Fun, new project

Recently I started a new project in nearby Burton, Texas, with Holly Kuhn of Old Glory Antiques.


Talk about a match made in heaven.  I am so excited about this project.  Holly K (I know this could get confusing with our names;) lives in Colorado and has a antique store there but comes to Texas often for Round Top.  She recently purchased an old dance hall and property in Burton to open a shop here!  Some of you may have visited the store during this spring’s show. Well after meeting briefly at the show we’ve begun working together to style and “pull together” the house where she and her comrades stay during each Round Top show.  It’s already an amazing space, a two story historic home filled with great stuff from her stores.  All I have to do is fluff and choose some new lighting, bedding etc.  I am collaborating some with Becki Griffin of Curious Details on well, the details, because that is what Becki does well. We have so much fun working together. We’ve already put together ideas for the upstairs bunk room and more!


I am calling this project the OLD GLORY TEXAS HOUSE….is OLD GLORY not one of the best names ever for an antiques and vintage store?! I love flags and American style so this is so much fun more me.


oldglorytexas2 oldglorytableoldglorymannvignette     oldglorydancehall oldglorydancehall oldglorysign  oldglorytable   americancollectionoldglory

Fun stuff to play with huh? I will keep you posted as things progress. And if you live near Colorado be sure and check out the Old Glory show there coming up in June! I wish I was going..I would rather be up there in June than experiencing the climbing temps in Texas;

oldgloryantiquesfair2014Click here to find out more about Holly’s upcoming show in Colorado and follow Becki and I on Instagram to see more about our shenanigans in Burton!


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  1. Holly, I’m so happy to discover your blog! I have quite a bit of catching up to do. Can’t wait to see the finished project. Love your style!! xo, Emily

  2. Staci Amy says

    How fun and so perfectly perfect for you!!!!! Can’t wait to see more!

  3. Janice Ratliff says

    I feel a road trip coming on!!!!!!! With your inspiration I am sure it will be a huge success!!! Loving those beds too!!! Reminds me of MeMaw! xoxo

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