Birmingham Bathroom Beauty

Oh my this brightened my weekend. (And by the way thank you for all of the love and support to our family on last week’s post.  no words. just no words.  thank you)


Ok so DESIGN.  DECORATING. That is what I do here;  As many of you know I offer different levels of help and service.  Some online, some in person, some more full service, most just consulting. I see a project once or twice and make suggestions and you run with it.  That works for me with my boys the ages they are and it fits the budgets of many of my clients.  Of course there are exceptions but this particular client had me at “little old cottage in Birmingham.” I love that city and we immediately hit it off and went fast.  She did a mini which is like $295 for three questions via email (maybe its gone up ask leslie at clients at but its specific  and very focused.  This girl took that little mini consult and did this.


I dare she may not have needed Holly Mathis Interiors but I am glad to be a part.  It was originally a 3 bedroom and 1 bath house and the homeowners figured out how to make it a two bath with parts from the master suite and mudroom. The house was originally built in the 1930s.  Love that. This style fits that age house so well…most already have it!


So how did this work? We emailed a few times and exchanged ideas and some pinterest pics of tile floors and patterns to attempt… She showed what she already had in mind and I think my affirmation and slight direction allowed her to spread her wings and make bathroom BEAUTY!



The chandelier and original rock wall add so much character.  I love how each surface is different: hex tile, marble, subway, brick and I think some sheetrock. Nothing says “old house evolution” like mixing materials this way and Nikki and her husband and tile guy and cabinet guy did AMAZING work!  Those Kingston brass fixtures make me want to cry!


Door from the nursery that they moved to bathroom….um yeah we are probably thinking the same thing… Bamboo shaded (privacy lined) stat!


More sources:
The tile floor was a custom design from pictures we discussed. Tile came from Dal Tile in Birmingham. (White subway, black and white hex and gray grout)
The plumbing fixtures are the living brass from Newport Brass via Ferguson Showroom in Birmingham. The cast iron tub and sink were also through Ferguson.
Cabinet maker, Tim Pollard at Alabama Cabinets who made the bathroom vanity.
Wall color is Moderate White from Sherwin Williams.
The vanity sconces came from Mayer Electric.
The chandelier over the tub is something a dear friend gave the homeowner. The brass knobs on the bathroom were also from that same friend’s garage. 🙂
The door leading into the bath was the original front door to the home that had been in our storage!
The brick wall behind the tub and shower is the original exterior wall left exposed.
Thank you Birmingham mini client for sharing your beautiful bath!
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  1. Gorgeous! Love the fixtures and that cabinet color

  2. Oh my goodness! This bathroom is just beyond perfect and beautiful. The boarder detail on the floor… be still my heart!

  3. Lauren May says

    I love the cabinet color also, Holly! Any chance you can tell us the color?

    I’ve read your blog for several years, but I’ve never commented. You are “top drawer” and I appreciate your talent and sincerity. Xo

  4. Holly,
    Do you have a source on the cabinet paint?

  5. Color! 🙂

  6. Holly,
    This is such a pretty bathroom. It’s so wonderfully open, and the tile work is beautiful. It’s impressive to think design beauty like this room can be the result from cyber consulting…isn’t the internet and the talented designers out there (you!) amazing? To be able to contact someone to help with a decorating dilemma whether you live in the city the designer does, or they live across the nation from each other!

  7. The cabinet color was a color match to a sample cabinet door in the cabinet maker’s showroom (Alabama Cabinet). We were trying to match a color from a cabinet Holly and I emailed back and forth about from Pinterest. The closest color I can find on the Sherwin Williams color wheel is sw7060 Attitude Gray. I have a picture of the mix matrix I can email if needed. 🙂 Holly has a lot of suggestions for beautiful gray colors though as well!

  8. It is a beautiful room. The open shower works because of all the tile? My mind is trying to grasp this concept….my shower door is always full of condensation….I guess it disperses throughout the room? Love all that tile!!

  9. As a Birmingham resident myself I can really appreciate this little bath. In particular that gorgeous tub and rustic stool. Nicely done!

  10. Hi -beautiful bath! Love the sconces but having a hard time sourcing them at Mayer electric. Would you please provide more info? Product brand or name? Thank you! You are talented!

  11. The sconces have actually been discontinued at Mayer Electric, we just found out. We got lucky in finding these at the showroom in Birmingham. I have seen some very similar on Pinterest…I’ll look around and if I find any that are similar I’ll post. 🙂

  12. Gorgeous! Love, love, love it!

  13. This is beautiful. I, too, am curious about the open shower. It looks fairly large. Less surface to clean is so appealing! How is it working out for you?

  14. This bathroom is PERFECTION!!!!!

  15. Just lovely! Birmingham is full of charming 30’s cottages, many of which have received unfortunate updates throughout the years. Kudos to you, Niki, for adding to the charm of your home!

  16. What brand and color paint is used on the cabinets? LOVE!

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