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For the second portion of our first HMI Creative Class, we headed to my home a few minutes away from my studio for lunch and a bit of a home tour.



When registration exceeded my initial expectations I knew a simple box lunch just would not work and I feared a busy Saturday on the square might mean waiting for our large crowd in the downtown lunch places (though there are some yummy ones for sure)…So with the help of my amazing friend Tara Royer Steele (yes the Pie Queen) to do the food, Super Nana to fluff the place and Natalie Dawley to attend to any other details, I decided to have the lunch at our little home. I also knew I would be speaking a lot that day so the idea of a little field trip break was perfect!


I love long communal tables so this idea formed in my head and I am so glad the storm held out and we were able to all together on the front porch.  Bramble & Bee flowers and nibbles from Tara’s charcuterie boards made it perfect.


Not to mention those placemats.  Dionne from Nib and Pixel lettered these kitchen paper placemats and I nearly cried when I opened the box…what is it about white ink on kraft paper that we love so??? But we do!

We used our kitchen table for the spread . . .perfect styling ladies! I can’t believe this is the only photo of Natalie and Tara! THANK YOU!

hmitaraandnatalie   4874



Of course we had pie too!



And “Mama’s Lemonade” too boot! Nana and I did not plan to BOTH wear red shoes but we love red! And we love our Camille!hmiccmamacamille And these pretty ladies the best of all… what a talented and friendly group of women, they seemed to have so much fun and enjoy one another and the day, positive and creative people coming together…exactly my prayer!


It is cheesy to say I felt like I was in a movie?…Natalie even thoughts to put music on…details I forget when doing things on my own but when you let people help, you aren’t exhausted and can enjoy the event and little details like “oh wow there is music playing!”


And finally, the group photo.  Doesn’t everyone look so lovely! Again, I would not have done this without the help of the “two Natalies” . . . Natalie Lacy Lange my talented photographer friend and my new friend Natalie Dawley of   I will never do another event without these girls if possible!


Thank you again to all involved that made this day possible.

Planning: Natalie Dawley of

Florals: Maggie Bailey of

Calligraphy: Dionne Christiansen of

Catering: Tara Royer Steele of

Photography: Natalie Lacy Lange of

Special thanks to True Blue Home, Renovate, Camille Dickson, Jenn Morissette, Nancy Barnett, Holly Meyer Design, Jay White and Debby Welch

The next class will be in JULY and likely not as large because of summer schedules but I will be hosting a group on July 23rd, we won’t lunch on the porch but we will try to do something equally as fun (with air conditioning); Click here to register or email for more info!


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  1. Oh Holly, these pictures are so pretty and fun to look through! So very happy for you!

  2. lynda morris says

    Hi Holly,
    Must have been a fantastic event. Looks so beautiful! If only I didn’t live in upstate New York.
    May I ask you about the fantastic chairs you used (Source?) – Such a great look.
    Thanks so much ~

  3. Kathleen says

    Oh my gosh, why can’t you live in So. California? I love, love, love everything. So beautiful! I would love to hear more about what you all talked about during your class. Oh, by the way, where did you get the adorable chairs you used for dining on the front porch?

  4. thank yall so much!

    the chairs are from IKEA on the front porch..not amazing for all day sitting but fine for a porch and lunch

  5. Holly, O talented one…when will WE see inside your house? Your porch is STUNNING….blessings, and I pray for you whenever God brings you to my mind…usually after I read one of your blog entries!

  6. Elizabeth says

    Holly, I just caught up by reading both posts. Everything looked gorgeous. No detail was overlooked that is for sure. I’m positive the attendees learned so much from you. Lucky them! I can’t wait to see your house. All the snippets I’ve seen look gorgeous. I went back to look at your last house and didn’t see pics on your blog anymore :(. It reminds me a lot of our current house and I was looking for inspiration.

  7. Leslie Belcher says

    Please share the gray/blue paint color in your dining room and your mama’s lemonade recipe. I am obsessed with both. Love the photo with your collection of blue plates.

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