Easter 2014

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.  It’s a beautiful time, spring is finally here and we are reminded of new beginnings both in our surroundings and spiritually as well.


We used the dining table inside for our buffet and ate outside!

IMG_1379 IMG_1393

IMG_1419 IMG_1424   IMG_1440

The weather has been so nice we decided to have Sunday lunch outside on the porch!

IMG_1378 IMG_1443

My favorite things:  blue and white dishes, monogrammed napkins from a sweet client, my Granny’s flatware and the words to this Easter hymn!IMG_1480 IMG_1481

And of course some Trader Joe’s flowers, an extra Ikea table I pulled in from the garage storage for the “kids table” and some Paper Source flowers and tags and stamp . . .and of course, deviled eggs.

IMG_1489 IMG_1506

So in love with these boys.  They are growing so fast. Henry blew my mind by actual wearing that bowtie for hours…SHOCKING but so darn cute. And Drew, well Drew is such a gentleman and just so Drew.  So thankful for them. And their patient, wonderful Daddy.


I will be honest I am feeling pretty overwhelmed this Monday morning with projects and work.  But the truth of Easter and my Savior remind me of the big picture and that everything really will be okay despite the chaos of our daily lives!

“He arose a victor from the dark domain and He lives forever with His saints to reign, He arose! He arose! Hallelujah Christ Arose!”


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  1. Lovely as always! I am eyeing your screened porch, as we plan on doing that to the farmhouse so that we can enjoy evenings outside without the skeeters!

  2. Beautiful! It makes me want to do Easter again!

  3. …absolutely lovely. SO inviting! I’d just like to come and sit on that back porch with a warm cup of coffee and chat.

  4. So so pretty. It all looks delish!

  5. You have the touch. I love everything you do, you’re my favorite decorator. Your boys look so handsome.

  6. So lovely! Glad you had a wonderful day!

  7. LOL! I just posted our Easter and we did the opposite of you…served the food on the porch but ate inside since it has been rainy and a little cold. Your porch looks wonderful, and I love love love those blue Country Estate plates! I keep contemplating purchasing the red ones. Your little guys look adorable…especially with a bow tie! 🙂

  8. Your porch is one of my FAVORITE spots and looks lovelier than ever. And your boys? So handsome. I need some hugs. Soon!

  9. i love how you love others through such beauty!!
    and i want to live on your back porch!

  10. Elizabeth says:

    This looks like the perfect Easter, Holly! xoxo

  11. The bow tie is… everything. Such sweet boys. Love the table setting too!

  12. Staci Amy says:

    So lovely…I would expect nothing less. I actually thought of you when I was putting out my paper plates and utensils 😀 I have around 25 people come and sometimes I crave the quaintness you table so perfectly portrays!! Instead..it is craziness…good but not so quaint. And that bow tie…that is as delicious as that ham! Lil cuties! Our Redeemer lives and I am so thankful for that!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. jennifer says:

    That picture of that upwards smile wearing that bowtie is my absolute favorite! I could eat him up! Everything looks great – including, but not limited to, big brother.

  14. Beautiful! What kind of flowers are those in the silver pitcher?

  15. Beautiful, Holly. So simple but refined. I love every detail and you know it is good when you can stare at a picture for several long minutes soaking up every last detail! Thank you for sharing. I also love your wicker chairs around your ikea table – would you mind sharing where you got those?

  16. Looks so pretty Holly! Love your blue and white plates.

  17. gorgeous! and outside on the porch…ahhh. love it. 🙂

  18. Holly, you are such an inspiration. I love the way you embrace your home and family and especially your Savior! Your blog is so down to earth and real! Your home is beautiful and I look forward to the day I can sit on that porch and have tea with you. You are an amazing Christian woman. Glad our paths crossed in Savannah!

  19. Thaks for sharing some of your wonderful day! made me wish I was there! PS Love those plates.

  20. Lovely! The porch is set up so nicely, I’m sure it was a beautiful day. I love the table setting. 🙂

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