New Year, New Studio

New year, fresh start and finally some workspace beyond my kitchen table.


Since the divorce and our move my work things have been spread all over and it feels so good to be getting them corralled into one space…a little more organized and functional for the new year I hope!  I’ve been looking for a studio space in Brenham for a long time, since my oldest started PreK here years ago.  Finally, after looking and looking (and nearly pulling the trigger more than once) I found something with a great location and affordable and charm!  Worth the wait!


We are still working on details like lighting, and finishing the Hygge and West wallpaper in the bathroom but we worked here all last week and it felt SO GOOD!

If I was a fabric, I’d like to be a high performance (and pretty) one by Schumacher!


It’s an old building with lots of quirks, concrete floors and all of the things that come with age but part of that is what I love! Look at the remnant of old wiring in the top photo! My assistant Jenn (yes I know I need to introduce her formally on the blog, she has been a lifesaver) has been helping me whip things into shape and I am so grateful for her and her work ethic, faith & enthusiasm!

I still love my logo done years ago by Whitney English and Lindsay Letters  (btw her new shop in Wisconsin is DARLING) …I am still working on placement of signage and my plant game but getting there. Jimmy Don is going to make me a hanging sign and maybe a metal one up top at some point! I love the wavy glass!


Notice “by appointment only” that is because I am in and out and doing a lot of computer work here and must focus… and it is not a retail space.  In fact, you can see the True Blue Home sign in the chair in the window directing foot traffic to the Chappell Hill just minutes away for “shopping shopping.” This space is for “Holly Mathis Interiors” work, orders and clients. I do have special order wallpaper and fabrics for clients I am working with…and I do have a few vintage pieces, old rugs and pillows for sale (AKA known as “my stash” that I have pulled from before for many of you) for my clients but it is not general retail..just work space which we desperately need..and are grateful for! So you will still find me in and out at True Blue Home as well here as I continue to consult on that venture!


The main hope and prayer for the year is that this workspace will be good not just for my design business but also for my family as I have had to up my ‘work game’ but also learn to be a single mom of boys.  For any self employed person, separating work and home is always a challenge and this new season has provided new challenges for me in this area.  I’ve always struggled with this balance but God gently leads me step by step.  I hope to close this pretty door at night and focus on the main things when I leave, my boys and our new life, my mom and the wonderful community of friends and school we have here and the places God is working all around us…Because really that is what it is all about..creating a beautiful life and living that life no matter where we are in the journey. All to God’s glory.  I don’t want to be so consumed with what I do that I miss life. I am so thankful for a new year, this fresh start, friends, family, this darling workspace, a wonderful assistant that has come along side me as a friend and helper, amazing clients and work I love…  God is faithful indeed!

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  1. It’s beautiful, Holly! And I hope it brings you a sense of balance and joy in the new year. Best wishes! Love all that you do!

  2. May this space be a blessing to you and your family. It is absolutely charming! Love everything you do, but most of all I love your heart! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Betsy Gordon says:


    How very exciting for you and your family! I can’t imagine what a blessing it’ll be for you to have your own work space to dream.

    Congrats! Much deserved success in all you do and desire.

    Betsy Gordon
    West of the Square Designs

  4. It is beautiful Holly, when I went through the same transition I got a full time job, and it was misery doing work that I hated. It takes courage to launch out self employed even when you have others sharing the burden with you ! This is courageous and lovely and good things are ahead! go you! 🙂

  5. It is beautiful Holly, when I went through the same transition I got a full time job, and it was misery doing work that I hated. It takes courage to launch out self employed even when you have others sharing the burden with you. This is courageous and lovely and good things are ahead! go you! 🙂

  6. so beautiful! congratulations on the new space!

  7. Just want to say I am so happy for you and your new space. Love your style and your heart. If I find myself in Texas, I am finding my way to your shop! Best wishes in the New Year!

  8. So happy for your fresh start! Office space looks great…wouldn’t expect anything less! May this coming year hold much opportunity, success, and happiness for you! – Sarah

  9. Holly, what a beautiful reflection of you. Gorgeous inside and out. Congratulations!

  10. Jeri Hahn says:

    You remind me of myself. Been down this road myself twice and have bounced back both times. Divorce is aweful, but can be a fresh start. Good luck with your new life. .. I know you can do it!

  11. Erin Hardy says:

    So fabulous, Holly! Love your store front! God has so much in store for you!

  12. It is just perfect…it’s so you! I’ve followed you forever and I’m cheering you on in this new adventure! You are a great inspiration Holly!

  13. Holly!!! It is perfect! So proud of you, friend! Wishing you and your sweet boys a wonderful NEW YEAR! MANY BLESSINGS AHEAD! XO

  14. Cheryl Morris says:

    Congratulations on the new space! Praying many blessings for you! Looking forward to True Blue Home being online this year , because I live too far to visit as often as I would like! Blessings Holly!

  15. Charlotte says:

    Congratulations on the move – that is a LOT of hard work and I am inspired by your strength. Brenham is lovely and I cannot wait to drop by your shop. Hope you get some excellent traffic during the upcoming Antiques Week!

  16. Holly, I think that as long as you feel like home, then, this space will truly become your home. It’s a new project and if you enjoy it, then it means that you found the perfect place for you and your family. 🙂

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  17. Congratulations on your new space and best wishes for the new year!

  18. I love your shop / workspace Holly, it is so beautiful. Congratulations and wish you the best in this year ahead. How about we call it the BEST year yet. xx, AnaLisa

  19. So cute Holly! So happy for you!!!

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