Next Creative Class

In a little over one week, we will be gathering at my studio in Brenham for the third creative class, Saturday November 17th… this is going to be a small and intimate group and the last of my general “finding your style” and playing with pattern type classes…at least for the time being.


Becki and I have postponed our October class until spring and may move it to the Vintage Round Top to  have more room to talk about her Curious tips and Details.   I have also postponed the December natural holiday class with Keith Taylor, again Keith and I hope to do something in the spring as well.  We both got too booked with holiday decorating projects;(  BUT the November class on creative business is filling up and still ON, please note we will primarily be talking about design/decorating businesses and startups…may expand to general creative business for later classes but for now I will be sharing primarily on the the type of business I do and tricks of the trade.  So that is an update on classes at the Studio!


So again this next one will be the GENERAL talking about paint colors and favorite tips and tricks, surfaces, sharing lots of samples and talking a lot about the heart of the home and honing in on style and feel of the home!

And of course yummy food and playing with fabric!

hmiclasscollage and flowers! {via Bramble and Bee love that magical Maggie}


and treat bags!


So there you go, fall has been off to a quick start and I was ambitious thinking I could do a class every month and a POP UP in my studio as well (more about that coming soon) and keep up with my design clients but I am learning as I go still as well….

So bottom line, this is your last chance to sign up for the September General class and then the only other class this year will be the November “Business” class which is filling up soon.


If you want to sign up last minute for the class next Saturday (9/17) go here and you can use the code FRIEND for a 20% discount!

In the meantime keep checking back or watch instagram for more info on the Pop Up Shop and fun merchandise I will have in my studio this will be very small but I am excited about hosting and meeting some of you on weekends and enjoying the coming cooler weather visiting with friends!!!


Photos by Natalie Lacy Lange

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  1. rebecca dexter says

    For those of us that live too far away to attend a class it is frustrating to see this and nothing lately about your projects. I love your style and was encouraged in the spring when you did show us a current project and said that there were more coming…

  2. I think it’s so great that you host these classes. I love the set up and flowers!
    Enjoy the weekend.

  3. I love reading your blog. We are all guests here and we are all so grateful for everything you have freely given us on this blog. You give us much more than just pretty pictures. I love your mix of design, business creativity, family and faith I have learned so much from you. I will gladly read whatever you decide to write here on Holly Mathis Interiors.

  4. Suzanne Sheffield says

    Your blog and style are fabulous! I would love to know of future classes and hope you’ll plan to have one near Memphis, TN!

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