Jimmy Don is on HGTV!!!!

Did y’all know I have a brother?  His name is Jimmy Don Holmes.  He lives in Crawford, Texas, home of Bush Ranch and long time home of many many Holmes.  (tongue twister huh) My brother and I are kind of night and day. He likes to shock, I like to please.  He was a wild child, I was (for the most part) well behaved.  And He is country and proud of it. And I am snooty he would say;; (except he would say it in a VERY colorful way;;) lol! (But I’m not snotty I am pretty darn country too as those of y’all who have heard me talk know;)  But no matter how much teasing he has given me over the years,  I am proud of him.  He is a hard worker and is finally getting some recognition on FIXER UPPER.  That’s right, Jimmy Don is on HGTV’s Fixer Upper. I am not even going to link to this show’s site, because Magnolia and this show are a sensation y’all.  Total sensation!


And no I haven’t met Chip and Joanna but he sure has and their success has been a blessing to many in the Waco Community including him and I am so happy for them all!  Waco is a special place that has always gotten overlooked over the years.  Its smack down between Dallas and Austin.  Then you add in some Davidians and you get a bad rep. Our Grandpa Grusendorf grew up in old East Waco and we loved to hear him tell stories of what it was like back then riding his bike all over town delivering newspapers or during the crazy tornado that hit in the early 1950s. I love me some Waco, Texas.


And I have so many clients that LOVE this show and mention it often….When I say “oh yeah my brother has been on that show” and they are starstruck and I love it! They are like “OMG shut up REALLY he is your brother?” It’s hilarious!


Jimmy Don, the people love you!  Even though you cray Bubba!


Kudos to Chip and Joanna for appreciating local talent and being so good to Waco.  Here are JDH and Joanna making some metal magic.


Jimmy Don has been making metal art for years.  For the Texas Rangers, Texas Monthly, people far and wide both custom and in stores.  His badges and flag holders are really popular.  So now in addition to his own design he is also making signs for the Gaines’  show and online shop like this below…which he can also do custom.

Just look at that JDH sign all hanging up on that shiplap wall!


I love this Good Eats sign too!

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 6.26.19 PM

This Texas badge is a Stars Over Texas original!


So proud of you Bubba, keep up the hard work but don’t work too hard . . . you deserve a vacation soon!


Here he is loaded up with a load of metal to take to Magnolia…see his sticker “doin’ bidnis” … that is Jimmy Don! All work all the time! Don’t work too hard Bubba, you need a vacation!


You can shop JDH signs here at the Magnolia website, or go by and see him in Crawford if you want something custom. And you can reach him by email at jimmydon@starsovertexas.com. Or visit his website


Stay tuned here, who knows maybe we will collaborate on some monograms or a kitchen sign one day…I am feeling it~! What would you like to see Jimmy Don and I create???

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  1. Too cool, Holly! I saw your brother when he was on the show.

  2. I want to see y’all create something cool for our house! 🙂

  3. yay for him! i have seen him on the show!! and my maiden name is holmes! 😉

  4. I do believe I would make a point to go see brother next time Joanna is at his shop! How cool would that be!
    I know you are so proud of him you could bust! Love his work (and yours!)

  5. I saw him! Congratulations! His work is beautiful.

  6. Kim Dulay Hobbs says

    Hi Holly, I’ve been following your site for a couple of years now, and so enjoy your design ideas.. It has been a kick to hear you talk about your connections to Waco. My mother was from Waco and we spent many a hot August visiting family in Waco. Is Grusendorf a common name in Waco. We are related to Grusendorfs. I need to do a little digging to remember where in the family tree, but as soon as I read that name I knew it was family. My mother’s maiden name was Edge. My father was not from the area, but he managed the Circle Bear drive-in theater while attending Baylor. It was there that my parents met. Such a small world. Just wondered if we might have common roots.

  7. Kim Dulay Hobbs says

    Ok, I just found one connection. Glenda Grusendorf was my mother’s niece. Again, this may be a much more common name than I realize. Also, my parents were working at the drive-in the day of that tornado in the 50’s. I heard the story many times 🙂 My mother was a beautiful Texas blond, who worked in interior design. Even if I hear nothing of an actual genetic relation to you, I know we have that connection anyway. Connections are good. They ground us. Best regards.

  8. Stop…. Huge fans of BOTH of you! How awesome is that????

  9. Holly,
    I was so happy to learn (from you in a previous post or fb/instagram?) that Jimmy Don is your brother. We (Mr. and me) love Fixer Upper. I think his signs are amazing and I can only imagine what you might come up with for him to design for a client of yours.
    BTW, the home you worked on that appeared in Cottage magazine is one of my all time favorites! I love your work.

  10. How cool is that?! Your mom must be so proud of you both!

  11. Soooooo cooooool!!!! Movie star fam!!!!

  12. One of my favorite shows so will watch for him this week. Fun!

  13. How awesome!! I saw him on the show! I love his work. You need him to introduce youto Chip and Joanna. 😉 Love their show!! 🙂

  14. So much creative talent in your family! Hope to see you at Antiques Week!

  15. Oh my word Holly! Collaborating with your brother would be wonderful! He has such a great personality, I loved seeing Jimmy Don on the show and knowing he was your brother! I’ve been a Holly Mathis fan a lot longer than I’ve been a Fixer Upper fan though… 😉 Sibling relationships are so important no matter how grown up we are… I would love to see you collaborate on some monogram pieces that could be hung outdoors like on a front porch. Maybe something really scroll like Williamsburg style. I would be interested in that for sure!

  16. Janice Ratliff says

    I love to see him on the show. He reminds me so much of your Grandfather (my Uncle Ed) they are such colorful characters!!! xoxo

  17. Anonymous says

    Oh goodness, I lived in Texas for 15 years, and now I am SO glad to be north of the Mason-Dixon line now. It’s just a loony bin down there!

  18. Wow! Talent runs in your family! So awesome. My brother and I are night and day but man, I love him to pieces. You must be so proud. I (of course) watch Fixer Upper but didn’t know of the connection. Checking out your brother’s site now!

  19. Oh my goodness! I have seen him several times on the show and I love to see his creative talent at work. He designs beautiful metal art. Looks like the “creative gene” is strong in this family!!! What a wonderful story about a wonderful family.

    Blessings to you!

  20. Sallie Baker says

    OMG….that’s your brother??? Wow….Love that Chip and Joanna use local talent, and remember thinking, “bet that guy just became REALLY busy, due to the exposure on the show! ” Yes, creative genes run strong in your family! ( His metal work is very tastefully done, I might add! ) Sic’ em!

  21. omg! that’s so funny! i love him on the show. we love that show – Ben actually tapes it so we never miss an episode. he loves it!!!

  22. elizabeth wagner says

    Jimmy Don: Last year I bought a small plaque “Grow old along with me”. It was an present. The problem is the left side is starting to show rust. Is there anything we can do to fix it. We get more compliments about the sign, it is above the fireplace. We do not not use the fireplace, at all. Help. bmw

  23. would love a sign that said Do More Today Than Yesterday. Think it is great for people in rehab, trying to loose weight etc.


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