First Class at HMI Studio!

After weeks of planning and obsessing my first Creative Class finally happened and I think I can confidently say a good time was had by all! That is a big statement I know but this group was just the best and we had so much fun and all left inspired and energized. We had 22 guests from Ohio, New York, Arkansas, Virginia and of course lots of Texans!


I was a little nervous about the weather but it held out until the very end of class and thankfully everyone made it home safely!


I just can’t stop looking at the flowers from Bramble and Bee and the calligraphy from Nib & Pixel!

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And the heart rocks from Haiti that came from Renovate! The hearts were to focus our talk in the right spot before we delved into the material, literally!


We started with a yummy breakfast from a local bakery on the square and mimosas! Inside the envelopes the guests found a booklet with a letter from me, the day’s schedule and a place for notes.  They also received sheets to take home to help with each room of the take inventory and get on track where needed!


Favorite paint colors collected on a metal ring for easy use later . . .


Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 9.40.44 AM


And of course gift bags with treats from True Blue Home, Renovate Houston and more.  Art by local artist Lauren Parker of course.

Before guests arrived. I struggled with how to arrange tables but so glad this worked out so no one had to twist too much….the medley of chairs worked too!

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And my best boo Camille was able to come all the way from Abilene! I had so much help, with the planning, the flowers and calligraphy and having Camille and Jenn to help as well just made it all possible. You truly can not do stuff like this alone…Jenn my assistant’s husband Peter even hung the banners out front! Thank you Peter!



Pretty flowers and lettering made it so fun but the best part, seeing the attendees enjoy one another! There was instant rapport and synergy..loved that! Everyone looked so lovely and happy to do be doing what they love…talking about houses and decor!


Next post I will share about the lunch portion of our day at my home and the afternoon #patternplay activity with fabrics!

Again, thank you thank you to all that helped make this special day possible!


Planning: Natalie Dawley of

Florals: Maggie Bailey of

Calligraphy: Dionne Christiansen of

Catering: Tara Royers Steele of

Photography: Natalie Lacy Lange of

Special thanks to True Blue Home, Renovate, Camille Dickson, Jenn Morissette, Nancy Barnett, Holly Meyer Design, Jay White and Debby Welch

          The next class is already in the works and planned for Saturday, July 23rd register here!!!! It will be hot but Brenham has lots of ice cream and I am looking SO forward to doing this again!



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  1. Holly,

    Every touch was perfection…from the flowers to the pencils on the table. Thank you for opening your heart and your home to us and sharing your amazing talent and passion for design with us. It was a blessing and an honor to be a student in your first of many creative classes!

  2. Thank you for sharing. Can’t wait to see more. I’m putting this event on my bucket list. I’ve been an admirer of you and your style ever since I tore pages with pictures of your home out of BH&G years ago.

  3. Looks absolutely WONDERFUL girl! I know that had to be a fun day!!! You’ve got a teacher inside you, and she is trying to get out. 🙂 I need to make a drive from Georgia to participate in this one day! I would learn soooo much. 🙂

  4. Oh Holly, you are truly gifted with design and decorating. So fun to see the beautiful pictures of what looked to be a beautiful day. So happy for you!! I am working on logistics to see if I can attend your July class :-).

  5. Holly, you have it, girl! I LOVE your taste in everything! You are true to your delights…that is what makes it work! Also, where did your friend get her AMAZING necklace? Thanks! Be blessed, sister!

  6. Jennifer says

    So excited for you and them! Looks lovely!

  7. Mary Kathleen Lord "Katy" says

    Everything looked beautiful, including you!

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