, Mr Stinson is a chalkboard master.  He is so good. I haven’t even shown y’all the laundry room. It’s so cute and the powder room off of the laundry has a huge chalkboard wall featuring more of James’ chalk art!

Stools from Overstock!


my fave view in entire house from the kitchen toward my drapes, I mean their drapes;



Monogram pillow from Pottery Barn.

Stinson 54

I love how the red transferware plates look against the gray walls (BM CHELSEA GRAY) several of you have asked about the light, it is from Pottery Barn, the mirror and white pots are from Wisteria and the drapes also from Pottery Barn, as is rod.  The blinds are from  If you interested in more about the floors, look back in the comments on the previous, original post on this house and Samantha the homeowner gives more info there.

I love this phone snap of the Stinsons below…Samantha was explaining to James my idea of adding more transferware plates on the other side of the opening to the piano room to add more color.


I will update later with pictures of the dining room finished with more red transferware wrapped around the door!

And I also have to say, Samantha was an amazing hostess while invaded her house for the day…she helped me gather props and flowers and she provided chicken salad for our photographer… Curious Details won’t work without ck salad “on set” lol.


That Becki is so fun to work with it..she makes me a laugh all day and she puts up with my bossy ways! She also did a post on our day with the Stinsons, check here for that post.

Seriously, we’ve had a harsh winter even in Houston but the day we worked on this project, the sun came out and we were able to enjoy being outdoors for lunch and enjoy the Stinsons’ backyard.


Thanks again Samantha for all of the hospitality and treats!


Lovely lovely ladies!


Yep that’s right their yard is as cute as they are…I love this outdoor eating area, complete with World Market metal chairs and light made out of repurposed washing machine tub!What I really love is this huge vintage S from Round Top!


And the espalier that James made on the garage wall has already taken off so quickly and looks so full…even in winter!


I think one of the reasons the Stinsons and I work so well together is we all love pops of red…both outside and inside they used red to carry the eye and freshen this old home for their young family!


If it looks this welcoming in January I can only imagine how nice it will be this spring and summer!

Thank you again to everyone who left love on this original post and thank you to the Stinsons for being so generous with sources and info on what we did in your home! If you are looking for source info please go back to original post and read comments.

NEXT WEEK, I plan to take you inside a recent Southern Living cover story… a behind the scenes tour of one of the neatest houses to ever grace the SL cover in my opinion so check back soon! I love getting to see inside all of these homes from Houston to Birmingham, thank you Lord for letting me do what I love.  It’s hard work and long hours but I love it and feel blessed.

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  1. my goodness what a great home!! well done!!!!

  2. Kathryn Mueller says:

    It isn’t often that I save a post to my “dream home” favorites……..but this one made the cut! I keep going over all the photos looking at the details and trying to figure out how I can incorporate some of it into my own spaces…….it just speaks to me. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. LOVE!! Hope you show us the laundry room & powder room that spoke of….cannot wait to see more of this precious home!!!

  4. Such a beautiful home and lovely design job!

    I was wondering if you might be able to tell me the name or color of the bamboo shades. I love them and desperately need some in my super sunny breakfast nook! 🙂

  5. Just beautiful- as always 🙂

  6. Lovely, livable, and stunning simple details. Thanks for sharing more of their home. Well done, all of you!!!

  7. This is my favorite house in history! No exaggeration…..i LOVE it!

  8. I love this house. It is just beautiful and I am looking forward to more posts. I scrolled thru all of the comments on the first post searching for a source for that gorgeous china cabinet in the dining room and I did not see one, but I could have easily missed it. Is that an antique too? I know you said the chest is. That is exactly what I have been looking for but cannot seem to find in the OKC area. Thanks so much for all of the beautiful, inspirational photos.

    • Hi Angie:
      Thank you for your kind comments. The china cabinet is from McLaren’s Antiques and Interiors. They used to have two Houston stores and an Austin store, but as far as I know, they now only have a store in Round Top, Texas. It is a new piece made of reclaimed wood. Take care!

      • Hi Samantha, thank you for your reply. I having been wanting to go to Round Top since I first saw it advertised in Country Home many, many years ago! Now I have to go! I have several pieces made from reclaimed wood and I love them. Thank you again. Your home is beautiful!

  9. What a fun day that was! Now you’ve got me craving chicken salad 😉

  10. This is probably a silly question, but is that black pea gravel on the ground in the outdoor dining space? I am about to embark on a backyard “rejuvenation” and love that look! Great house!

    • Hi Melissa:
      The gravel in the yard is called Black Star Granite. It is unique because when leaves land on top they can be blown off and the gravel doesn’t move. Thanks for asking!

  11. I love everything about it especially that their personality shows through!

  12. Will James share some tips of how he did the Espalier on the wall? Beautiful home.

    • We fortunately had wood siding on the garage. I first measured the space and made a drawing on paper. At each edge, I installed Screw Eye Hooks into the wood. I wanted to ensure that each diamond was evenly spaced, so I placed them exactly the same distance apart all around the edges … about 18″. Then I strung metal wire through the eye hooks and twisted each end to secure them. We planted three Star Jasmines at the base of each diamond (they are evergreen and have a fragrant flower in the summer here) and twisted each branch around the wire. You have to keep watching the growth and training it up the wire. You’ll have to trim it when it gets outside of the grid and when it reaches the top. It’s a relatively easy project, but it requires some planning to get it right. Good luck! -James

  13. So much to love about this home.

  14. …can’t get enough of this home…I’d love to know more about the yard as well (esp. gravel walks and patios)…thanks for providing more info about this wonderful home.

    • Hi Cathy:
      Thanks for your nice comment. The walks and seating areas were made with Bender Board and Black Star Granite. Take care!

  15. Oh my starrrs …I just can’t get enough of you mad skills and this lovely home!!!! You so rock Holly!!!!

  16. Kathleen Shepard says:

    Gorgeous home! Love all the great details. I have a question about the chalkboard in the kitchen…Was it a purchase as is or did you make it? Great detail on the frame. Thank you.

    • Hi Kathleen:
      I made the chalkboard a few years ago after seeing one in a magazine that I liked! I got the frame with a piece of artwork in it on sale at Garden Ridge. I took the artwork out, and James cut a board to fit in it. I painted the board with chalkboard paint and inserted in the frame. Thanks for asking!

  17. Curious about the Pottery Barn drapes…. could you provide style name and any additional details. They look great!

    • Hi Jackie:
      I have lots of Pottery Barn drapes (plus rods and rings)! I some were ordered online and some came from the outlet in San Marcos, TX. In the master bedroom we have the Linen Sheer Drape in Ivory. In the dining room and breakfast room, we have the Peyton Linen/Cotton Drape in French Ivory. Thank you and take care!

  18. This home is so lovely. I think I “pinned” every photo! Two questions on the dining room:

    Were the slip covers custom made or bought retail?
    Where did you find the hardware for the window panels?

  19. Becky Konrad says:

    Love this home! Do you happen to have the source for the backyard table?

    • Samantha says:

      Hi Becky:
      We got the table at the West Elm/Pottery Barn Outlet in San Marcos, TX. I just looked at the West Elm website, and the Jardine Expandable Dining Table is similar. However, the outlet price was A LOT less than this. Thanks for your comment!

  20. Hi there …love your home….it is just so relaxed and comfortable looking.

    Can you tell me the name of the bamboo shades in your dining room. I left a comment earlier but realized my email address was incorrect. ;(

  21. This entire home is beautiful. That dining room light fixture is exactly what I had been envisioning for over our table. Can you share the source?

    • Samantha says:

      Hi Morgan:
      Thank you for your kind comment. We got the dining room lantern from Pottery Barn, but I’m not seeing the exact one online now. Holly also gave us choices from other online sources including Schoolhouse Electric and Ballard Designs, so you might check there for something similar. Good luck!

  22. I can’t get over how much I love this home! The antique clock in the entryway is simply amazing, and I love the lighting in the kitchen. Beautiful job!

  23. Soooo wonderful! I’ve been a fan of James since he was in high school! Gorgeous home and beautiful family!

  24. Lauren Smith says:


    Where do you find all your fabulous baskets you use in a lot of your homes? Thanks so much!

  25. T. Wash says:

    I love the monogram on the front door! Where did you get it?

  26. Any chance you’re doing a blog post on that bathroom? I refer to this post frequently-so many great ideas! Thanks!

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