Louisiana cottage & visit

I have a new project in Louisiana.  I have shown snippets of the fabrics and Round Top purchases over the past year or so it’s not exactly new but it is finally in the building stage…and I recently made a visit. Excited to share!


This home is part craftsmen cottage part Acadia and all charm with brick floors and high ceilings and salvaged beams going up in family room. My client grew up in a home with brick floors and says they are so easy.  I love them already!  Old St Louis brick. Can’t wait to see them clean and waxed.  And that center hall…makes my heart go pitter patter. As do the low windows!  Once the bevelo lanterns go up it will be a Southern trinity with the moss outside!


As many of you know, working in South Louisiana is more fun than work. So excited about this project because it’s in the same town as one of my favorite families ever. You can see their home here. We finally got her window treatments finished and they look so good and I finally got to see her beautiful slips from LS Slipcovers!


Good job Laura and Nathan!


I very best part was finally getting to meet this sweet girl, their newest and most beautiful addition!!


Then I headed to Baton Rouge to see my girl Melisse, purveyor of prints and fine antiques!


We def need a stickie stick before another adventure! Seriously time with this girl is always good for my soul and fun(she is always good for some Suzanne Sugarbaker trivia) but productive professionally too, its a blessing to have friends who are experienced in the field and so knowledgable..I am so proud of all of her hard work including work with One Kings Lane!  So if you can’t make it to Round Top or Baton Rouge you can shop her on OKL!


And after lunch at “her club” we walked over to the Old Capitol just to look around . . . she knows I am fascinated with all things Huey P. Long!


and what did we happen upon, not only a ton of Long history …but an A. Hays Town exhibit!!! I might have squealed..dorky I know but it was perfect timing.


They had his t square, his wood box he carried pigments around in to clients home to mix colors, great photos and of course blueprints.


It was nerdy design girl heaven.  What a treat! Especially to get to see with Melisse and hear her tidbits and local stories about this wonderful man! I am sure many of you have this book!

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 1.47.14 PM

Growing up in Texas and traveling to Louisiana, I was influenced by his work before I even knew it…now when I see it I can put my finger on it and appreciate his influence and genius.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 2.05.03 PM

So it was hot time in July but a wonderful trip to one my favorite places!  So much hospitality, good food and great people down there! Although a new build in July is pretty darn hot Ms Marla, y’all are worth it!!  Louisiana is special to me for so many reasons, some I don’t even understand….but I know I love the people, landscape and history so very much.



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  1. Pat in Chicago says:

    Holly, I wish you posted more often because I get soooo excited when I see a new post. I love your style and it is always such a treat to see your work. Are you going to show more pictures of this house?

  2. We love you too!!! Thanks so much❤️❤️❤️

  3. I always swoon over scallops! As always, beautiful!

  4. Anyone who loves Suzanne Sugarbaker is my kind of friend! And I agree about brick floors — we had them in my childhood home and they are beautiful! Hard to stand on in the kitchen, though, so some cushy mats will be needed under the rugs. xo

  5. Holly,
    I sure hope there’s a coffee table book in your future. I love your design work and could study each and every room you’ve shared here or on Instagram. Love the farmhouse.

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