Fall Creative Class & Gratefulness

Well our last class of the year has come and gone and it was so much fun.  We tackled a huge topic… DECORATING + BUSINESS….wow that is broad topic there Ms Holly Mathis what were you thinking??  Well it was a broad topic, yes for sure but I hope we can do a follow-up class possible and keep our message boards hopping building a “community” (sorry I had to use that word) for these discussions, they are so important! And it was a great day with a lot of good information and connections….Just when I think classes might be too much to juggle with decorating the Holy Spirit really shows up (I feel a little dramatic saying that but its true I think) and I realize  “this is good this is really good…let’s keep doing this!”


I am just thankful people want to come and are so open to share…it has been an amazing experience to do this open studio and class experiment.

As usual we started in the studio with mimosas and introductions and our first teaching time! And beautiful place cards by Dionne from Nib & Pixel!


We did not get a group photo this time (that is what happens with Natalie Dawley or Natalie Lacy Lange don’t make it;;; missed y’all) but I loved meeting Bethany from The House of Figs and she did a wonderful post on our day on her blog..thank you Bethany, you are a total doll!


We had a large class, over 20 people and so diverse, love that, including a precious couple from Tennessee!

For lunch we headed to my home for a box lunch on the porch..the weather was perfect..so grateful for that miracle too!  Flowers by Maggie at Bramble in Bee and food by Royers Round Top Cafe..yummy!


I love these fun little cans that Maggie found for some of our workshop table..they are small enough it left room to work but a punch of color…and she loaned me all of her extra fall pumpkins so I finally got to play with having a pumpking explosion…she even  had a few with lettering from @calligraphycult …. so fun!


Everyone got a notebook full of info and room to for more research and notes..our plan is to keep in touch and tackle and research more topics together over next few months!  Everyone also received a Miss Mustard Seed sample pack of paint, a Royers Cutie pie and Stoney Peak Candle!  All of my fave things right now!


More pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!

Hunter helping with clean up later that day..he can pick up some pretty large pumpkins in his mouth!


I just had to get one more #fall #grateful #thanksgiving post in before Christmas cranks up…I am grateful for so much…my clients and the opportunity to do this work, my Saviour and Creator that makes it all possible and sees me on the good days and bad..the last couple of years have been such a roller coaster journey not all instagramable pictures of success for sure..but at the end of the day there is much to be grateful for… THANKS BE TO GOD!

Watch Instagram and the blog for info on more classes possibly in 2017…I know I am definitely at least doing one in late January 2017 in the Pacific Northwest and more in Texas possibly later in the spring…let me know what topics you are interested in such as . . .

**more creative business related topics, general decorating classes, new builds/choosing surfaces or something else??

 I am praying for more balance and margin and present time with my kids in 2017…trying to find the sweet spot between classes, the studio and pop up shop and residential work.  The Pop Up will close after Christmas (open Saturdays in December) and only reopen for special shows possibly in the future or online, not totally certain.  Same with classes, may offer some online or quarterly?  Its all successful but only one Holly so I am praying for wisdom and ways to edit and balance to give the best to my kids, myself, my clients and the Lord and be the best version of Me that He made me to be..not an Instagram or curated version..just HIS VERSION..SO Jesus, THY WILL BE DONE!

And God bless YOU as you look toward ADVENT and new beginnings as well  and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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  1. I just love you Ms Holly! Love your faith and desire to do God’s will in all things.
    Happy Thanksgiving! ?

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Holly!! Loved reading this post. Love your heart, you are a gem. Soooooo excited for your upcoming class in the Pacific NW!!!! Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your boys!

  3. Julie Bottom says

    I am so proud of you, sweet friend, and praying for you and that God blesses your work. Your work looks amazing! Love you! JB 🙂

  4. Preach Girl! Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving with your family. You are so wise to keep evaluating your need for balance and the amount of time you get to share with your sons. Time with our children goes by so quickly and then they are grown. My hope for you is that in 2017 you find all the time you need for what’s most important to you!

  5. Happy belated Thanksgiving, Holly.
    You’ve had more than most people could handle in a year and done it all with grace and gratitude. I wish you and yours the best 2017 possible. It’s always a pleasure to stop by for a visit.

  6. Great post, thanks for the sweet shout out!!! Amen to more balance & margin. Thanks again for sharing your gifts, experience, & wisdom with us!! Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours!!!!

  7. Holly, I would love to attend one of your creative classes. My hope is to beeline it to Brenham when I see a date pop up that works but if my only choice is online, I would do it.

    Wishing you and your boys a wonderful Christmas season. Thanks for all the inspiration. 🙂

  8. That linen tablecloth is beautiful! And I love your heart! xo

  9. Holly,
    I would LOVE to make your class in the Pacific NW!! I’ve been wanting to make it to one of your classes but the timing has never been right. (Just another thing that I have to let go of and trust the Good Lord’s timing…. some days easier said than done. :-)) Anyway, if you’re looking for input on what type of class, I’d love any and all but would especially love to have a business class offered. Now I’m just hoping and praying that when you come up here I’ll be able to make it and won’t be out of town!!

  10. Kristin Smith says

    Holly, so glad to hear your projects are doing so well. If I could say one thing to you, if you are so super busy and are trying to balance family and work – charge more. Seriously, you are worth it. People will pay it. Charge more.

  11. Would love to attend a class in Brenham! I’d love to see a class on accessories and editing. I have so many things given to me…sentimental and inherited pieces. How to update. Also trends in decor. Thanks!

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